Where are the werewolf wip's?


Haven’t seen one in forever, kinda saddening, they were amazing


Can’t really think of anything right now, but there’s actually a list of most ‘recent’ WiP’s on Choice of box, so maybe there’s something like that to be found over there. Not sure though. Anyway, here’s the link http://www.choiceofbox.com/cog-directory-3/wips/

Maybe Beasts Within by BlazedStorm is somewhat of your liking. Or For Peace We Die by TwoSharp. That one actually allows you to play as a werewolf or some other supernatural creatures.


Monster High also allows you to play as a werewolf. It should be easy to find since it’s updated/discussed pretty frequently.This one and For Peace We Die that @Cecilia_Rosewood mentioned are both really great, btw.


Beast Within was abandoned unfortunately…


I suggest Monster High, you can be a werewolf as well as other monsters


@Dark_Stalker i feel you, was great


I do plan to make a werewolf one…but…I have MANY ideas so it might be a while till I get to making it :confused:


lol take your time @RockStarPenguin