Which old shows do you miss?


I’d have to say Hey Arnold! , My Life as a Teenage Robot, Cat Dog, Jimmy Neutron, &The Wild Thornberrys, there’s probably more, which do you miss? (Maybe some are not considered old but were cancelled)


Rugrats and also Doug.


Drake&Josh! Omg I miss that show, it was like my childhood :-)) god I miss it


Rugrats and Hey Arnold, though I was more of a CN kid.


None of them… I was never into Nickolodian…
The old Loony Toons is where it’s at


Ren and Stimpy,Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, and All That. I like more of the older cartoons like Scooby Doo, Little Lulu, Popeye, and Little Audrey.


CatDog, Hey Arnold!, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Jimmy Neutron, Back at the Barnyard, Doug, Mr. Meaty, I can’t remember any more.
Hmm CN was good then, but at the time, it wasn’t better than Nickelodeon


I love the older shows, too @Miki Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo, The Flintstones, etc


Lol, @WubWub117 !! Anybody up for some classic Tom and Jerry?


My little brother is just like Jerry. Always conjuring up obstacles and traps that get me in trouble.


Same with my little brother. A complete nuisance who never gets caught but ends up winning the battle anyway.


And always has a gigantic companion to aid him


In times of need.


And always ruin potential dates


@WubWub117 Always winning the girls. No matter cat or mouse.


Made a cat think it was a dog, once.
Though through all of this, we occasionally work together


The best kind of work? Teamwork!


The best kind if partner? The ones want to eat!


@WubWub117 @Miki aww I wish I could change the title to old shows instead lol


@WubWub117 @Miki should I make a new one?:o