Which words do you like/dislike?


I love this word, because the way it is pronounced is both so simple and so confusing. Reading it, you don’t think to break it down into the sum of its parts: flocci-nauci-nihli-pili-fication; you just sort of stare at it, like ???¿¿¿?¿?¿???

The only way to pronounce French words, mon ami.


I have an inexplicable affection for a lot of words found in medieval fantasy or such things: battle, spear, sword, arrow, blacksmith, forge, king

I dislike words that combine Gs and Rs: green, grass, Gregory, gravity, gargantuan, gargle gargle


Why do you dislike words with G&R ?


The combination just makes me feel my throat scratching, if that makes sense


Ok now I get it thanks.


Add to that list: Gargoyle, Gorgon, Golgari


Golgari ? Did you just add a faction from MTG.


Ah, I see someone also has their own share of MTG experience.
Oh, also add Grixis to the list.


I hate the word “sever”. Whenever I think/see that word, I think of severed finger, or severed ear, or severed penis. Then I have intrusive thoughts about chopping my own fingers with a meat cleaver and not being able to replant them and living forever with a mangled hand.

And it’s a nice word in Serbian, it means North.


So you don’t like the word because the definition of it is to cut/ amputate something or break off ? Not because of the way it sounds just the fact that it causes you to use your vivid imagination of mutilating yourself or seeing things that can be in fact severed ? Don’t most words cause people to visualize the definition of it ?


I associate the word sever with a clean cut. I tend to only picture genital mutilation around forks, scissors and rarely a knife. And severing limbs would probably be cut of or hacked. Fingers though… I guess anything would be fine.


The word makes me cringe, dunno why though… I don’t dislike it or anything, it just makes me cringe, no other word really does, as far as I know at least.


I like the word y’all. It’s so much easier to say y’all then you all or you guys.


The best words are swear words.


:-1: down for the word tsunami. who even came up with how this word is spelled. I allways jupt the T and read it as sunami. And when i have to spell it i tend to forget the T.