Whiskey-Four [WIP] [First round of Beta Testing underway!]

I have immediately connected with the MC. I too have forgotten my meds from time to time and then slept way to long followed by having a shitty day because of it. This is damned good so far.


I always wonder, how do authors make up certain organizations names? Also nice to see you again author :heart_eyes:


it maybe recency bias, but the mystery past RO reminds me of Jun/ko


I just finished the demo, and I really like it! I like the mystery solving elements, and I like that our appearance actually effects the story.
I think Driver is going to be a great RO. I won’t romance Castle, but I definitely want to know what she’s like off the clock. I think we could both use a friend.
I hope our ex is also an RO, I think long lost love stories can be really fun. It’s a complicated dynamic that I’m 100% here for



I’m actually freaking out a bit. This is exactly my kinda game- we get to be competent, badass, AND still have nuance as a character!? (Excited to figure out more about our implants-)

And also like… our “ex”… I am SO interested in how THAT’S going to turn out- I’m already fully invested in them-


Wow! I’m really loving the story so far :sparkling_heart: I’ve been craving for more sci-fi IFs and this story just ticks so many boxes for me:

  • Sci-fi? :white_check_mark:
  • Cultists and summoning some unknown power? :white_check_mark:
  • An experienced MC? :white_check_mark:
  • An ex/old flame? :white_check_mark:

I’m already loving the banters with Driver. Also, MC’s ex sounds really intriguing. Are they also going to be an RO with full route? I’m totally invested and interested in learning more about their history with MC and seeing how MC’s and their relationship will develop further in the story. Surely, they have a lot of problems to solve first.


I keep reading you use “no doubt”


After finishing Edgerunners and Cyberpunk, I’ve been craving for more sci-fi stories and this is just what I’m looking for.

Great experience so far
Loving the interactions with Driver


You have a habit of using “no doubt” in your writing. It’s something you do unconsciously/without realizing, no doubt.

For me, it’s “well.” We all have our ticks.


While it was interesting to read but not so much fun to play.
I understand that MC’s past and alias are locked by the plot purpose, but it looks more like a novel with premade character than a cyoa game.

You were a rifleman through and through

I wish there was an option to choose MC’s specialization

“It’s a level six lock,” Castle explains to Driver over radio.

and pick the lock

You run a hand over your short cut hair. You haven’t let it grow for almost nine years.

You tie your hair back into a tight, professional bun, the same style you’ve had since your time in the Army.

and more customization (scars, hair length and color)

But you’re just glad to be back on a mission.

The familiar excitement courses through you.

and choices how your character feels about one or another situation or characters and relationships.

Many situations just scream about stats checks and choices (investigation’s scene, infiltration in the police station, chasing), but there are none. Because of that I can’t say a player has an impact on the story.

The Stats screen is very humble. There are no stats or skills.

Everything else is alright. Thank you for your games. :slightly_smiling_face: :rose: Really like the humor.

you can’t help but enjoy the music of fleeing

Reminds me

Benny Hill Theme


Sorry, can’t help myself :sweat_smile: :laughing:


The simple stats screen, the limited customization, those are all intentional design choices, and if this game is anything like I, the forgotten one, it’s going to be great


There are actually answers to some of this in the description of the story at the top of this thread. I also added my own opinions in, in case someone’s curious

There should be more customization later, but I do wish there was a little more off the bat. Some more basic stuff like hair color

If this is the case, then I think there should be more personality/skill based customization towards the start. But honestly, I think this is a mistake. Personality and skill stats are used in so many games for a reason. I think this limits the the fluidity of the character. Both skill and personality wise

This one doesn’t have anything in the description, I just wanted to say that I agree with this one


Personality wise, the character is mostly set already, but it’s a set up that can work if written well. You’re not going to be able to do a self insert here.


That’s quickly becoming a hallmark of @Bacondoneright’s work. :point_left: :muscle:


Oh well, my bad. Didn’t read Stats / Dossier part and must apologize.
But now I’m confused. There are already a body check (strength/agility=stats) in the chase scene and an indication about a youthful face (persuasion=personality?).
While there aren’t dice rolls, it gives a unique description, according to a chosen body (face?) type.


Yeah, it looks like each customization option has its own skill attached. But I think the character has the same basic personality regardless of which “skill” your character has.
I don’t mind a basic personality, or a starting personality, but I do hope the player can adjust the character as we go along. You know, a little more caring, or a little more quick witted, etc.
Either way, I still think the unique stat screen should include the skills and personality we have, even if it’s stagnant throughout the book


Really good! Love playing such a unique character!

Also, I took the basement route and it’s mentioned later about it being 100 hours… it’s that the time it is or meaning 100 hours since we began our heist?



I was confused with that at first too, but now I’m pretty sure it’s military time. That would be midnight, I think


Hot damn! This is amazing writing, and it’s definitely getting added to my bookmarked list. Keep up the great work!


I’m working in a much less restrictive setting than my previous work, so locking romance options to specific genders wasn’t a concern this time.


Glad to hear it!

Personally, I say them aloud and see if they fit well in conversation. Nobody would be able to say something like “I’m a member of the AOALSKDMA” aloud in real life with a straight face.

I’ve no intention of writing a full on anime-esque “yandere” character like Jun/ko. I don’t think it’d fit properly with this setting and its tone.

I guess we’ll just have to find out…

Happy to provide!

Hmmm. I never realized it. It’s a subconscious habit, no doubt. There are worse ticks to have, no doubt, but there’s no doubt that I might have to cut back on my use of “no doubt”, no doubt about it.

This is perfectly understandable. My style of IF writing is definitely not for everyone. The MC is definitely significantly more predefined than some other stories.

That’s not a bad idea.

I feel as if that would make Driver a bit useless, though. The MC can’t do everything.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll add any stat checks to these sections. I do not believe the narrative or entertainment value would benefit from them.

Honestly fits the scene lol

I didn’t bother with hair color because I didn’t realize that people would want it. It’s no skin off my back, though, so I’ll go back and implement it.

My (potentially) controversial opinion would be that I dislike the way stats are implemented the majority of the time. My biggest problem with some games I otherwise really enjoyed were the stats and personality feeling too restrictive. I’d pick a dialogue option only to gain +3 in a personality trait I wasn’t aiming to improve, or I’d pick an option and fail with no warning because I don’t have enough “firearms skill” or what have you.

Definitely will be more options to pick on how you feel about characters and the plot later, but the MC liking the thrill of it all is a pretty essential facet of their character.

Not to the same degree as other games.

Your appearance / physicality dictates your abilities in certain cases.

Glad to hear it!

It’s military time for 1 in the morning.

Glad you enjoyed it!