Which words do you like/dislike?


I thought you’d enjoy disambiguating another word to put next to “nonplussed.”


I don’t like the word comfortable because I always have trouble pronouncing it right.


Hey “friend” that’s a perfectly normal thing to do.

I call shenanigans

Licky Lick


I tend to dislike the word “oof.”

I was okay with it for a while and even used it myself. But then a friend went “oof is there a reason you’re not talking in the main chat” looking for gossip and then later caused some drama. She thinks about the worst… so I kind of associate it negatively despite its various meanings depending on the context.

I don’t really say anything to people when they use it, it just irks me.


For me it’s not even about the words rather then the circumstances they are used. Like if you say gipsy (cigány in my language) just for the reason of pointing someone’s origin out as a fact but nothing more then it’s fine by me, but if an origin gets a curse word or I should say racist remark I guess then I hate it even tho I’m one of the “white” majority so I never actually had to endure the negative results of this. But when gipsy or jew means the same for some to people as idiot, stupid or untidy then that annoys me.
I know many gipsys who are actually decent people just like anyone else and they can’t do a thing about what family they where born into (with which skin color they are born into) and I think for each person it should be their actions which makes them “less than us” rather than skin color and stuff.


Speak however you want to :smiley: . I came from a proper rough household xd, and my dad’s from the west midlands. So I used to pronounced think as fink sometimes, over as owver(got that from my dad, that the brummy way of saying it) and couldn’t as cunt(I swear to god that wasn’t intentional xd) and generally had a working class accent… I don’t now as I live in a middle class area, go to uni and everyone I know is middle class pretty much. But yeah, don’t feel self conscious/bad etc if you don’t pronounce things the way society says you should :smiley: .


I like the word aerial. I noticed I like many words that have a composition of ae letters in that order. Oh, I also like space terms, like Galaxy, Nebulae, Andromeda, Astro.
Dislike many shortenings of words like Mac n cheese (bleugh), chocolate chip cookie (for some reason), the word ‘yass’, burger, smoothie, sweetie, and I don’t remember any more.


Thanks to RDR2, now I’m liking the word “offal.”


Hello, thread. Still alive?

Thanks for WotC for convincing me “Spectacle,” as in “Spectacle Cost :black_circle: :red_circle: ,” as one of the greatest word ever spelled. Now it’s up on my fav. list, alongside “shenanigans.”


I like the words Fish and Cake. For some reason they just rub me the right way. Which is weird because I absolutely hate fish as a being or a food.


Interesting, any reason for that? Background story? Or a flash back?
Anyway, I like the word—sham—for no apparent reason. Also I found this scene funny
large lake, large lake


Honestly, they just really freak me out. Just, their dead eyes and they just lay there flapping (when they’re out of water, obviously), and their mouths, euch. It definitely didn’t help when I found out out that tongue eating parasites exist. I don’t think I’ll ever go swimming in a lake again.


I don’t think the parasites are anything super harmful. If anything, they’re basically homeless dude taking shelter in another dude’s mouth.

Besides, I don’t recall fish has tongues.


Out of words I don’t like “cray” and “insta” have been on my mind recently.


It apparently doesn’t hurt the fish but yeah, it replaces the tongue. It attaches onto the tongue or the gills (depending on gender of the parasite) and ‘eats’ the blood of the fish. I know it’s nothing that will ever affect me but it just makes my dislike of fish even worse.

Here is a polite parasite



Honestly at this point I think I just need to start averting my eyes every time you post a picture of anything


Ahahhaha, It all started with the “Jazz music intensifies meme”

Also, I dislike the word “Slug.” Because, they’re slimy, with those stick-like eyes, popping and stuff. Ech. I guess, I dislike all slugs, even if they’re called something else.


Every time I think of a slug, I think of a video a science teacher had us watch years ago. A parasite got itself nice in cozy in a slug’s eye stalk and it was like, 5 times the size it should have been. You could just see it pulsing under the skin. It was so disgusting.

I’m starting to think I might just have a huge fear of parasites.


I got curious so I searched for the parasite’s pic. The image is now inside my head, it shall stay there for all eternity.
I also have decided that I will not sleep tonight, not because of the slug with a parasite inside it’s eyes, but because I choose to do so.

who needs sleep anyway