When Twilight Strikes [updated 23/04/2021]

there is a link leading to a tumblr post with more information about the ROs under the “romance options” tab in the intro post already :slight_smile:
i’d also like to add this:

which is also in the intro post under the “questions” tab.

i don’t mean to sound petty or stir up drama but asking for a “warning” about a character’s sexuality, or lack thereof, is really not a good way to word such a request


it’s written on the second page of the demo when it asks you to choose the genders for the ros and, as someone else said, it’s also in the ro infocards.

but honestly, i’m not sure why having a note to say that Blane is asexual is so important to you that it needs to be stated in more than two places. there’s no reason to be “sad.” their route is no different with or without a nsfw scene.

i have to second this. not sure if the wording was intentional but as an ace author, please be careful with what you say.


May I ask where Blane would be placed in the Ace spectrum? As I understood some Kissing and cuddling would be ok? Just No Sex related scenes. So more warm and fluffy bonding and connecting scenes? Which would be cool. I hope the question was ok, No need to answer If anything sounded wrong, which was not my Intention.


they’re on the far end of the spectrum (asexual) and are sex-repulsed. kissing and cuddling is absolutely okay. i can refer you to here if you have anymore questions about their limits with touch and physical intimacy. and don’t worry, your reply sounded perfectly fine to me!


I’m pretty well up there on the ace spectrum myself, and I agree that your question isn’t offensive. You were coming from a place of genuine curiosity, with the compassion to listen sincerely. That’s never offensive in my book. :slightly_smiling_face:


quick announcement!!

i’m opening applications for beta testers! apply here or in the link in the original post above if you want to help edit and test When Twilight Strikes (and by apply i mean fill out the simplest of forms). bonus incentive is that you gain early access to the game.

while you don’t need to be a writer/editor to be accepted, you must have/be willing to get discord to be a tester. i’m looking to pick about eight to ten people. also, some of the questions might seem a little personal and i apologize in advance, but it’s only to make sure that i have a diverse group of testers.

the form closes in exactly a week from now (april 16th) around 7pm EST. thank you to anyone who applies!! <3


WEEKLY UPDATE — April 11, 2021.

What I Did.

I managed to finish Sebastian’s announcement scene, which was so much longer than I anticipated it being, but with that done, the entirety of the next update is written out! the scene is a lot denser than I want it to be but I broke a lot of it up with choices so hopefully it comes out okay.

I was planning on writing the beginning of chapter four for the next update as well but seeing as I’m already at 18-19k words in new content, I think that’s fine. plus the cliffhanger will keep you all on your toes.

I’m currently working on editing the files scene for A , and I’ve already finished Blane’s media room and N’s laboratory scene. they’re going a lot faster than when I was editing for initial upload so that’s great!

I usually do two rounds of edits before I start to code so I’m hoping to get through both this coming week.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish two rounds of edits on the new update
  • Begin coding the end of chapter three
  • Pick out beta testers
  • Get the general discord up and running


  • 72.1k words (+ 4.8k)

That’s all I have this week!

Reminder to apply to be a beta tester (link in the post above or main post) if you wish to help test my game. Special thank you to everyone who’s already applied! I have some eyes on people but I’m missing some gaps in representation. So if you identify as Middle Eastern (specifically Assyrian and Persian) or Latinx (specifically Colombian) you’ll likely get the role.

I’m also making a discord for anyone who wishes to talk about the game with other people. I’ll be up and running later this week.

Lastly, I’m keeping a tentative update day for April 23-24 but I’ll have to see if I can edit and code fast enough. I’ll confirm the date soon.

See you all next time <3


Good luck with finding the rest of the beta-testers!
I don’t really fit any of your sought after representation targets, aside from the ace one, but considering I’m very peculiar about romance too I wouldn’t be useful at all! :rofl:
I do have one question out of curiosity though - do the beta-testers actually HAVE to try multiple romances and MC personalities, or can they do their “canon playthrough” thoroughly (and maybe check the code a bit), but that’s it? I find it to be an interesting point considering some people would be like me and have difficulties creating more than one MC and doing more than one romance.

Also, a question actually relevant to me!
How many chapters will you put in the public demo? Or maybe it’ll be the entire thing but after the beta-testers got it? Or something else?

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i’m choosing more than one person for that reason alone. so people can do their “canon” route as you say and if they have knowledge of coding, i’d love to have them check it over. a lot of people who have applied have said that they want to eventually romance all the ros and don’t mind randomizing genders so i won’t have a problem with it haha.

i know the exact point in plot i want to stop but i’m not sure which chapter it is yet considering i’ve already changed and added so much. i have it at chapter seven or eight to stop right now. the beta testers will get the entire thing, patreon members (not yet up) will get an additional one to two chapters after the public demo ends.

i hope this satiates your curiosity haha <3


I enjoy the demo, keep it up ^^

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Can we edit our responses to the beta testing application.

No, you can make a new one though.

thank you!! <3

unfortunately not since i didn’t make it mandatory to put your email to fill the form out, but like @Empress_Nightmare said, you can make a new one and i’ll delete the old.

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Cool.I just finished all RO routes available and i had marked only A in the google form. So i wanted to update this .:+1::+1:Please delete my older application.


Demo Update.

Just a quick announcement that an update of the demo will be released April 23rd (or the 24th depending on how slow I am)! It features the rest of chapter three and may or may not leave you on a cliffhanger…

Also, if anyone is interested, I’ll be releasing sneak peeks to count down on to the date on my Tumblr. Those start on Monday <3


It’s only because I really love their dynamics and was expecting some interesting nsfw scenes.
I didn’t see it on the second page of the demo so I was really surprised when reading it. I usually read carefully the description of the characters on the first page on the forum.
I’m not that fan of tumblr so if I missed the second page of the demo obviously it was a surprise.

WEEKLY UPDATE — April 18, 2021.

What I Did.

Listen, this week was supposed to be easy. It was only editing, adding in choices and sending the game off to beta testers. But what happened? I decided to add a last-minute scene in chapter two at two am. And now I’m scrambling trying to write that while also keeping my original update day.

I’m currently halfway done writing it and hope to get it done tonight. Editing and coding will happen tomorrow and then I’ll finally send the game out to testers for bugs and feedback. If i can stick with this plan I’ll be so happy. But i have an exam tomorrow and I’m also moving out of residence and need to pack, so we’ll see.

Regardless, I think a lot of people will like the scene. It’s not a throwaway and is actually important to plot. I’ll be revealing what it is tomorrow on my Tumblr.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Finish writing the new scene
  • Edit and code the new scene
  • Send the game out to beta testers and tweak the game according to feedback
  • Update the demo
  • Take a god damn nap


  • 76.0k words (+ 2.9k)

^ All of which was written in two days btw. Who am I?

That’s all for this week! If anyone is interested, sneak peeks begin tomorrow on my Tumblr and through Thursday (possibly Friday if I don’t update on that day).

Thanks for reading <3


Congrats on the progress! Good luck with the exam and moving out/packing up too.


thank you so much!!


UPDATE APRIL 23, 2021.

What’s New.

  • Meet K at the infirmary during an added scene in chapter two
  • File some papers with A, scroll through the IAOS database with Blane or rave over traps with N
  • Listen to Sebastian’s announcement
  • A cliffhanger?
  • And the rest of chapter three

(Grammar fixes were also updated for the prologue to chapter three).

NOTE: While you can technically start playing with a save from the beginning of chapter two, I recommend eventually creating saves from the beginning of the game to reset wonky stats and trigger vital pieces of coding for the future.


  • Total: 79,700 (+ 26,300)
  • Total with Code: 87,000 (+ 28,100)
  • Average Playthrough: 25,600 (+ 6300)

Next Update.

  • Have a much needed conversation (or not)
  • Do some sleuthing
  • Gather the gang
  • And the entirety of chapter four!

(Tentatively scheduled for late June.)

As always, please let me know what you think either on my Tumblr or in the replies below. If there are any bugs or grammar mistakes, feel free to tell me as well. I hope everyone enjoys!