Which kind of game drawing style you would like most?

  • Cute
  • Bright
  • Gorgeous
  • Dusky
  • Cool

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Depends on the kind of game. (Yes, I just had to be a spoilsport. :expressionless:)


Still in the mud and cow patties?

I think this is the usual grazing ground of a couple of horses, but close enough. :expressionless:


Haha, i agree with you~

What’s that?
Mud and Cow? I have no idea :joy:

It depends on the game and what you understand per theme of the different styles. Necause your way of a cute style might vary from how I see it.

Depends on the topics genre to be fair, it wouldn’t really fit if you had cute drawings for a horror story would it? (Though in my opinion it would :wink:)

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I voted Dusky, cuz i believe that is what [this game] looks like.
I like this style in quests, interractive stories or rpgs, but for some action it isn’t suitable, FPS games have to gorgeous. The pool itself is quite strange, because it depends on game genre, as for me.