Which words do you like/dislike?


As a writer/reader, which words rub you the right/wrong way, and why?

Not that there has to be a deep reason - for instance, I dislike “moist” just because of the way it sounds. But equally, as another example, I really dislike the word “boyfriend/girlfriend” because…a girlfriend isn’t a female friend (I mean, they can be, but that’s not a good word to describe the concept overall), and I feel like it somehow diminishes the idea of a friend who happens to be a girl. It’s tricky to explain, but I don’t think the word should exist at all.


I hate buzzwords. Whenever I see one I run off to get a bucket, so I don’t puke all over the furniture.


I hate the words “man/men” and “woman/women” and “adult” in any language. They obviously makes me think of grown people and althought I’m an adult myself I just can’t afford “adult situations” like reunions, lines, using phones… Maybe because I was something like an above average kid and adults would press me more than the other kids, or do the exact oppost, don’t give me attention because they’d think I had no idea what I was talking about, but I just can’t see these words as friendly words, the image that comes into my mind is a crowd of suited people with no dreams, trivial sexual desires and underestimating kids and teenagers. These words also have a heavy sound in my opinion.

As for my own language, I dislike a lot of words. Most of them are gendered and I don’t like gendered words.


I was going to say “moist”. :joy:


dude, no, don’t go there not ever.


Need/Should/Responsibility etc… in the context of someone telling you to do something (especially if they aren’t your boss) as opposed to you deciding it for yourself or them suggesting something.

Hmm… emotional language language generally annoys me in writing since it sounds so unrealistic… something I wouldn’t hear in real life without it being a joke or complaining and I loathe most complaining…

Frick… Frack… Whichamacallit… Diary…Soggy…Heckler (Heckle etc…)…

Selfish… Vindictive… Spiteful… Greedy… Envious when they are used to negatively portray someone by themselves alone… (i.e without actions) Actually I generally dislike words like that or saying something subjective in a objective manner…

And while I don’t dislike it most words referring to genitalia sound abnormal to me in that context.

German words sound unnatural to me…

I like the word mutt though, probably because that’s how I’m refereed to as.

Hmm… expecting someone to feel bad because you insulted them or told them a sad story generally lowers my opinion of the speaker especially when there’s an emotional response to the apathy… Expecting people to offer help… Superimposing an opinion over another when opinions are relevant (ex:claiming the moral high ground, in a discussion about morals)…


I despise the words “mandatory” and “obligations” because of the underlying responsibility associated with them. Often than not, it is a burden most don’t even wish to carry.


I’m normally fine with most words, but “bae” really gets under my skin. I mean, if one uses “babe”, that is still the same number of syllables.


I just imagined Preston Garvey saying bae instead of babe… don’t think it’d sound as fun…


anyone who says “doll”, “candy-girl”, “sugar”, “baby bear”, “pumpkin” or “heartache” they piss me off to oblivion as that is all I hear when walking around my school and those couples are together and they are sweet talking and acting as if the world is just swell. we also have those groups weirdos who flirt with anything in sight and say said words in pick up lines and try and act as if they have always had an interest in them.
I need a vacation, or write a novel of reasons I hate life in general. oh well, such is life I suppose…




I love all of them like my own children. Don’t make me point one out for condemnation!


Certain words when used past tense that have a better sounding present tense version that can also be used as past tense. Best example I can think of off hand is instead of “I pet the dog,” people will write/use “I petted the dog.” Really, any type of word like this that ends up ending with ‘ted’. It just sounds utterly stupid to me, like if you were to say “I sitted down on the chair.” I also dislike the word ‘teenager’. I prefer to use the term 'adolescent". Not sure exactly what I have against that one, but I just don’t like it.


I don’t really hate any words. I even love the word “moist” mostly because I had a friend in college and he got so mad when I used it so of course I used it as often as possible.

I guess I do hate words that are ridiculously long and hardly anyone use.


Why do people hate “moist” so much?

“Mmmmm, this cake is so…wet!”


Pipsqueak, shorty, tiny all for obvious reasons. Cute in situational context, where it means cute and childlike, I love using cute for cute movie star and model guys though.


Intentionally derogatory words (double standards of whom can say what), the term cis (again double standards, but more situational), and the word hate in its verb form (how I define it), but I don’t hate or loathe them.

@Gower I think soggy would’ve been a better choice of words.


Well…I hate it when words are mispronounced- seriously it’s daycart, not Descartes! xd I hate loads of abbreviations or shortened words, E.G whatev for whatever. I hate words that ignore the fact language is a social construct, E.G scientifically a banana is a berry, a strawberry isn’t. Yes, but in the context in which the word berry is used by most people, a strawberry is a berry :stuck_out_tongue: . I hate words referring to specific gross sex acts such as donkey punch(I don’t advise you to google that, so you’ve been warned it’s gross :frowning: ). Oh and I also believe due to human nature people aren’t really capable of love, not in the way most people think they are anyway. So on that note I hate words like make love, soul mate etc. They seem dishonest and it feels to me that if your feelings were genuine you wouldn’t need to use such words.

I also hate people tailoring words due to my visual imparement, such as saying I listen to tv rather than watch it, especially as technically I look at the actual tv, just not what’s on it, so it’s kinda not true anyway :stuck_out_tongue: .


I really hate the word ‘orbs’ in description. Just say ‘eyes’…


Business jargon. Things like synergy and using “solution” as a verb.