Which name do you perfer?


Or great women ;-). I’ll probably go with The Ashen Throne.

Anyone willing to glace at my mygame.js file?


Two quick question: If you were in semi-medieval times, would you want everyone to talk like someone from the medieval times, or talk normally so you could understand them.

Second question: What would be a gentle way to say that you aren’t interested in the same sex.


I’d not write the game in medieval language (no prithees, thous, or doths), as that’s really hard to do consistently. Most historical fiction is written in “normal” prose, but tries hard to avoid anachronistic slang and uses fewer contractions (as a way of making it sound less breezily modern).

Second question: depends on the cultural context. If it’s a world where same-sex relationships are widely accepted, the character can probably just say, “sorry, dear, I’m attracted to [opposite sex],” without having to be particularly “gentle” about it – after all, it’s not as if it reflects badly on the person whose advances are being declined.


@Havenstone Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:


An important thing to start in making the characters beginning is to make it general and somewhat vague so things can be altered without much going wrong and allow player choices to have more an impact. Also you don’t want to make the character choose sides right away as it makes things to serious as you start out. Let the character get to know the sides better and meet other characters from those sides before deciding who to join.


I agree with Junkie about not choosing sides right away. But I like to make my character as specific as possible, when concerning origins,appearance, beliefs, and personality.


@Cloudian Well the character stuff will be specific but let it start out as vague so you can choose a specific background, appearance, etc.