Which game should I make?


So im going to get some morewriting writing experience before i start with my big projects, thats why im not working on Frontline right now.
But i have two ideas for WIPs but wich one should i make first???

1.Life of Pie

You play as an apple that has to save tho world of fantasy from evil cupcakes
I think that says enough…


Its the year 2015, the first time humanity came in contact with something called Void.
you are just an average person leading a normal life but i think you can guess it.
You find out that you have the so called Void Aura.
But then the FBI, CIA, SRT everything finds out about it and the entire world is after you.
How will you handle this.

So just leave behind wich one i should make or anything else :slight_smile:

-Porter, your forum void assassin-


Fixed your title. :slight_smile:

Go for the Life of Pie I think. Mmmm pie.


I like the second one, VOID best, but go for whatever you like c:


I’d like the Void a fugitive sort of game would be cool


I think the pie game would be easier to write. You can also write all sorts of silly stuff for it. But really, what you need to write is something short, which interests you, and which you can get to the end of. Ending is the most important thing you can do. Pie seems simpler than voids.


I like both

But wahatsever best for you


VOID will be harder to write than life of pie
And also more serious
But life of pie is just… I dont know lol


My advice: go for the pie game. Finish it. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it, or whether you think it’s great or not, but just get it finished. That should give you the confidence to move on to bigger projects :slight_smile:


I am in agreement with Fairy and Redgrave, the pie game would be shorter, more flexible, and seems most likely “built” (if you will) to be incredibly funny (which is a good thing because its easier to make your audience laugh).


I’m going to fourth that statement: go for something short and relatively simple: it’ll make it easier to finish.


Will we be trapped on a boat with a lot of other pie ingredients and a dangerous tiger who’s determined to eat us? Only to discover that we’re not actually pie ingredients after all?


Can the boat be a pie tin?


I’d say just pick which ever one you’re most excited about. I think you’re much more likely to finish something you’re passionate about.


I’m taking a third option! Write them both! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll probably find yourself getting writers block while working on VOID - when that happens, just take a leisurely break and write silly nonsense for Life of Pie. I think I heard that helps. Somewhere. Maybe. Or not.

Y’know, or my advice is bad (which could very well be the case) in which case, disregard it! :smiley:


Heh! Cataphrak you’re a genius. A pie tin as a boat. Definitely. I want to start making baking puns but it’s too late for me to think of any. A game about pie should be filled with puns though.


Well it looks like im going to make life of pie


Make sure this game is absolutely cake-d in humour! Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll turn out well: you were born and bread to be a writer!

I know, I know, those were terrible. Don’t blame me!


@Redgrave You win the internet. :slight_smile:


Im going to start writing towmorrow (actually today since its past midnight)


Viod sounds best but pie sounds really funny so I will keep watch here for further developments good luck