Which words do you like/dislike?


My sympathies are with you, but you should be aware that most style gurus these days advise using “said” instead of synonym verbs, so we may have to wait a while for the pendulum to swing back. And meanwhile just accept the accusations of overwriting, showing-not-telling, etc.


I used “whoopty doo” in The Magician’s Burden. Does that count?


I instantly thought of a song, “Sunday School” which was about a priest being gay for Jesus. While making bad puns.

Would you prefer the Harry Potter method, ejaculations?


I mean… not really? This isn’t even the first time this has happened… just take the word “really.” Originally it meant “in reality,” sort of like “literally,” as you can see from the fact that the word “real” is right there. It went through a similar process to the word “literally,” where it gradually lost this direct sense, and turned into a general intensifier. The same thing even happened to the word “very”! It originates from a Latin word meaning “true,” and originally meant “truly,” but is now just used to make something more extreme, and can be as metaphoric as you like!

(It’s not like they have no meaning. They’re emphasis.)

Given that we’ve been perfectly able to communicate with “really” and “very,” I hardly think that the exact same process happening to “literally” spells the end of communication.

(And people come up with new ways to specify “in actuality.” I hear the word “legit” used for these purposes, for example.)

Yeah! :grinning: I’ve heard them called “contranyms” and apparently they’re also known as auto-antonyms; there’s a wikipedia page on them if you wanna see a whole bunch of examples :grin:

I also enjoy the fact that “tabling” a topic for discussion can either mean “let’s talk about it later” (most common in US) or “let’s bring this up to discuss now” (most common in UK) :crazy_face:


Oh, and I forgot “birb” and “snek”. Words like that genuinely make me mad… Like, why would you use those? Why?!


Dislike ‘cheap as chips’ or ‘cheap and cheerful’ they’re rather tasteless.

Like ‘legs’ when rhymed with ‘eggs’ and ‘resources’ when rhymed with ‘horses’.

‘So he galloped close to the horse’s legs, and clapped his head within. And the bishop said, “Sure as eggs is eggs, this here’s the bold Turpin!”’


Anything that is Shakespearean just comes across as lazy.

Basic pronouns like he,she, you, when used every other sentence.

Excessive amounts of onomatopoeia. I’m reading a story, not a 1960s comic.



I truly hate to admit how much I enjoyed this.



Often my determination lead me unknowingly towards the obsession of achieving some phantom Perfection.
In the end I always end up achieving nothing specific.

I hate Perfection and Obsession more than anything in my life.


I hate the word ‘Propaganda’…

its a word used often when someone is living in Lalaland…

I hate the word ‘Pandering’ , often used to demean others .

I hate the word ‘SJW’ …this one for obvious reasons .

I hate the word ‘Girl’ when used with ‘Men’ …very pedofeely lol .

My favorite word is ‘meatbag’ …I wish I lived in an english speaking area…cose I use it everyday ! lol


I’m rather affected by the quality of the piece I’m reading, but to answer your question : any single vulgar word. I don’t hate them, and occasionaly can be used for a laugh(if the circumstance allows it), but overusing them shows the low intelligence of the said individual


I hate a exaggerated ewww and yuck.


Right now, I’m down for the word “shenanigans.” Pardon me if that annoys you, but I’ll start using it everywhere whenever I can :grimacing:


the word i dislike the most when used in a certain way is when someone calls me a friend with air quotations.


I have an irrational dislike for the word ‘lick’.

This made for some hilarious detours when I had to translate a piece which had a character licking another character’s face.


I thought nonplussed meant disinterested for the longest time so me and it aren’t on good terms.


Did you think it meant disinterested or uninterested?


I guess I meant uninterested because apparantly i didn’t know what disinterested meant either.