When Life Gives You Lemons (11/12/2022) (WIP)

But womens in Uniforms… :sob:

I didn’t know Costa was a Hookup. I though she was a full romance.

Hot or not, still creepy :stuck_out_tongue:


Aaaah, an update. I honestly cannot wait to see more of the scenes with the teacher. That dream scene hooked me. Im tempted to keep trying to find all the hook up scenes.

So far, ive only seen the steamy boss kiss and the amazing Fiffer.

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My mc would if he didn’t have the kid to consider…Fox’s company does not seem like a family friendly family business with an internal support network, my mc would rather have those things and earn a bit less considering his present circumstances. Cheesy as it is my mc would take the silly birthdays surprise in the breakroom over being a rising star at a huge firm, because at those kinds of places you need eyes in the back of your head and basically give up on the idea of leisure time. Sure, if it goes well, you can retire before 50, before 40 if you’re lucky and it can be a ticket to the upper class with connections and all. But, again, in the mc’s situation it is not worth it, imho.
Otherwise the extra money would just go to more expensive and less fun ways of raising the kid and if it is like Goldman Sachs hours eventually very expensive boarding schools and my mc does not want his kid brother to turn out like the Doms or Benny.

Barns or Barlow both seem possible to me, even if I consider Barns the more likely suspect.

Torn between Eli and Wyatt this time.

Given how blond and cute he is, I’m not surprised but then we also have a super hot neighbour. :persevere:

In any case why am I halfway sure that even if the doms Antoine cheated with were not the idiots I know from your other work that good lawyer Wyatt knows has at least a 50% chance of being Cecil. :sweat_smile:

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There’s steamy Fox (after meeting up with them you can hook up) :fire:

There’s steamy scene with the ex or childhood friend if you go to their house to retrieve the paperwork. :fire:

There’s steamy scene with Officer Costa. :fire:

Tottally true. When it comes to Fox it is good to apply the saying. “one held is better than two you will have” or “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


Yes, the boss/coworker is very popular.


Can we talk about how slapping the teacher is a flirting scene? :rofl: Her romance will be a hoot. “Mommy, why are you holding teacher by a leash. And why is she gagged?”

Pretty sure “we’re just wrestling” isnt gonna save us.


Lol that was literally added last minute.

That’s so cute of your MC.

My overuse of emoji might fool people, but I’m a total introvert and love being alone and love a quiet time so… I would definitely avoid those birthday party breakroom.

I think at work, I was cursed with “people love talking to me when I don’t want to talk to people at all.”

That’s true because I know no one who is retiring at this age.


That’s what happens when you have too many WIPs lol. Your characters start to become copies of each other. :sob:

I’m trying to break the circle tho lol.

In one of my other WIP (Secret don’t tell)

The blond is actually a jerk. A spoiled rich and petty brat that MC can totally ruin the life of.

Okay, now that sounds like the MC in Insert rich family. I’m doomed. :smile:

Anyway, here’s Micah Goldman.

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Haha that’s true. I’ll try to see if I can fix that.

That was added last minute because of a friend. Glad you like it.


That does describe my insert rich family mc too, actually. :sweat_smile: Oh, wait, I guess it depends on the specific kind of spoiled as my mc in rich family seems to be the black sheep who was mostly neglected by his family. Maybe my rich family is more strange and weird than spoiled per se. :thinking: Headcanon, in addition to the aunt he did have a good relationship with grandma, which could be another reason why grandpa left him his personal mansion. :thinking:

Specifically you did say that Wyatt did study to be a lawyer at one time but didn’t make it quite to the finish line, so it’s totally possible Cecil and Wyatt could be old friends from law school. :thinking:
Crossover’s aren’t total taboos either, I mean DIck Wolf loves crossover’s between his various franchises.

Depends on what he’ll do to my mc.

Seems like he’s one of Benny’s more obnoxious friends then, eh? :grin:


The waiting paid off. It’s great.
I love that we can get to know MC’s kid/sibling better. I still can’t believe that he is seven, he sometimes sounds like 5 yo to me, but he’s so cute!
(And MC can have glasses now! crying with happiness) I can’t choose between Shane, Eli and Wyatt. I like Fiffer, but it will be weird to talk to him again.
And can the author read minds? I was thinking that there should be a possibility to choose My Little Pony and when i played again, there it was!


Oooo, kinky. Now you have me intrigued.


Man, this game is just as fun as it was the first time I played through it. Glad to see the update. It was awesome!

Crush Me Eliza :heart: still has my heart but these are some great characters and I can see myself doing a few playthroughs for each RO that peaks my interest.

Good update, and keep up the good work!


I’m still waiting for the update on it :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Like I said my favorite are f!business partner and f! Taylor.

And you know me :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:, I’m all in, all ROs and hook ups but my MC prefers f! Monroe more than others for now and Barlow the least. I get the feeling that if chosen ex route and creating route Barlow didn’t actually cheated bit going along with the rumours. And Barns is the a’hole and he’ll get it soon… I hope.


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: even more so like CC said it’s secret for now but filthy rich and obnoxious a’hole. And cqn be an ex like Barlow


lol I know business partner is bae :kissing_heart::fire:

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More so than the influencer/model neighbour/land lady :smiling_imp::smirk_cat::kissing_cat: neighbour influencer is waaaay too cheery

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Keep up the good work. Intrigued by fox and costa


I find a typo, when you pick your daughter/son/sister/brother’s birthday I picked July and the following screen it shows it as Jyly

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This one was reported, but if I update, saves will be broken so I’m taking my sweet time. :grin:

Thank you.


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I love this update a lot. After a rough day and me now preparing for bed, my mind can finally be happy. Thank you <3


This update was so exciting! I really like watching things develop with all of the different RO’s. Also - I really like the fact that the blocking feature just means no pressure for a romantic encounter and they’re still in the story.

Can’t wait for this to be finished!


The chapter headings dont invert on black background

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