When trying to input names for relatives

So, I ran into a little bit of an issue, with that being that, currently, I have all my MC’s variables set up, including name, surname and fullname, but I’m not quite sure how to set up, in this case, the MC’s family.
Currently, I have:

*create mc_surname ""
*create k_surname ""
  *set mc_surname "stone"
  *set k_surname "${mc_surname}"

Basickly what I’m trying to do is make it so when you select the surname of the MC, it will also input that variable, stone, wood, what ever, into the surname of k_. Also, I would preferably want to do it all in one go, instead of having to put something like:

*set mc_surname "x"
*set k_surname "x"

in every single choice.
With all in mind, does anyone have any tips on how I might go about that?

*set k_surname mc_surname
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How would that translate to setting fullnames? As it didn’t seem to like

*set k_fullname k_name k_surname

Putting it in quotes just outputted to k_name k_surname.

You will need to use the tool of concatenation for that.

I believe that would be

*set k_fullname (k_name&" ")&k_surname

in your case, but check the concatenation article for options.


It worked. Now I’m just curious about what affect the

"&  ")&

has on it.
I assume that the 2 &s are to link them together, but what about the quotes and the )?
Also, thanks for the help with this.

It has to do with creating the space between first and last name. Otherwise they would be squashed together with no space.

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