When Life Gives You Lemons (5/19/2023) (WIP)

Thank you. :two_hearts:

Lol they are not… but they do have a kink that MC might not be open to. :see_no_evil:


Oh, Pray tell?


Now that most of you have read the story… It’s Poll Time!!!

Will you accept Fox Offer and Jump ship?
  • Yes. I need more money
  • No. I don’t have the heart to betray Green
  • Undecided. Will see how things go

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Who do you think vandalized your car?
  • It’s Barns no question
  • Now I don’t know if I should trust Mattos
  • Okay, but is it Barlow?

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Did you turn over the image or footage to the police?
  • Yes.
  • No

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Who has your heart so far?
  • Barlow (ex/childhood friend)
  • Green (boss/coworker)
  • Mattos (hunky neighbor)
  • Monroe (the teacher)
  • Fiffer (the barista)
  • Harlem (hookup)
  • Fox (hookup)
  • Officer Costa (hookup)
  • All of them I can’t choose

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lol The are part of the BDSM community. They can be a service Dom or a Sub. They also like to be choked or choke MC during the deed. So, please stay away from the teacher!


Is that what the whole straps and the daydream stuff was about?

Edit: I’ll take that as a yes

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I think you meant to say we should get closer


I’m sure we all might jump ship at some point eventually. After all, we can play this game as many times we like.:rofl: I guess The real question is, how much money are we actually talking about? I’m sure another playthrough will reveal the answer, but for now I’m a bit lazy.

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lol :smile:

If MC meets with Fox, MC will get all the details about the offer. Choosing the option to meet with Fox is not a hookup, lol there’s a conversation about the offer, and then after that Fox will suggest the hookup and of course, MC can decline. But yes, all the details are in that conversation. something like 150 grand a year.

Lol, the money will go down… but again it’s all about how you manage it. MC has the monthly income, and also if the Barlow Project succeeds, MC will get a promotion, or MC can jump ship and get that big payday with Fox. Those are additional options to get more money.

One of the lemons of the story is having the money go down and that is also why there’s a debt variable tracking MC’s debts.

As of the next couple of chapters, I will say you’re safe but going bezerk might come at a cost lol no pun intended.


One last quick question. Will I be able to go Bezerk with my finances and live the highest life, or will I be forced to pull the handbrake on my spending at some point? I want to spoil my kid rotten to the core.:rofl:

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Everyone!!! I just pushed a reload. Fixed some typos and bugs. Please restart and make new saves. Sorry!!!




Btw @CC_Hill when I select July for b’day it says jyly.


Well, that one will be fixed on the next update as I’m not re-uploading the files again. Good catch, Nyx. Thanks. :two_hearts:


I find myself loving Eli even more each update. I thought it was between Shane and Eli before, but now Eli takes it.

The fact that he has a golden retriever (the large dog that I’m not at all nervous around) is icing on the cake.


Inquiring minds gotta knows those two doms Antoine may have cheated on the mc with…are those the idiot but cute cousins of rich mc?


Well, what do you know? Looks like we are totally able to go berserk with our money. From the start of this demo until the finish, I was able to use all the most expensive options, so hopefully I won’t get in trouble later on in the game. Hell, I didn’t even take the vixen up on her offer. I was going out with the barrister, but I’m not sure how faithful she will be at the end of the day.

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Lol good catch, but no. They are too rich for Lemon elementary school. Those two idiots went to boarding school. I just like to recycle my NPCs names. :sweat_smile:

Yes, you are safe for a couple more chapters. :yum:

Lol, you’re right. It was in high school that the cheating happened, but A and MC started in elementary school. That is how they became friends.


Well wasn’t it high school instead of elementary…I mean Antoine in elementary I don’t even know if cheating is applicable there. :sweat_smile:
I just figured Antoine is rich and all too and while the mc is not exactly rich they do seem to have some qualifications for good jobs, so I figured maybe the mc was a scholarship kid there, since there are always some at elite private schools and universities. :thinking:

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Pole…? Did you say Pole?

I’m right there!

Oh wait…you mean POLL…Boring :rofl:

Kidding! :wink:

That Vixen gotta do better then Green…

Bigger desk…and leaving a hole in said desk for me to leave my Sexy Green (YAY Broccoli Pun) :sweat_smile:

My money is on Barns. As far as I can recall, he is the only one bitching. He has the motive and the mean.

Yup…and gave that cutie cop a drink while at it.

Green (Boss)
Gretchen (Ex-Cheater)
Costa (Such a cutie)

The rest?

Teacher (in BDSM stuff? Ew no thanx)
Neighbor (Boring)
Barista (Give me bad vibes)
Vixen (Like I said, give me better or take a hike Granny lol)
Harlem (Isnt he a dude?)

Also, not interested in Hookup. So that take at least…OMG! Why ya make costa a Hookup for fuck Sake? And that creepy barista is a romance? Not fair!


lol Harlem is non-binary. :yum:

Hmm :smirk: yet you gave Costa a drink. uh huh!

Fiffer is hot, excuse you! lol.

Overall, I’m just happy to have a love interest for everyone. Whatever your type is… you’ll find it here! :two_hearts: