When Life Gives You Lemons (11/12/2022) (WIP)

I cannot wait for this game to be finished I’m so buying it when it comes out

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This could be one of the reasons why the word “harem” was used, even if historically not accurate. There are nowadays so many different sexual, emotional, and relationship categories and terms, and they seem to be constantly evolving. With what books and movies have described as a “harem”, we all sort of have at least a vague concept of what the suthor envisioned in this story.

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I hope there at least threesome in here




What if could all love a poly route? I totally get the not liking a player MC route as a personal preference. But, theres a chance they could all be one big happy family and spoil the kiddo rotten.

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Nah, I rarely enjoy poly, plus the ro doesn’t know each other much to agree on poly relationship with mc and I despise even more at being a matchmaker for ro with other ro unless it’s a non ro with other non ro.

If the author want to add poly, I don’t mind it as long it is a choice that I can choose to engage in it or not. :smiley_cat:


Got an ache in my chest from remembering the times i used to babysit my nieces, the kid character is real cute. Thank you.

P.S Mr/Ms Monroe for life.