When Life Gives You Lemons (October 25 2023) (WIP)

Yay, more Lemons.

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“held OVER your head”

Typo in “everything”

Well, obviously this person is terrible, they’re called PARIS.

Typo in “importantly”

“I really hope it’ll happen.” in that last option.

Oh, look, it’s Paris again.

Third line should be either “I” or “this”, not both.

“approved” or “approval” for a loan. Also, typo in “tight” in that last option.

“happily” is two p’s, one l.

“would have satisfied you”

“All units available”. In this instance, “lookout” is just one word, not two. “Unit 25.” Also, there’s something wonky in “hoodies with a rainbow heart-shaped in the back”: might be a missing word, or you meant “heart-shaped rainbow” instead or something else.

“It’s something you bought”

“websites asks you”

Holy shit, 20k in medical bills. The US healthcareless system at work again, I see.

“focused on”

“not daydream” (it works off of “your duty to”). It’s either “cutting off your train of thought” or “derailing your train of thought”.

The “lost on [subject]” idiom is made with the verb to be; therefore, this should be “voice wasn’t lost on you”.

“would have given you”, “watching over”

Also, may I suggest you put that link ALSO in the original post? Makes it easier to find once the thread gets rolling.


Thank you. :two_hearts: Those are my favorite.


I’ve been a fan of WLGYL for some time but have never commented in this thread. I really enjoyed reading POVs, thank you so much for the stories! It’s so entertaining how all the ROs are head over heels for the MC right after meeting them :joy: Too bad I’ll have to break the hearts of most of them when MC eventually have to choose one :broken_heart: We learned a lot of new interesting facts about each RO, which is very cool! Fiffer’s story was so sad though, I didn’t know they’re struggling so much… And then Officer Costa donated it was a very touching moment!

I have one concern though: in the neighbor’s story it’s said that the MC and their child look alike and share the same eye color. But the child can be adopted, isn’t it? Under such circumstances they may not look that similar. For example, in my case, my MC is East Asian and he adopted a White girl as a single parent (I have a whole elaborate headcanon of how this happened :laughing:), and although they do share the same skin complexion (as stated in the main game), I imagine her eyes to be hazel, because I don’t think we were asked about the child’s eye color in the game.


WLGYL is honestly the sort of game that the Hearts Choice games should be striving for in my opinion (though given that I am not really the demographic for nearly all content on HC currently that’s probably is just my opinion), especially with lots of interesting ROs. Now if I can think of a good plot for something like this but sci-fi or superhero… :sweat_smile:


My MC has already started this. As soon as Shane came into the picture, she only has eyes for him (sorry Eli! sorry Wyatt, the sweet boss who buys her dinner! she’d rather have the kinky boy who makes her little brother stop crying!).

I hadn’t played this until I came upon one of the side stories, and playing those prompted me to make a MC for the game and try the demo. I love it! Including Olivier and the friend (Brenda, is it?) hooking up.

I agree. I haven’t really liked any of the HC games and found them to be too shallow in the “romance” area. If they followed this mode, they’d be more fun to play, even if it’s ridiculous that my MC is such a hot commodity that everyone wants her. But I love the ridiculousness, too, because it’s just so much damned fun to play.

And I love the little brother, even though he acts like he’s a 3-year old instead of a (now) 8-year old.


Great! Man those povs sure doesnt make it any easier to choose one of them , thanks for that!!

All that aside i loved those povs really changed the way i viewed some characters and it was nice to see the other side for a while , thank you for that.


For now I’m leaning towards choosing Shane as well (and the kinky factor is a big reason for that :smirk:), and the other one is… Barlow. I made him a cheating ass, but there’s something about him that draws me in, maybe because he’s such a simp for the MC and almost ready to beg him to take him back. My MC is just messy and don’t know what’s good for him, I’m, as the player, totally not responsible for his preferences! :rofl:


Yes, that is correct. The child origin is up to MC headcanon. It’s an easy fix. I’ll make sure to fix it.

I want to add those POVs to the main game so it will be a good way to compare, I guess.

Glad you like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Haha this was brought to my attention a lot so, I’ll have a poll to see if I should reduce the age maybe make the child 6 instead of 7.

Hey, I would really love to apply for HC. I’m just too much of a coward to do it lol. But I could really use their copy editors to make my writing better. :yum:

You’re welcome. lol

Hehe. I love Barlow too.


I’m torn between the teacher and the neighbor.
The grocery store scene really made it feel like teacher,Mc and kid make an awesome family.

Plus teacher’s sister would be the cool aunt and I can see playdates happening.

As for the neighbor wanting to give their father a grandchild yeah I can see the father accepting mc’s child like it was his own flesh and blood and spoiling the heck out of the kid.


Exactly. My MC tries not to be a mess, and she is fairly together, but she lets the kid do whatever he wants because she doesn’t feel like hearing him fuss. Want ice cream for dinner? Go ahead, just don’t cry!! She makes a good older sister… a mom? Not so much. The funny part is someone (can’t remember who) called her a good parent–well, the kid’s happy, but I don’t think she should let him do whatever he wants all the time!

I’m just glad she’s drawn most to Shane than any of the rest of them. I may have to make more MCs and see what happens.

I thought the same thing. So did my MC. Shane is the strong, stable type, which she’s drawn to in a big way. I love his sister, too! She seems fun.


Hey, I would really love to apply for HC. I’m just too much of a coward to do it lol. But I could really use their copy editors to make my writing better. :yum:

Don’t be cause your writing is too good and I think many people will agree on that


I mean, yes, her writing is great. But copy editors aren’t supposed to fix your writing; they’re supposed to fix your grammatical errors, and CC does make grammatical errors sometimes as a non-native. Granted, a lot of copy editors do try to fix things that don’t need fixing…


All I have to say is…At this point who hasn’t my MC been with :sweat_smile: :joy: And I had the nerves to Invite all of them to my daughters Bday Party. Can you say, Self respect? Nah, zero, zilch, My MC doesn’t even know what that is. He’s just here for the fun.

Man, I Loved this!! Can’t Wait for more


This game, I just want to say, is one of my favorites! I read this when I am stressed out and want to take a breather or just want to calm myself down. It’s not really heavy and just a slice-of-life type of a story. Something like that yeah. So, right, I was actually keeps blushing when I got on those scene hehe. It just shows you’re great or am I just actually sensitive? LOL. Anyways, it makes me smile when I read this and I feel like a responsible person when it shows me my stats or my relationship with my little kid(I prefer to make it my sister, I don’t want to have a child), though in reality, I am not responsible LOL. At least here, I am matured. I love you, author (why did I suddenly confessed?) Oh well, not that kind of love, okay? Okay. I’m loyal to my crush who just seened me on messenger. Crap. Anyway, keep safe and be happy, author! Lovelots! XOXO

Wait. I remembered something. The characters, especially the teacher, are really too honest and too straightforward. When that scene showed up, I feel really guilty when I said no or I backed away. Really. I took this story too seriously. LOL. Anyways, that’s it. Be safe and happy, author! XOXO

Ah! My chosen Ro is my boss. LOL. I really want to have a story that has an office romance. You know, a romance that is forbidden by the rules? Something like that since you need to be professional at work. That scene when they were all alone in the office is, I don’t know, made me really blushed. LOL. My mc is also too dominant. LOL. It just to funny for me. I’m too talkative here. I don’t know what I ate but I just can’t get enough with this story! XOXOXOXOXOXO


Thank you for the kind words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



You spell July as Jyly I am disappointed and my day is ruined.


Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but harem ending?? :eyes: Don’t make us choose. :pleading_face:

Harem? Eh…not a fan of it, to each their own, not worth the drama and angst it will induce unless it’s turned to a comedy where the mc gets dumped by all the ro, now that I will gleefully enjoy with a popcorn.


I think CC’s said that you will have to choose one or none in this game.


Yeah CC mention we can play around but there can only be one to choose from the RO’s.