When Twilight Strikes [updated 23/04/2021]

Oh that’s the thing lol, never have I once chosen to antagonise them back. I’ve always de-esclatated situations and chose the calmest answers (I love that those choices exist btw). I chose the Blane option in the training scene to see if I can figure out their motivation and understand them a bit better. Never expected them to be immaturely antagonistic to That extent, or be forced into an unfair fight while tired and injured.

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hmm well, an explanation will come later and it’ll be up to you to decide whether you can accept what they’ve done. if you’re looking for more depth to their character, the media room scene might be more to your liking.

btw, there is a choice in the training scene that showcases that Blane doesn’t know that you’re still injured (the tired part is quite obvious i think), but maybe i should put that on the common route so that it’s more clear.


I didn’t play the update yet, but I prefer to ask beforehand. Is the media room scene an alternative to the training scene, or can you do both?
I don’t mind the training scene, but if it is one or the other, I’ll probably check out both and select the one I like the most.

you can do both! also a reminder that i did add a new scene in chapter two with K if you want to play that as well.

i did have some people’s saves break or have weird bugs because of the update though so if anything is wrong, just restart from the beginning lol.


Cool! And yeah, I’ll check out the K scene too!

I do that anyway because I love replaying WIPs again and again and again and… yeah, you get it!

Anyway, thanks!


Now I’ll have to play for this, wanted to wait for a while before getting into the updated content.

It’s not that much of a big deal, when a story is interesting ya can replay multiple times.


WEEKLY UPDATE — May 02, 2021.

What I Did.

Too much. and by that I mean there’s going to be a dozen variations in this chapter and I’m worried for future me who has to code it all.

I’m loving it though. writing Rylan again is like a breath of fresh air. They’re similar to A in terms of their sarcasm but it’s definitely more cocky and on the teasing side. it’s also been a lot of fun foreshadowing parts of their backstory with the accused murder.

For chapter four, I currently have two big branches with this scene. Either you can choose to talk to Rylan (for various reasons) or simply just kick them out of your apartment. To me, I think it’s nice to have an option to let them stay or not since it doesn’t force things on you.

This week was also a breakthrough as I wrote my first ro pov scene!! I’ve been meaning to put it somewhere and I guess chapter four is it. The scenes aren’t romantic at the moment but it introduces the concept so I can do it in the future.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish the opening scene for chapter four (no I didn’t finish it this week, I blame the variations)
  • Start writing the second scene for chapter four


  • 90,100 words (+ 8.2k)

That’s all I have this week! I know it’s a long way to go but I’m super excited for everyone to read this. It’s going to be so fun <3


found this wip yesterday and loved it! super interesting to play from a bounty hunter’s perspective, and being able to vary how we feel about supernaturals in general. N is a total sweetheart so far, so i’ll likely romance them in the future, but A is definitely #1 in terms of my RO choice. i think you’ve done a really great job in making me feel as if A and the MC have known each other a long time and have that shared history together (which isn’t always executed super well). i’ll probably do another playthrough soon and look at everything from a more technical/critical eye for sake of specific feedback, but i’m really enjoying this so far.


aw thank you for the kind words! i’m super excited that people like that bit of customization with your hunter’s opinion on supernaturals. it’s also so nice of you to say that you already feel comfortable with A. it’s definitely hard to nail but it makes me feel a lot more confident with my writing.

and i’d love to hear your technical feedback if you want to provide it in the future! i’m always up for improving my work <3


So I’m playing the demo on Dashingdon, but I kinda… dun goof’d…

I’m a chronic “saver” in all games, so I hit save often, especially after I make important decisions.

However, I guess I hit save while looking at my my Hunter stats and… that’s where it loads up. But it doesn’t register as it being a Stats page. I can tap Show Stats and it will show the main Personal stats, but tapping Return to Game takes me back to the Hunter stats page I hit save at. :cold_sweat:

So, I guess this is more of a Dashingdon issue… I’m beginning to think I’ll just have to start over if I ever want to progress.

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it is indeed a dashingdon issue. this typically happens if you save too fast after exiting the stat screen, and unfortunately, you can’t recover these saves :grimacing:
my advice to you is to save before visiting the stat screen :sweat_smile:


that happens whenever you save right after going to the stats page; you gotta restart :sweat_smile:


Oof, lesson learned.

I ended up restarting, yeah. At least it wasn’t thaaat far in, so getting back up to speed was easy 'nuff.

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This is great


Okay! Now that I’ve finished reading what’s available in the demo so far without me breaking anything, I can share my thoughts!

First thing’s first, I’m hooked! I’m excited to have the opportunity to read each chapter as soon as they’re released. :relaxed:

One thing thing that stuck out to me right away would be when you choose an option then have to reread it word for word at the top of the next page. Now that I’m going back through it, it seems most of it occurs when you’re choosing what to say… which does make sense, I guess. But there a couple times that isn’t the case, and it felt kind of repetitive.

For Example:

Stepping up the stairs, I push past the revolving glass doors and head inside, entering the lobby.

• As always, I’m early. (The option I chose)

-Next page-

As always, I’m early. Though there is a fair amount of people already roaming the building, by the time I arrive, the sun is just barely creeping up in the distance, nightfall still taking its time to recede.

I suppose it’s not that bad to have it written this way, but it just struck me as repetitive, and it took me a bit to get used to.

As for the RO’s, I am head over heels for Rylan. :heart_eyes: I was expecting the choices having some sort of influence on the MC’s and Rylan’s relationship, but I suppose we’ll be getting plenty of opportunity for that in Chapter 4. It’s just that I noticed almost all the other RO’s have had a couple opportunities to influence their relationship, each. I’m just so ready to dance the dance that is flirting dangerously with the half-vampress, aaaaAAAAAA (∩˃0˂∩)

You know, I didn’t expect to like N as much as I did. But visiting the lab really gave his character more, well, CHARACTER. Even MC was shocked then able to appreciate seeing N in their natural comfort space. And like the MC, I’m very curious about N’s relationship with Blaine. It’s peculiar, indeed.

Something I absolutely had to try was flirting with every possible RO I came across. So far, I haven’t seen any real impact of flirting with RO’s in front of each other. The closest I’ve noticed is a bit of commentary, but no hard feelings or jealously. I can imagine that will change heavily as the story progresses, as we will most likely have to choose which RO to stick with for the rest of the game. Although, I would be excited if there could be possible poly relationships down the road. I’m looking at you, N & B :eyes:

So yeah! Great work with everything so far! I’m excited to experience more of the story as it comes out!

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personally, i find that this helps with the flow of the story. i get a little lost if i don’t have what i chose written again on the second page, but obviously that’s not for everyone. i know that twc is written this way as well and that was the first cog that i read, so i guess i got used to it.

yeah, Rylan and K are harder to give time to right now since they don’t work at IAOS with you. chapter four will have a longer scene with Rylan and the one with K will come shortly after.

i’d be uncomfortable if there was jealousy honestly. that implies that all the ros are somewhat attracted to you even if you don’t choose their route, which is weird.

as for polys, i’ve had a couple of people suggest Blane and N but i don’t see it happening as i don’t ship them romantically myself. however, i am considering a love triangle between A and Blane but am unsure if i’m going through with it yet.

but thank you for the sweet comment! i’m glad you enjoyed <3


Yeah okay, that’s valid for sure. I guess I got caught up in comparing it with all the other IF stories that do that sort of thing; it’s basically become the norm at this point.

But I really do value writing the story in a way that makes you, the writer, most comfortable.


The LT Route could be very interesting. Btw, congrats! You made all of your characters so likeable that i really cant choose (usually i have no trouble deciding my fav RO but not here, i’m sooo between A, B and R


is it? i must not read enough ifs because i don’t think i’ve noticed that. interesting.

haha thank you! that’s such a great compliment to hear. i do hope you do all of them at some point but obviously the hard part is picking who lol.


It is common if the MC selected flirt options for both involved ROs, so basically a love triangle.
As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t see it much without actively flirting with more than one character, and I consider myself as someone who plays a lot, so I dunno, maybe I simply didn’t play the same games the other player did.

With that being said, it IS a preference of mine to actually have at least one RO that is in love with MC even if MC didn’t flirt with them at all, so I wouldn’t see unprompted jealousy as weird, and I’d actually enjoy it. Samurai of Hyuga does things like that, and I love it. But I can perfectly understand how it is not to everyone’s tastes.