When Slaves Rise (debating title)


I very recently started a story centered around corrupted politics at court, sibling rivalry, fighting, and, perhaps the most entertaining of all, death. As in, people are killing each other for success.

Anyway, you play as a slave in the first scene (your actions decide if this continues). You’re the only child of the late king of the city-state of Jaragesh. When the King of Tarnae invaded (ten years ago) your family was killed and you were enslaved. Though, ideally, you should have been the king’s slave, you were sold to a merchant who was willing to pay a very good price.

The story starts off with you collapsing and coming near to being beaten to death, but for you hear someone cry out to help you. The king, with his wife and eldest son. He (or maybe someone else *wink wink*) takes you back to his castles, and as if your life as a slave was not bad enough, you now face something much worse-Tarnaei politics.

Thrusts into court beside your new master, you must play a dancing game, whether it be with steel or words. You won’t succeed all the time, you will face challenge, and those around you will fall. The Jarageshi had a saying. “When a man goes into a pit of snakes, he must be ready to grow eyes behind his head.” Well? Are you ready?

Did that sound interesting to you, or boring? Too gruesome…wait, let me give you a list of things I’m considering having in the game. Ahem…

Sex, murder, corruption, incest, fratricide, rape, mutilation, torture…a think that sums it up.

So, too gruesome? Not interesting? Overdone idea? What are your thoughts?

Oh, and this is stats screen (so far).

Firstname: X
Surname: X
Gender: Unisex
Wealth: 0
Strength: 50
Fighting: 50
Melee: 50
Archery: 50
Charisma: 50
Influence: 50
Reputation: 50
Grace: 50
Intellect: 50
Cunning: 50
Wisdom: 50
Faith: 50
Courage vs Caution: 50
Apathy vs Sympathy: 50
Impulse vs Disdain: 50
Aggressive vs Defensive: 50 (you couldn’t survive in this world as a passive)
Traditionalism vs Progressivism: 50
Warriorism vs Diplomatism: 50 (yes, both of those words are made-up)
Isolationism vs Mercantilism: 50
~Still have to add the relationships.~

So, your thoughts on this? Too complex, not complex enough, or just right?


I like the idea


I’m all for it. Might want to be careful of the mature content though, I think CoG has a policy on it.


“Sex, murder, corruption, incest, fratricide, rape, mutilation, torture… I think that sums it up.”

Well, that sounds good to me. Bugger clean, politically correct utopian fantasies.


@RockyBalboa Thanks. :smiley:

@RVallant I do have to look into that, thanks for reminding me. I just hope it doesn’t stop me.

@Drazen Yeah! To hell with “Snow White,” I want ‘A Game of Thrones!’ We don’t poison people with apples in this story; we do it the mature way. With illegal imports. Lol


@adjppm1227 Down with Disney!!!


@2Ton I will roast Donald Duck and offer him as a sacrifice to the demon-dragons! I would give them the mice two, but I fear I may insult the dragons because they have such stupid ears.


@adjppm1227 We just became best friends, you and I.


@2Ton Agreed. Will have are celebration, then we’ll go hunting for those damnable chipmunks.


Sounds cool to me. Just be sure to make one of the romance options a family member.


@EndMaster Afraid I can’t. You family died in an attack against your castle. Though, I do have plans for romance with people close to your master. I’m not ‘that’ boring, as to not allow such friction to occur. And yes, you can cheat on them. XD


Ha ha I just said it since the common thing for folks to do is insist on romance in most stories. I saw incest up there so I made a joke about it.

Anyway, good luck on your story.


@EndMaster Thanks (chance are, I’ll need it). :smiley: (I’m tempted to give you a long-lost sibling now…)


@adjppm1227 Welcome, & good luck.


New idea! The title should be named “When Slaves Dance” and they should fight off their oppression footloose style by dancing til their oppressors give in to their demands of freedom.

It’s just an idea just tossing it out there for random idea sake.


@2Ton Haha


@2Ton LOL! I’m tempted to do that to make fun of Footloose. But alas, no. I won’t be doing that…because let’s face it, these slaves are not going to rising, except for you…or are they? See? I got you thinking. I got me thinking too. Are they?


This sounds like a great idea for a COG. It is very interesting.


@Daffiestfiber71 I do try to be interesting. ;D. Thanks.


While this sounds interesting, it is too dark for me. O_O I wish you luck!