Which CoG/HG/HC game would you most like to see as a film or tv series?

If you could wake up tomorrow to discover one game (from Choice of Games, Hosted Games or Heart’s Choice) had been released as either a movie or tv series, which one would you be most happy to see?



Lost Heir Trilogy. :blue_heart:


The great Tournament, war for the west


Are you guys serious here? It’s obvious that it should be fallen hero rebirth. Done hbo style lol. Or samurai of Hyuga in anime form… or or psy high in a CW / sabrina Netflix schitck. Ya know what just hire me. I got this lol


Diaspora, hands down. Just. Diaspora. Wait, there’s also Ironheart…

  1. Zombie exodus and zombie exodus safe haven
  2. Lost Heir Trilogy
  3. Fallen Hero series
  4. Evertree inn series
  5. Breach the archangel job

I was just going to say Breach but apparently there’s already a similar movie on Netflix lol. I would just want the real Breach to be a movie, but it definitely has the potential to be spread out into a series.

Metahuman Inc. is probably on of my favorite games and I think it’d make a great movie.


The Great Tournament has to be one of them. The Dragoon Saga too (Guns of Infinity, Sabres of Infinity). The Evertree Saga. Fallen Hero: Rebirth. So many that would be interesting to see. Nevertheless, The Great Tournament has to be up there.


I think Community College Hero would be a great animated series


Probably Keeper of the sun and moon and The Wayhaven Chronicles.

First of all, supernatural magic school? It’s already a popular trope, but it’s my favorite trope. Kotsam is a great story, it’d make a great series/film too. I mean, the characters and subplots are great. Wayhaven with its iconic romance, supernatural theme, mixed in with detective fiction? I’d honestly cry.


If The Boys didn’t exist I’d say Heroes Rise. Fallen hero falls into the same category. Community College Hero might be interesting. But Curious Cuisine by meltedpenguin. The plot is your character is a single parent who gets a mysterious restaurant in a town of superheroes and supervillains 90% of villains are harmless mischief makers and not Jokers or Lex Luthors. It would be like a superhero version of the old Tv Series Eureka with superpowers instead of science gone wrong. Hell let’s go the extra mile and we could include the community college hero college across country as a spinoff for when so and so goes to college. And Meltys world isnt as dark as heroes rise or fallen hero but we could crossover characters from it into curious cuisine. There’s a scene with a smug woman in a hair salon replace her with Jury. Young down herald and he could be the punny kid that befriends our MCs kid. But overall the plot is a single parent raising a super kid, uncovering the mystery of their free restaurant, and discovering who they are as a person.


The Infinity games’ mix of gritty gunpowder warfare and fantasy elements like spellcasters and knights with flaming swords would look awesome brought to life in a fantasy drama TV series in the same vein as Game of Thrones. But hopefully with less sex.


FALLEN HERO. filmed by DC
Heart of the House,
and Samurai of Hyuga could be a tv series or manga.


Wayhaven Chronicles
Evertree Saga
Tally Ho!
Heart of the House
Dragon Racer…if they had a budget for cool effects :heart:


Tbh, if I discovered that I probably wouldn’t see the adaptation because I can’t help but feel a little disappointed imagining a serie/film with a canon MC. I mean, part of the magic of COG and HG to me is the possibility of you create your own character – uhh, imagine if my RO wasn’t the chosen one, I can already feel the pain.

Maybe I’m just a little traumatized with the film adaptations I’ve seen so far… However, I would love to see cogs and hg adapted as a videogames or virtual reality – in this case, the player would still have the freedom to choose and we would have beautiful animations to make the immersion even easier.


Film: Evertree Inn series

TV series: Fallen Hero



Film: A Study in Steampunk, Empyrean, Choice of the Deathless.

TV Show: Dragoon Saga, Weyrwood, Community College Hero.


Pay High has the most sitcom potential imo. Love at Elevation would be a great movie a la Love Simon.


Gross to Fallen Hero being a HBO tv show…