Which of you lot partake in The Secret World?


It was on sale all Christmas, so I picked it up.

Loving the little stories it tells, a mixture of the mundane, the super-natural, the psychological and the downright insane. The first zone is almost standard fare zombie-survival, but it soon shoots off to Draug invasions, Demonspawn, Cthulu style beasts, giant insects and walking scarecrows and gigantic crabs… And that’s literally just the first zone. =/

It is rare that an MMO does interesting quests, this one has it down though. The investigation ones really need the use of a noggin. One asks you to decipher morse code, the other sheet music, another to do mathematics. Some of the stories are standard-fare horror tales, but there’s some really neat ones. The theme park there is freaky stuff too.

So, yeah, anyone on here play there? It’s no light entertainment for sure! :slightly_smiling:


I play randomly. Haven’t played in a while though.


I got it a long time ago…

It crashed 1 second in and I never played it again.

WOW for life!!!


I played beta and I’m a lifetime sub. I really love the atmosphere of that game, and I’ll probably start playing again soon.


My fiancee and I play on and off sometimes, though I haven’t really touched the game in about a year.