Where should we ask for testers?

(Sorry typing this on a phone lol)
Hello, as the title says I’m wondering where I would put out the call for some testers. (I’m going to make two of my games open testing very very soon but since I don’t think I’m a very good writer I want to get some starting opinions/criticism before I make it open to everyone. :frowning: so I don’t make a fool of myself lol :sweat_smile:)
So do I post it in the WIP game topic I already have posted or somewhere else?

Thanks ahead of time to both the answers and the people who point out if I missed a topic like this already out there lol :slight_smile:

  • sincerely Spytim

Post it in your pre-existing game topic. If you can edit the title of the game topic to indicate that you’re looking for testers. (If you can’t change the title you can ask someone else to.)

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Oh ok, thank you. :slight_smile:

If you just ask in your topic for someone to change your thread title, and what you want it changed to, any user member with the regular status can do so.

If you need the first post edited, then you can ask a mod and we’ll do that. (Or can set it to wiki format which means you can edit it yourself.)