Which medieval WIP is your favorite?


This thread better stay positive and constructive or it will be shut down, sooner then later.


I’ve gotta say Hero of Kendrickstone by @Cataphrak and Demon Hunter series by @Samuel_H_Young … Because I provided a lot of feedback on them, so like, they feels special to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait, WIP… well nevermind the first one then. I still like it though.


Guenevere is my favorite, seeing as it’s the resident sprawling epic of the forums, but I have others. Seven Heirs of Ophaesia is shaping up to be a gem. War in the West is seeking to do something legitimately different with Choicescript, and I approve. Lords of Aswick 2, with its complete change of pace and highly unexplored perspective of religious intrigue and conflict, is another I’m looking forward to.

Ah, almost forgot Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes. I look forward to the weird “our countries don’t like each other, and honestly we also probably don’t like each other, but we’'re stuck anyway” dynamic.


Well said. :wink:

I’m adding the Fourth Daughter WiP in my list. :slight_smile:


Kingdoms : Embers in ashes by @Sophia
War for the west by @MahatmaDagon


I feels like there more but I’m forgot what is it…
Not really sure is the last one is medieval but oh well :woman_shrugging:


(It’s set in a Renaissance-like era, but same difference, really, lol.)


Guenevere by @jeantown


Thanks, @shoelip and @SabrinadizaLS

My favorite medieval WIP is Guenevere by @jeantown . I don’t really test WIPs, but this is one that I’ve gone back to several times over the years because of how engaging it is. And dat Morgana romance though :heart_eyes:v


The War for the west by far is my favorite due to its replay ability. You could do multiple play throughs and still feel that you haven’t done ever thing.
Another favorite is The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia due its renaissance feel and the Players character mother who I love don’t know why I love her I just due for some reason.
Another favorite wip is the Wight King mostly because I love playing as a undead race and that I the writing is done very well.


Ah, Fourth Daughter…

Honestly? All of the medieval WIPs/WIPs in general have been quality lately.


I want to add The Rightful Heir by @Domates to my list :slight_smile:


all are good but war for the west is best then blood and steel then rightful heir


I like mine, Bright City, the Ultimate Tale of Metropolitan Feud.

Not to brag, but it is very good.


i actually forgot about that one but i agree it is very good probably better then the rightful heir I also like seven heir to opesiosa or something like that


My game has only been out for about ten days and not much is out yet, so it would only be fair. I have played the rightful heir, but it would certainly be flattering if you said it seemed better. But I have been playing a lot of the other hosted games for quite a time before creating my game.


hey i was wondering what will happen in your game the farther in you go? Any wars, chances to take power, duels of honor or trade deals.


Just about all of those. The idea is that you can invlove yourself with familial conflicts within the city or even stage a coup d’etat or stage an invasion on the city. I might even include options for the PC to take power as the Prince/princess or Grand Duca of the city. But I am planning for the game to be very large and full of options and characters.


that sound really fun does your house if you start of rich or middle class have any archenimies


Agreed. War For The West is by far the best one out there. You can say Blood and Steel is the discount version of it. But thanks for mentioning.