Where is Murder in Berlin?

I wanna play that game just for curiosity, and buy the full version (if thats the model it used) if i can have fun with it. Where can I download it anyway? Its not in the playstore or the appstore.

It seems to have been deleted from the COG website and any of the other platforms (maybe due to political reasons? I don’t know).
If you go to the website you see it says it’s no longer available

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Yeah i can see that. Thanks by the way.

What was it about that got it deleted?

It was about solving a murder case and it was set in 1932 Berlin during the rise of the Nazis.
Probably got deleted because of the Nazi part I guess

Either the CoG staff is incredibly impulsive or extremely short-sighted. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the former.

If they viewed it as problematic due to political reasons or whatever, why did they put it up in the first place? It’s not as if the publishing procedure is an instant one-click-and-go, especially for HG

@AlexClifford1994 can answer your question.

Unfortunately we had to remove the game, and the reasons are a private matter between us and the author. As I know this is just going to turn into speculation on something we will not be discussing, I’m going to close this discussion. (Obviously if the author decides to discuss it, I’ll open it up then, but otherwise this conversation is closed.)