When Twilight Strikes [updated 23/04/2021]

ohh i see now. i don’t see a point in jealousy when you’re flirting with just one ro but i understand why it works in a love triangle or with multiple ros.


WEEKLY UPDATE — May 09, 2021.

What I Did.

Hhave several mental breakdowns. Ahem. Jokes aside, I had a pretty bad week and was able to get through a lot less writing than I had hoped, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything at all.

For starters, I finished writing the scene with Rylan from the beginning of the chapter (woo!) and got to work on the scene that comes after. Unfortunately for me, there are still branches in this scene that made me unmotivated to work, but as of this morning, most of those have been written aside from a tiny portion. That means I’ll be reaching a merge point soon which is sooo much better than the little variables that drive me insane.

Random note but even though this chapter hasn’t been the most action-packed so far since its main function is to move the plot forward, I read some of Rylan’s lines this morning and found myself unconsciously smiling so I know it won’t be dull at least. Look forward to those.

I also started writing some short stories for a future Patreon this week and last. I finished one for A (which i feel so evil for holding back because holy shit, this would make some of you combust) and another one for N (which is so god damn sad, why am I like this). I’m not sure if I’m going to stop posting short stories on Tumblr completely, but the romantic/crushing ones (which is what I wrote) are likely going to be behind a paywall, sorry!

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish the second scene in chapter four
  • Begin the third scene (?)


  • 95,700 words (+ 5.6k)

That’s everything for this week! Unrelated to the game but to anyone who doesn’t have mothers or have mothers they don’t want to be with/dislike/are estranged from, just know I’m with you today <3


WEEKLY UPDATE — May 16, 2021.

What I Did.

Bit of a short update this week because I have a headache from getting my vaccine but it’s not very exciting to begin with lol.

First I finished the second scene of the chapter as I wished to last week! It drained the life out of me but it’s over now and that’s what I’m focused on. The editing… well, that will come at another tim

I’m currently working on a scene where the hunter is all on their own, which is extremely different from what I’ve done so far. It’s not very long and the ros will come in eventually but for a short span of time, there’s no banter or conversation. I haven’t gotten far so I’ll see how difficult I’ll find this but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish the solo scene
  • Begin writing scene four


  • 100,100 words (+ 5.4k)

Finally made it to one hundred thousand woo!

Anyway, that’s all I have for you this week! Take care <3


I finally got to play the latest update - took me a lot of time because I had a ton of things to do and WIPs that I had to play before, but oh well :sweat_smile:

I like what new content there was, and the new flirt option that was selectable if training with Blane. Much more fitting for my MC!

I don't have really constructive feedback, but I'm wondering if there isn't a code error, or at least something that left me confused:

I’m actually unsure if this is wrong or not, but in the Media Room, when MC is reflecting on Blane being an introvert, the option that says “I can relate” has a stat effect “set confident %+6”, and I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be “-%6”, though as I said, I’m not even sure about that since being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean one is less confident or more cautious. But then again, it doesn’t make one less cautious or more confident either :thinking:
And I can’t see the MC being certain of being an introvert as a sign of confidence, since the two other options would then have the same effect on account of them being sure of something else (and none does anything), so I’m at a loss. :thinking:

I think that’s it, really!


oof yeah, definitely a coding mistake. i’ve updated it now and just took the entire percentage out because you have a point. i should probably add an introvert vs extrovert stat in the future but alas…

thanks for playing anyway! i’m glad you liked it <3


WEEKLY UPDATE — May 23, 2021.

What I Did.

I was actually super productive this week! I had a burst of motivation after being dead for two weeks and would have kept going if I hadn’t had to go to work five days in a row…

Regardless, I’m speeding through the chapter and recently just finished up that solo scene with the hunter. I actually managed to fit a choice in that asks why you signed up for IAOS and have what I think is a decent amount of options for that, so it’s great.

The other ros are now back in the portion I’m writing and there haven’t been this many in a room before all speaking at the same time, so it’s a lot of fun. It’s mainly just A and Blane bickering but I love writing those fights. It may be some of my favourite dialogue in this chapter actually.

Soon all of the ros will be in the same room as each other and the idea of that is exciting on its own. Those are the next two scenes I’m writing and the chapter will be done! I might be able to upload it before the “late June” deadline but I won’t give any promises. I’d rather deliver early than later which is why I have that date to begin with, but we’ll see.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish writing chapter four (!!)


  • 105,500 words (+ 5.4k)

Thanks for reading everyone! I’ll keep you all posted on the chapter release but it’s for sure coming in June <3


Congrats for hitting over the 100k word mark! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Impressive length

Anyhoo, congrats on overcoming the writer’s block, I know how devastating and annoying it is :joy: I just woke up, so I haven’t the time to read the update yet. I’ll make sure to provide feedback once I get to it!



Ok, so I’m playing through, and I found some things that I think are mistakes, so I’m just going to point them out here if that’s ok : )

when you decide to pass your time filing cases an meet your partner, the MC doesn’t say the name, there’s just a question mark

I hesitate. “?

At the sound of his name, my partner startles and looks up, face breaking into a wide grin. “Back at it again, are you?”

Then, in the training room, the first choice omits the name of the character that’s grinning at the MC

I glance up to see…

… grinning at me.
… Blane scowling at me.
… Nikolas smiling at me.

And last but not least, in the training toom still, I feel like tere’s another name missing, cause it says “of’s pole”

I go down hard, the impact of my defeat so present that I swear my healed bruise suddenly begins to ache again. In the midst of my pain, I feel the tip of ’s pole touching my chest to ensure his victory.

I might have missed some, maybe there has been a problem with the name’s code, I thought I’d let you know! : D
Love this WIP!
Good luck!


I didn’t have any of these when playing :thinking:
Did you start the game a while ago and used the old saves now? I know the author changed A’s name (the male version, at least), so maybe the game freaks out because of that?


It happened to me i think u should start with new files :+1:


uh, :thinking:
Idk man, I’ll try replaying it from the start, it could be! I never came across something like this! I’ll let you know as soon as possible, I did use an old save file so it’s definitely possible!

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oh ok! sorry then! my bad :sweat_smile:

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thank you!!

ahh i’m glad you liked the update! thank you for the kind words <3 (and writer’s block can be a real pain in the ass lol)

yeah i had others say they had this problem and it’s just the save files. i broke some when doing some fixes here and there so i recommend starting over. sorry!


WEEKLY UPDATE — May 30, 2021.

What I Did.

Ifinished chapter four!! or at least, the rough writing part of it. I was honestly expecting to have this done on Tuesday but I ended up writing much more for the ending scene than I anticipated, but I like how it turned out anyhow.

It’s been a little more of a challenge as I’ve had scenes where all five ros are in it so I have to figure out who gets to speak and make sure that there isn’t one character who’s silent for the entire exchange, but it’s still fun. A and Blane in a room together is constant bickering and it’s been a great mental break to write those scenes.

I’ve also gone and made some changes to the demo, some minor and some major. I’m waiting to update chapter four to implement them, but I’ve switched out some stats and added in some hidden ones to keep track of little things. This way you can get more personalized dialogue and it’ll grant opportunities for specialized scenes in the future.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Do two rounds of edits for chapter four
  • Begin coding chapter four
  • Prepare to send the demo to beta testers
  • Continue fixing stats in old demo


  • 113,300 words (+ 7.8k)

I’m super excited for everyone to play this and hopefully next week we’ll be one step closer to having that happen. Thanks for reading <3


i just finished the first chapter from the demo and i must say you’re doing such a great job! congrats on everything, it all looks so pleasant :sob::yellow_heart:

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ahh thank you so much!! i hope you enjoy the rest of the demo as well <3


WEEKLY UPDATE — June 06, 2021.

What I Did.

I’m laughing at my last week self because I really thought I could get that much work done. I mean, I did do things, but I had a lot of shifts at my job that took away a good chunk of my time.

For the most part, I spent this week editing. I’m currently on the second round edits of the second half of chapter four which I will hopefully finish soon, so then i can move onto coding. as much as I like this story, editing is my least favourite part of it. reading your own writing again is so strange and I dislike how picky I become when I change my sentences.

I’m honestly a little unsure with the layout of the chapter but hopefully, that’s something my beta testers can smooth over. It’s a bit jumpy since there are several location changes, but in my opinion, all of them are necessary. They’re not really new locations per se, but depending on your choices you’ll be able to visit A’s apartment and K’s penthouse building (though this one is default).

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish second round editing
  • Finish coding chapter four
  • Make minor changes to current demo
  • Send the game to beta testers


  • 115,900 words (+ 2.6k)

That’s all i have this week! I’ll be making an official announcement for the chapter release when it’s finalized, but for now, I’m hosting a character q&a for A on June 8th in honour of their birthday, so be sure to send in your questions! See you all soon <3


Hi! I read the demo last night and just had to stop by and say it was soooo good! The writing and world-building are both very captivating and show so much promise. The set of ROs here are probably the best of all the recent WIPs I’ve been reading. Also, I really appreciate the detailed organization of tags on your Tumblr lmao. It made binge-browsing much easier :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I’m super excited for the next update !


ahh thank you!! this is such a wonderful compliment to receive.

ha i’m glad someone appreciates it. it took a while to compile <3