Where is a good place to post my writing to get feedback?


So I’ve been doing some world building for a story I’m writing is their any place that would be good to post my writing to get feed back and maybe a fan base if it’s well written?


Excuse me? I’m not a troll.


…hence why I deleted the comment in the first place.

Besides, you’re asking for a place to review stories in a forum all about stories. What did you expect?


there’s a section of the forum titled :works in progress.


I’m not writing a CoG it’s a traditional book that’s why I was asking.


oh, i’ve seen someone else post a non-interactive novel before in the off topic section. had a good deal of feedback iirc.


Well a friend of mine sent me a few sites that I could post my stuff on thankfully. If anyone is curious as to what I’m writing I had a game on here called black magic ( link may still work idk) but if anyone recalls it is based off of that.


Hey if you would like to check out or support my work here’s a link.