What's your top 3 picks for evilest villains in games?


With all the recent conversation of villainy in games lately, I’ve been wondering what bad guys people would say are the evilest of evil in games. The rules here are simple. Just give the name of a character you think is truly evil, what game there from and just a little about what puts them above other baddies out there.

Don’t think about it in terms of “Is X a great villain character?” rather “X really is the worst kind of scum.”

Spoilers are a possible thing here, but it’s assumed at this point either everyone already knows or if not, they are games they will never play by now.

  1. Persona 4: Adachi. Despite being obviously, obviously the killer, the protagonist supposedly can’t figure this out until near the end of the game. While his actions were influenced, it is clear in the game that the decisions to kill a bunch of people were directly his own and all the cosmic entity did was convince him it was a good idea. Adachi had no real point to anything he did other than “he could do it.”

  2. Majora’s Mask:…Majora’s Mask. I can’t not mention the spirit of the mask that was going to crash the moon into the earth as part of a game. Part of what makes Majora so scary is that despite everything it does, there’s…nothing. Not a defense about how it’s actually good or even that it wants to destroy everything. It’s just playing games the entire time and even seems genuinely confused as to why Link gets in it’s way.

  3. Super Paper Mario; Dimentio. Another character with absolutely no reason for the things he does. But why Dimentio is probably the number one spot is how far that goes. Not only does he at one point SUCCEED in killing the entire party(part of a long-con he’s got going.), when he’s confronted again? What’s his reaction? He makes a pun. Killing Count Bleck to usurp power and make himself a god to warp reality? Already kind of a dick move.

The crowning moment? When the player finally defeats him and the brainwashed Luigi under his control, there is no “I’ll get you next time!” like other Mario villains. His reaction is take all the universes with him through one last move. The only reason he does this is just because he lost.
There’s no reasoning involved with it.

He just does it as one final middle finger to all life(and death) ever.

So, those are my top three picks from games I played. Anyone agree or disagree? Just name a few villains and state your case of what makes them deserve the title of Evilest of Evil.


Do they have to be a singular person? Cuz I would recommend the Reapers from Mass Effect.


Groups can be included. Assuming that if the members are distinctly different than them that might need more details. Reapers are mostly the same in the core of things in how they behave.


Glados from Portal

Andrew Ryan from Bioshock

Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3


Then I would definitely pick Reapers! Screw them! Thinking they can just show up with their squid-shapes and destroy everything for the “greater good.” More like they just want to keep their own species alive at the costs of millions of lives. F that noise.

Besides them I can’t really think of Evilest villains. Most of the time the villains I dislike the most are the ones who’s evil is more personal: betrayals, abuse, and stuff like that. I would think evilest would be more wild scale than that, personally.


I never did bother with Far Cry 3 so I really don’t know much other than youtube clips and bad memes about it.


i love adachi. help

Hawthorne from Soul Nomad. He adopts little girls, acts as if he were a loving father until they’re 18 or so,rapes and then kills them.
Glad I could dispose of him even in the demon path (evil playthrough)


I actually played that game not too long ago. Several characters in that game are special levels of dickish. Gig, Lobo, Sharie, Not to mention the demon path, Rehyva.


Eh, true but I still like Gig, probably because I think he’s funny. And the demon path was fun for me except for the ends.


Oh, I forgot. Raksha. Major assbucket.


just games ? Boo!

-Irenicus : BG2 . Proved that you can be evil . And that losing your soul , just upgrade you to ‘No redemption ever , unlocked worst evil achievement’’ .

  • Sun Li : Jade Empire . Prove that you can do good for years , so you can place all the chess pieces where you want them for your evil plan .

  • Rendon Howe: Dragon Age Origins . This guy is a piece of shit , in look and actions . He does so many bad evil things , killing him is a mercy . he deserve endless torture and death to be denied .


Malak from kotor and Bob Page from deus ex were really fucking evil.


Sure, but for those series the honours should really go to Revan (yes, they can get themselves a redemption, doesn’t change the fact they used some very villainous methods in the past even if he is perhaps my fave Star Wars character, provided you disregard that silly MMO).
As far as Deus-ex goes the villain credit should really be shared between Everrett and de Beers.
In both cases, Malak would have been nothing without Revan and Page wouldn’t have been anything without Everett and de Beers. In both cases they are also far more brusque and blunt villains who lack the refinement and subtlety of their predecessors. But then I admire cunning and subtlety more then brute force and needless cruelty.


Probably Thaos ix Arkannon from Pillars of Eternity. He’s lived long enough that it’s pretty hard to dispute his claims that mortals just aren’t responsible enough to learn the secrets he keeps from them, given that he’s seen again and again that they fail to live up to his expectations.

  • Mrs. Crumplebottom from the Sims 2 (she was fueled by pure spite and I hated her)
  • Princess Kenny from the Stick of Truth because of her dick move near the end
  • Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition, because how dare he.


Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid series.

David from The Last of Us.

Matthias from Tomb Raider

You need proof of their evil, play the games.


A fellow Revan fan! And one who agrees about the abysmal treatment of Revan at the hands of that MMO…
I’m interested in your take on things. I would’ve said Malak — if only because Revan did their whole “for the greater good” or “ends justify the means” thing going on. While they set about to conquer the galaxy to fortify it against a greater threat, Malak conquered it for the sake of conquering it, destroying things blindly.

As for my top three, I think it’d go to these, in no particular order:

  1. Kreia, from Kotor II. Highly interesting character and philosophy. Her habit of picking everything and everyone apart to bring them low with that characteristic jadedness of hers made an impact on me. Not to mention her vendetta against the Force and the galaxy itself. Not doubt, Scion and Nihilus are evil, but Kreia just seems to be so much more malicious with the other two just being shells.

  2. Caesar from Fallout: NV, with his conquering and enslavement of everything. Cook-Cook from this game gets a shout-out too.

  3. Meredith from Dragon Age 2. Zealots, ya know?


Regarding Choice of Games, I’d pick

Saga of the North Wind

The head of the slave trader and gladiator OR the live sucking witch on the isle after the swamps OR straight up the Gods themselves, especially Svarog and Ziva

Penddragon Rising

The werewolf-antagonists, but mainly the daughter of the leader or Morgan’s scheming father

Midsummer Night’s choice

winning the award for funniest “villain” … a certain fairy commander that “shoots” a certain knight


the false icon

Sorcery is for saps

depending on your path: Camille, Fergie or Baldwin


I really disliked the treacherous “thieftaker”

I think it is interesting though how many COG do not have a “villain” per se (e.g. tally ho)


well yeah she did…

but…then really , the one with the longest sheet of killing is the Emprore in Star Wars .


Argh…shamefully…I so forgot him ! facepalm