Which One To Buy?

Hey guys! I was wondering which game I should buy, since money is tight for me right now. I have been collecting COG games and Hosted games for years, and I’m proud of it!

I have all the games except Magikiras, Wizardry Level C, Scarlet Sails, Guns of Infinity and Mermaid Expedition.

Which game? My mom won’t let buy all the games. Thx.

Magikiras is a nice long game. Magically powered Spartans :smile:

Scarlet sails is a pretty fun and funny game but it’s short.

Never played Wizardry Level C.

I haven’t played it myself, but Guns of Infinity has massive hype right now, though it’s recommended to play Sabers of Infinity first.

Mermaid expedition is… well personally I didn’t like it, but if you like mythological discovery then it will be good for you.

Guns Of Infinity is a must.


Assuming you’ve already purchased Sabres of Infinity, Guns is a must buy. It’s both incredibly fun and challenging.

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You’re going to want Guns of Infinity first. Magikiras/Wizardry level C next.


If you have Sabres It is obvious Guns!!! Magikiras is long and have replay value. The mermaid one is the shortest, well written but not same value per price.

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Comparing Magikiras and Guns of Infinity, which one is the longest?

Depending in what you consider longer. In terms of just words, magikiras. However, Guns is part of a much larger series of books, and allows an INSANE replay value and the opportunity of set characters for future games. In my opinion is better writing too, but magikiras is great too.

Magikiras is the longest. Both are very good game, if you can buy both of them you should do it.

The others games from your list I didnt like.