Which words do you like/dislike?


I think it used to be biker slang. It’s a little old fashioned and blue collar. I’m not sure how common it is anymore.

On the subject of names for one’s partner, “hubby” and “hubs.” Or saying you’re “preggers.” STOP IT.


I love old lady it something I pick from my uncle. I still do see it use time to time outside my use of it.


Is this also the place for confessions, for embarrassing words you like?

I’m a stickler for grammar, but once in awhile I think breaking it is terribly cute. See: “is doge”; “I have the feels.”

In the realm of endearments, I’ve been known to be fond of being called “doll”, “sweetness”, or other insipid terms. It kind of reminds me of being a gun moll in the 1920s.


The word ‘cerebral’, it just doesn’t come out of my mouth right. Also ‘jimmies’ in reference to sprinkles.


I wasn’t sure I had one that really stuck out for me to contribute, but then I realized how tired I am of seeing “SJW” thrown around. Like, both social justice and warriors independently as concepts seem pretty awesome to me, so as a pejorative term it already doesn’t really work. That aside, it’s become an overgeneralized catch-all to discredit anyone who tries to be an ally to anyone else.

I understand the subcontext is that those who call other people SJWs are accusing them of being false white knights trying to ride the PC wave to popularity or whatever, but it still sounds to me like you’re attempting to insult someone by telling them they’re trying too hard to look like or be a good person. Like, oh no, how horrible, worst thing ever, being all polite or anti-bullying or something. /sarcasm :sweat_smile:


This is the first time I had notice the term social justice and warriors… it feels weird and ambiguous. Aren’t we already had a term called “Hypocrites” which is cooler to pronounce?


Completely agree.

I’d say the same for the term “PC” (Political Correctness, not Personal Computer). It’s a word used to shut people down for…being too respectful? It’s too ridiculous to dislike, but too real to laugh at.


Oh, I also hate the word “straight” to refer the sexuality of people. It makes looks like anyone out of a line is doing something wrong, not “walking straight” and stuff.


Now that you mention it, I also hate when the term “Free speech” is used as an excuse for what’s basically bullying.


Again, the flawed logic seems to be that if a person is saying something nice, it’s fake and they’re actually repressing all the shitty things they wish they could say with impunity. Which says WAY more about the accusers than the people they claim are being PC, since it assumes everyone has the same shitty thoughts as they do. No, sorry, not all of us are closet racists/sexists/homophobics/etc. Probably wishful thinking to normalize it so they don’t have to face the fact that they have shitty, prejudiced thoughts to begin with. :confused:

Ha, yeah, nothing like conflating governmental “free speech” with social freedom from consequences! Never mind the unprotected legal definition of hate speech and libel. Another popular trend these days. Sigh.


While we’re at it, complaints about “virtue signalling” drive me bonkers. Yeah, it’s so terrible that I speak up when I think something bad is happening. WTF?


With the title change in mind…can’t think of any words I significantly like tbh…except devil, in the context of asking how the devil are you? Don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that, but I like it, it seems like a more unique and eccentric way of asking how someone is :stuck_out_tongue: . I think English words sound kinda meh though, I speak a lil Italian and I think Italian words sound much nicer and fancier. Like take a simple phrase like come va(sp) meaning how are you, with an Italian accent I think it sounds really nice :slight_smile: .


I have to say that one of my favorite is “wanker” or maybe “donkey”. Don’t exactly know why, but if I have to take a guess it’s probably because I watch too much Gordon Ramsay. “Blyat” is a close second, not exactly English but oh well.


A word (though I’m not sure it is a word, I’ve heard it’s actually an acronym so??) that I positively adore is “Bae.” I was looking up cute pet names for a character of mine to call his boyfriend and Bae seemed to just fit. Then I started using it ironically and then seriously and now I use it at least 5 times a day at minimum. Everything is my Bae. My best friend. She’s my Bae. My favorite fictional characters. They’re my Baes. My Computer. Bae. I just think it’s so cute, a lot cuter than calling something your “Baby” I think.


But circles are awesome and they aren’t straight :wink:


Oh, my :blush: lols. I wonder where your mind went :wink:


In my early twenties I used to really like PC and social justice Warrior. As I’ve gotten older I hated the words and it became an insult personally. I very rarely have been called the social justice Warrior being to PC biggest normally the people that call you that are on the more obnoxious end of the right-wing. But to me the PC and social justice Warrior culture is involved in stagnated into a strange combination of Oppression of ideas simultaneously when it actually comes the real social issues they’re missing the forest for the trees. People will get upset over the bathroom ruling animals being hurt these women’s March days. And that’s all good if we didn’t have far worse problems just as a nation. Blacker interventionist campaign how our country has a history of installing dictators or least in the last 20 years now we are known for doing indiscriminately bombing or how are allied with monster as men that are literally the exact opposite of everything we stand for. As nation we would be pushing for right of a child and the universal Declaration of Human Rights the 1949 version. And that’s a start.


Least favorite endearment: “Puppers.” I’m not a dog person in the first place, and something about my friend saying “Awww, puppers” when he sees one makes me cringe.


I never heard that word used before least like that but I do find it adorable.


My favorite word is “Shenanigans”.