Which words do you like/dislike?


I usually just use it when doing art. Mental notes and stuff.


Yeah :sweat_smile: she said it completely innocently but I was taken aback for a moment until I remembered what she really meant.

I end up saying “directly” and “right ahead” a lot. But it’s not as if I have a complete block on the word… I just tend to feel more awkward about it than I might otherwise, because associations and whatever… [quote=“EN-Nocturnal, post:125, topic:24758”]
I can imagine it being hard in geometry haha.

And yeah, it probably helps that I don’t have particularly much reason to talk about geometry :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I would use the word if it were the obvious clear thing to do… it’s only a tendency and as much as it might sound like it from the way I’m describing it now, I really don’t have extensive internal conversations with myself about how to avoid using the word “straight” :laughing:


You know, this conversation actually made me realize that I too have partial (albeit subconscious) blocks on certain words. :laughing:
I just haven’t realised it before.

This topic has been oddly amusing haha.


“Normal” is a word I despise, when it is applied to a person who does not follow the social status quo, to me normalcy is unattainable because their is definite example to base it on.


I think that’s just another form of intolerance, only one that’s so widely accepted that it doesn’t get called that.

I mean, kids are bullied when they’re not seen as “normal” for whatever reason, whether that’s their behavior, the way they dress or the simple fact that their grades are a lot higher/lower than average. And that doesn’t stop at school.

It’s another form of intolerance on my part, but I can’t stand people with that kind of mindset (which means most people, potentially). I don’t understand, and don`t really want to understand, how that level of ignorance and maliciousness can be reached by so many people, so easily. Not so much that they can think that way, but that they can act based on those thoughts. So yeah…fuck “normal”, “weird”, “freak”, etc., and all of the ideology behind those words. In the strongest terms possible.


hmmm words I like? I can’t think of any that stand out off the top of my head.

However, words I dislike? Occasion, rhythm, other such things. I can never spell them correctly on the first go and have come to abhor them.


Normality is as real as perfection… (psst perfect is impossible) so I agree, words designed to separate/isolate people are terrible and dangerous things to misuse.

That’s why I prefer to think of another human being first and foremost as a ‘PERSON’ a living breathing bleeding beautiful Person. Everything else about them comes second.

For example there a PERSON first a Jackhole second lol.


The word ‘‘sugar daddy’’ and ‘‘sugar baby’’ makes me cringe for some odd reason. I have no problem with those who are into it. People who know what a sugar daddy is and what a sugar baby’s role is (which i’m pretty sure i’m not allowed to explain) will probably agree or disagree with me. However, a word I like is the gender neutral version of ‘‘sugar daddy’’. Which is ‘‘glucose guardian’’. I like this word mainly because it was introduced to me as a meme and that is why I find it ‘‘funny’’ or slightly silly. My humor is really bad tho. So I don’t blame y’all for rolling your eyes after reading this post.


Words that i like


Words that i dislike

Left (nothing relative to political views, its just that i dont like how it sounds)


I think the overuse of a word is the ticket rather than the word itself for me. And I tend to recycle my word choice A LOT which I am trying to shake, but when you see multiple instances of “evil” it sorta becomes comedic. Not to mention, there is “porcelain” which is a fancy way of saying white I guess. After seeing it so much though I dunno. “Weird”, perplexes me in a way especially if it is overused because many times it’s used wrong or implied to be a good thing. I don’t like the nickname “babe” either. And as a stark contrast to many people who posted I prefer “boyfriend/girlfriend” over the term lover, I’d only use that if I wasn’t in a serious relationship with them.

HOWEVER! I do like the word, “Dwindling” as well as, “Aqua”. Also “Flurry” cuz why not? …As well as “swirly” and most words that end in y.


Pertinent. Being equal parts important and relevant I tend to fall back on it at lot.

Disingenuous. For when you don’t want to call someone an outright liar.

Adverbs. People should use them more often.

That said, German words own your puny English words. Trittschalldämmung for example. It’s a particular kind of soundproofing you put under your flooring to muffle the sound of steps. That is all implied in that one word though. Also Fugenbreitgrau.

Words I dislike are mostly a matter of use. People who use the word ‘mean’ to describe people who won’t cater to them or mollycoddle them need to get smacked. People who use the word ‘literally’ figuratively (‘I literally died’) drive me insane. Stuff like that.


hate when someone say ‘gurl’, what is in your throat man?


I utterly hate the word Daddy. The internet ruined it for me :neutral_face:

Also, miscellaneous and embarrassed since I keep forgetting how to write them.




Squelch is definitely an awful, awful word

I also now realise that I hate the look of the word awful?? It just looks wrong to me now


Hate the word(is it even a word?) smol



(yep, that’s 20chars-long whee ._.)


I love the word marmalade. It’s just so satisfying to hear how the sounds play out when I pronounce it.


The difference between girl/woman . In turkish there is no “boy” , just male or man and both can be used to describe a male. “Girl” is used when a young woman is being talked about. Mostly everyone uses it to state age but it actually (not philologically but societically) means that a “girl” has never had sex and a woman is someone who had sex before. Thats sexist af.


Like… pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?