Where are people from?


ok, I was just wondering where are people from, So far I’ve worked out the majority of the community are from the U.S.A but I myself am from the united kingdom so I was just wondering where are you from? .


Houston, Texas.


Perth, Australia


Phoenix, Arizona and
Ferndale, Michigan


2 places at the same time!!! Is that possible?


Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus :wink:



Wolverhampton, England


Live in London, England;
born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA;
raised in Galyang Bhanjyang, Nepal.




XD of course it is! I was born and lived in Michigan for 18 years. And last year I recently moved to Arizona. Next year I might be in California xD

Yes women are from Venus but sshhh you men aren’t supposed to know :wink:



We’re already here you just don’t see us till its too late :wink:


Why are there M16 agents in my front yard?Oh no! *gunshot*


Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. If that were the case, reproduction would not be possible at all. Space opera aren’t biology lessons.

Singapore. That’s in Southeast Asia.


I remember on our honeymoon, my wife and I went to China. Best food ever!


But I Live in NC and I’m In Japan Right now on Vacay


The Big Apple. I need to go there sometime. Are the muggings and pickpocketings overrated or does it really happen all the time?


Worthing, UK


Overrated, though I’m not sure, it’s been a while since I’ve been there for a decent amount of time


@revanrulesrussia: way overrated. It’s mostly a lingering 1980s stereotype. Head there when you can, you’ll have a blast.


Gotcha. Next anneverserry: the Big Apple.