Which CoG/HG/HC game would you most like to see as a film or tv series?

Lol! Yeah that’s the movie :joy:

Choice of Robots 100%!! Especially if they could make it like pre-season 5 Black Mirror


War of the West
Breach: Archangel Job
Infinity Trilogy
Wayhaven Chronicles

*to be honest there were a lot of good titles under COG and HG…


I’m not a huge fan of Weyrwood but for some reason I really love the idea of it as a TV show. I think that could work very well with the story’s premise. :thinking:

I think The Eagle’s Heir would also be a good choice, it’s just so dramatic, with the coreographed fights, the intrigue, the romance and the high-stakes life or death moments…

Related question: which CoG/HG would be awesome as musicals? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Hollywood Visionary. We could have a song for the movie pitch at the very beginning, and then make a grand reprise when you have to win over a high-profile investor. And a quick-paced trio over your romantic flip-flopping between The Actor and The Grip, or a motivational, follow-your-dreams song set to a soft ballad or a lullaby for when you comfort your niece. And there’d be a big dance number in there somewhere. :joy:

Oh, and since the Affairs of the Court series is based on Anne Boleyn’s life, the musical for that one could be a modern-style adaptation, à la Six. :grin:


High Lands, Deep Waters would make a good Lovecraftian horror movie, and the protagonist is a Private Investigator.


Choice of the robots anyone? With the one and only Peter Cullen voicing the robot!!! That the MC makes!

Has for the MC, I’m going RDJ, because of the MCU.

Make me change my mind, I dare YOU!

For the WIP: the pasinger ( yes it’s spelt wrong) but it’ll be so cool and serspenful, basically a supernatural thriller, with a supernatural mc, and help me figure out voice actors for the abominations when in there true form, for the hunter or the MC I’m going ether Frank Waker or Greg Beger. Who can sound really, really awesome.

Has a transformers fan I know that the voice actors I mentioned can be top notch!


Thank you, that’s too kind.
But Cornucopia is already full of crossovers :wink: