Which Manga is This?


Alright. I never posted in the Off-Topic forums before, but something has been nagging me for…about ten minutes. The thing is, it’s like an itch I can’t scratch. I read quite a few types of manga, but I remember one that I read when I was young. I’ve looked online for it, but I have had no luck so far. I am 90%-95% sure I did not dream it. If anyone has any idea what the heck I am talking about, please post it here.
Here is what I remember:

There is a girl who pretends to be a girl in a school. She has a floating creature (a cat-like animal?) that follows her around.
There is also a group who is trying to find the girl. I seem to remember something about their fighting of monsters with their animal-monsters. No. It is not pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, thankfully (one of the group had a phoenix).
The group and the girl might have been angels. I’m not sure.
That’s pretty much all I remember. Thanks in advance.


There is a girl who pretends to be a girl
girl who pretends to be a girl



CRAP! Thanks. I meant “girl who pretends to be a boy”, of course, but DANG, was that a fail.


I want to say that the manga your talking about is Kampfer…but its kind of the opposite of what you said. A boy that changes into a girl.:confused:


@AiEmMe No, that’s not it. But I just looked it up, and…MAN, would I hate for that to be me…


Card captor Sakura… Or something like that… Oops nvm I just saw she pretends to be a boy…


Yea, that describes like 20~50 different mangas at the very least. Anymore info?


Let’s see…the group trying to find the girl was small, around 3-5 people, and the girl had to wear some kind of tape or band to hide her breasts (why the heck do I even remember that? *facepalms*). If I remember anything else I’ll post it. Dang you, Japan, GIVE US A DATABASE!


Princess Knight?


Makes me think of Princess Waltz (http://vndb.org/v156). Not it, but it’s what you description makes me think of. Cross-dressing (along with transgender, gender TF and other similar things) are pretty big in Japan. (She’d be call a reverse trap btw.)


Wait a minute, is Chris really Iris in disguise? They really have to hide that better. It even says in the profile that she cones to his aide but never seen together.


@SengokuKronos About Princess Wlatz, no Chris isn’t Iris in disguise, Iris is Chris (and the protagonist, Arata) transformed (via magic). It’s a pretty messed up (but interesting, IMO) plot (if not particularly deep). (If you’re interested) The protag doesn’t realize Chris is a girl because he already knows that she changes via magic. He questions why Chris changes into a girl, but doesn’t question that ‘he’ is a guy. He also finds out that Iris is one of the girls fighting over Chris, so the leap that they are the same person seems a little more of a stretch before he knows too. It’s also a pretty quick reveal to the protag that Chris is a girl, so there isn’t this huge series of ‘why can’t he see it’ moments.


No, I already found princess knight. Dang it, I couldn’t have dreamed it up, could I? …ON the other hand, a lot of weird things pop up in my dreams.


Probably not. I know I’ve looked for things I’ve seen only to find it years later and be reminded ‘Oh yea’. Problem for me searching (I enjoy digging around in databases searching for things, it’s therapeutic) is too little info to go on: A quick search of Mangaupdates.com turned upwards of a hundred that could fit the bill (just a cross section of gender bender and seinen mangas). Perhaps it’s locatable with this: (http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?act=genresearch), and in case you don’t what the genre’s mean (http://www.mangaupdates.com/genres.html).


Thanks…I’ll look for it *sees results* …This could take a while.


OH MY GOSH! I FOUND IT! …WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING READING SOMETHING LIKE THIS? *Groan* I was lucky I didn’t read much… Thanks Reaperoa. You can close this now, if you want. It was Angel Diary. Oh, well. It’s library time. It’s a Korean manhwa so…this might work out.


Eh, I’ll leave it open. I think it’s best to only close threads when they need to be closed. That way, if someone has something legit to add, the thread is still open so they can leave it in the right place.

Also, seems pretty tame and standard to me, or is it just girly?


I actually came across Angel Diary when trying to hunt down your mysterious manga, but dismissed it because it was manhwa orz. In case you were interested, I filtered with fantasy, gender bender, romance, and school life tags.

@Reaperoa, it looks pretty standard to me as well. I don’t read much manga anymore, but it’s something I definitely would’ve liked in my romcom phase.


Well I got a few that I’ve been looking for a real long time…

  1. The protagonist is a guy… sorry but that’s all the distinguishing features I remember…
    He was on a cruise ship… I don’t remember why… then he goes to sleep in his room, only to wake in an island only populated with women and animals. The island isn’t technologically advanced or anything like that though, and I think you can’t get out of the island but I forgot why…

  2. The protagonist is a really perverted guy with a childhood chick friend that has an enormous… *coughs*
    Erm… I probably day-dreamed this up during computer-lit or something… but I think he saves a girl who fell from the sky? She also had enormous… *coughs* There’s a tickle in my throat… anyways, the girl he saves is pretty emotionless and stuff.

  3. The protagonist… well, he’s a kid magician who becomes a teacher in Japan.
    I don’t really remember anything else, cause I barely got to the 5th-6th page of the first chapter when the power went out and my ghetto desktop didn’t record history…

  4. The protagonist is a zombie. Doesn’t look like a zombie, but he’s a zombie.
    He’s harboring a few girls in his house, and they aren’t as normal as he. The first to harbor, a necromancer that revived him. The second, a magical girl. The third, I really can’t remember, but I do remember that she had enormous… *coughs really loud*

My… memory isn’t the best ^^" Thank you in advance…


@Twitch number 4 is Korewa Zombie Desu Ka. number 3 sounds like Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Not sure about the other 2