Which words do you like/dislike?


I’ll consider that my revenge, then


I like slug. Packs a punch, and you just generally don’t want to get shot at.

I’m talking about slug shot, of course.


I hate the word incel…seriously? Involuntary celibate? *rolls eyes. Why not just say they have small penises and you had sex with their mums last night. What is more I see this used in serious political discussions and apparently respectable newspapers. If you want me to take your argument seriously saying a group of people are incels really is as effective as saying they have small penises. It also highlights the awful trend of just insulting people you disagree with, such as calling Donald Trump a Nazi. *rolls eyes pretty sure he hasn’t gased any jews to death…or gased anyone to death. What’s more there’s no shortage of genuine things to criticise Trump for…seriously take your pick, so inventing stuff like that is literally worse than pointless.

Tots. Because it’s an awful word and that person is probably likely to poison my ears with other such words, like rad, knarly etc. But then again people do say I’m serious, and my speech is appropriately serious, hence other such words like dude, yo etc have no place in my vocabulary.

And since it was mentioned I hate the word shananigans. For me it’s a very emotive word, and it comes across as not serious, filled with joy, fun etc…unacceptable xd.


Tater Tots

You shoot slugs at people? Do I need to call PETA?


Potty. Just- I loath that word. I hate it when an adult says it, I hate it when a kid says it. I just hate it.

Edit: Words I like: feasible, exacerbate, felicity. I tend to like words that are fun to say. When I was a kid my sister insisted on reading me Northanger Abbey as it was one of her favorite books. I learned felicity and fortnight from it and was entranced and went around announced that ‘I have had no felicity in a fortnight’, because it was just so dang fun to say.


You’ve just reminded me of a word I’ve always hated- putter, especially in regards to farting (as least it was in my family growing up). It bothers me on a physical level.



My least favourite part is how they emphasise the R when speaking and the S when writing. Be consistent for god’s sake.


I think I should get this out of the way. I like the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (even if the sound of it is something quite atrocious)


But how do you feel about docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-rupus?


What language is this? Can I learn this spell?


I simultaneously love and hate the word egg with a passion of 300 burning suns and @LauraSikdar knows exactly why


I’m gonna have to agree with you there! “Egg” has officially been ruined for me. I like the word “celery” though, despite not caring for the actual vegetable lol

The only other words I dislike are “doll” and “pet” when they’re used as nicknames.


Ethanol has left the chat


Okay I’ve been having a hard time keeping this to myself. So I’m just going to say this here.

Cenedict Bandersnatch


That’s going a bit to far don’t you think?




Maybe because it sounds like salary? XD


On that note, I guess there is another word I dislike. Taxes XD


If only you knew the full context.


I’m guessing it’s because of “Wonder Pets”???