When Twilight Strikes [updated 23/04/2021]

I haven’t finished the demo yet but can I just say, I am loving it. It’s seriously just… :star_struck:. Keep up the good work.

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I loved Blane’s character even before that short story. But lol like a weirdo I am that short story made me like N even more.

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Well call me interested indeed, hope to see more soon!

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I mean, in my case you’ve just strenghtened the opinion I already had :rofl:

Also, I wanted to mention that in relation to the detailed RO descriptions linked in the original post (since I had read these before playing too).

You said that romancing Blane would be more enjoyable for MC’s that are also ace, and mine isn’t - I suppose he’d be demisexual, if the choice to specify is offered - but I actually think it adds to the romance? I think having a MC who’s NOT ace and yet still determined to make it work would be an additionnal proof of how truly dedicated and in love he is, if that makes sense? Not saying that to make it seem like ace MCs are “less” - it’s not a sign of bigger love, but an additional proof of how strong the love is.


WoW, that’s a great quote.

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This makes me love N more :heart_eyes:

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thank you so much!! <3

i actually had a lot of people say that they loved N more after it so you’re not alone! it’s the friendship bond that got everyone interested.

that’s so nice of you to say, thank you!!

and you’re not alone!! i’m so glad N is becoming more popular, i really love them.

i actually really dislike my wording when it comes to Blane’s asexuality and that’s my bad. i don’t mean it to sound like it’s more enjoyable or easy for an ace mc to romance Blane—regardless of your mc’s sexuality it will be equally easy to romance them. the only thing it means in terms of the game is that there will be no sex scene. and the only complicated thing concerning this would be headcanons but that’s really up to each person individually.

but i definitely get what you mean. i’m asexual myself but i understand how someone who would want sex in a relationship would need to reconsider their position and have a conversation with their partner (and themself for that matter) to see if this is something they can continue through with. it’s a hurdle to say the least but if it’s something that can be passed, it really is something special.


I mean… a lot of games don’t have these to begin with? :rofl:
I don’t think that’ll take away anything from that romance compared to the other ones as it is part of who the character is. Not to mention, I’m sure you’ll be able to write a scene that will be just as emotional in the stead of the sex scene/s from other romances. :woman_shrugging:

What do you mean, the headcanons would be the complicated thing? :thinking:
Haha, sorry, not following here!

Yeah, for sure. I can’t testify of that IRL considering I’m ace too AND can’t even have romantic feelings for real people, but I still can have opinions and tastes about that in fiction!

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it definitely won’t! no need to worry about that.

a lot of people on tumblr were asking me questions about how a relationship between an allosexual mc (or a mc who wants sex really) and Blane would work. they would ask me scenarios such as how the mc would satisfy themself, despite me explaining that none of this would be in game. so when i mean headcanons i’m referring to these make-belief scenarios in people’s heads.

they’re perfectly fine, but it might make things a little more complicated, that’s all.


Aah, I see…
Well, that’s a bit strange considering… I mean… They should be able to figure it themselves?
Like, they’ll get to know Blane when playing AND they know their own MCs, so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine a scenario that would make sense, right?
Sure, a talk about Blane’s asexuality itself is something that has to happen between them and the MC, but it doesn’t mean all the details need to be in the game itself.
It’s similar to how sex scenes are often fade-to-black - you don’t NEED all the details. You CAN have them, sure, but the story is just as good without.
Well, at least that’s my take on it?

Though I guess I DO understand people being curious. It’s just that well… it’s something one can imagine if they really want to.

With that being said, at least it won’t be all that complicated for my MC with him being demisexual :woman_shrugging:

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absolutely agree with everything you said. as much as i understand the curiosity there’s no need for the discussion since it’s not going to be written down anyway. and if you’re confused about asexuality, just research it! you’ve put it wonderfully.

this is pretty much the reason why i’ve banned questions asking about asexuality on my tumblr and it’s been peace ever since haha.


If readers need to know that much they can Google it and discussing this too much in game might become too much of a info dump imo.

And I love that each character is different in their own way, especially Blane.


i agree. definitely not planning on becoming some sort of asexual encyclopedia for people—and especially not in game.


That’s a weird thing xD you’ve already explained this, as I remember, right at the beginning of the game. So it was a simple choice not to romance them.
Btw thanks for telling in advance.


you’re very welcome! i actually had someone on tumblr suggest it to me and i thought it was a great idea.


WEEKLY UPDATE — April 06, 2021.

What I Did.

In comparison to last week, it really looks like I cut down on my work lol. I had a really tough time writing A’s filing scene (which is now thankfully finished!!) since it’s my sixth scene for this ‘waiting montage.’ Having written so many, they’ve become very formulaic, making them both tedious and draining to write.

That being said, I am really happy with what was written—the end result of it is very cute. I especially love the ending scene before you’re either taken back to choose another person or are forced to go watch Sebastian’s announcement. I think a lot of A romancers will like it too.

Speaking of Sebastian, I did start writing his announcement scene. It’s a lot more flexible to write than the montage so I’m hoping to pick up writing speed with those out of the way.

But because I was procrastinating writing so much, I ended up writing a K short story! I know you haven’t met them yet so for anyone who’s intrigued on the type of character they are, the short story can be found in the “Extras” header in my main post above. It also features our favourite half-vampire Rylan, who I adore.

Goals For Next Week.

  • Write Sebastian’s announcement scene
  • Finish chapter three (?)


  • 67.3k (+ 4.5k words)

With that out of the way, happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!! I, unfortunately, didn’t get any chocolate bunnies myself today but I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday (if you have it).

I have my final exams this week so I don’t think I’ll get much writing done this week, so my next update might be a little short depending on how much I procrastinate studying.

Thanks for reading <3


i’m still a bit confused :sweat_smile:, but will this game not have ANY “sexual” scenes, or will there be “fade-to-black” scenes?

i haven’t yet decided how explicit they’ll be. scenes like these will only be in book three (the final book), so there’s still a long way to go. there will be no sexual scenes for Blane, but opportunities will be available for the other four ros.


why is that? You may have written something I may have missed, but are they…ace?

Yeap I just saw it on the tumblr.

I’m sad.

I think it should be said in the description of the characters on the first page. At least we would be warned.