What's Your Philosophy?


Well for those who don’t know I’m quite deep into my own philosophies, and I was wondering what philosophies you guys might have, so if you have some kind of realization that you wanna share, feel free. and if someones philosophies disagree with your own, don’t argue with them, if you need to then just remember that individuality is what makes us great.

Anyways, here’s one of my philosophies to start it off. I believe that no extinction deserves blame, for it is only the path of life to go to death, and no matter what, most animals that went extinct would’ve gone extinct anyways sooner or later, however just because death is constant, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life to the fullest, or try to achieve something during that life.


Yea but if you achieve something won’t it be kinda pointless if we go extinct


@SheaMcD You might as well say that life is pointless… which it is…
Oh well. At least it’s a fun kind of pointless.


You could also argue in a evolution point of view. Adapt… technically becoming a new species and whatnot. It wouldn’t be that life is pointless or that death is inevitable. It would be survival, whether creating something that lasts through the ages or just being remembered through others.


I also agree that life is, at its core, pointless. But, I think it is much more fun to provide counter philosophies to my own beliefs. So as for all life having a point. Think of the butterfly effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In a world where reactions become actions, a domino effect occurs. Oh the tangled webs we weave! An riot was caused, because a home team lost. The home team lost, because the lead player’s wife wanted a divorce, the Strand goes on. Now I know you are probably saying, “These are all just actions! They signify no point of any of it!”, True. You are correct. But, I feel one of the hardest things for people to grasp is that the point to our life might be an insignificant one. We as humans may solely exist to die. And in our death we may pave the way for new life to occur. All of our actions culminating in the creation of what comes next. And what comes next may die, and the cycle continues. So if I told you our point as humans is to just simply live then die, you would probably reject it. And I don’t blame you. I reject it too. But, I reject it because I know that one of the hardest things for a person to do is to accept that our purpose may be insignificant. I would rather have no purpose at all than be insignificant.


well it depends on your opinion of whats pointless and whats not, I’d say as long as it meant something during my life, it was well worth it, but others might say that as long as you’re going to die, the life you live won’t matter.


Rebels destroy your death star once, shame on them. Rebels destroy your death star twice, shame on you. That’s my philosophy.


I believe that extinction deserves blame. When it comes to most animals and plants that went extinct, i always ask was it natural that they are gone as part of mother earths plans? or was it The greedy humans again? Often its the seconde answer. So yes i blame Humans. Even If death comes sooner or later humankind shouldent make it die faster.

With conclusion my philosophy is, one is to blame If they think they are above, and think they can do as pleased (by hurting others and so on) For that They only need to look at the mountains and the wast sky to understand that they really…really…really are just a black dot in the univers. Waiting somewhere deep inside their reptilian brain for karma to knock them down for their crimes. Here or in The next.


I mean as in you achieve something that benefits others in the long run but if we go extinct then its pointless


Yea but some peoples points are to think about pointlessness and may I point out you said POINT of view, may not have been a pun but maybe that’s the point


“We must treat others as we wish others to treat us” -Declaration Toward a Global Ethic


I like to point something out about People, that some of you my overlook as insignificant. Why do we keep track of time? Neither the tree’s nor the animal’s need it. A bird doesn’t care when i’ts 4:00 or 11:00 a clock, and yet it goes on living. A Dog doesn’t need a clock to tell him he hungry. All he has are his feeling’s. So why is it we keep time? The answer is simple, because where afraid that our time will run out.

Now I bring you a second question. Is life pointless’s? And my answer is no. Sure are time will one day run out, however we get to enjoy ourselves tell then. Allow me to elaborate, an author spend’s 3 year’s writhing a book, to some this is pointless time wasted but to him he did something that he enjoyed and i’sent that the point. Another example is a full time veteran Gamer. He gain’s nothing from the fantasy’s he play’s. He doesn’t need it, his primal instinct’s aren’t forcing him. The answer is simple, just cause.

And third what is joy? To some people, they gain there joy from helping other’s . to other human’s they gain their joy from pure destruction of other’s. Some gain joy from doing the most pointless of things, and that is my point. Being or doing something pointless is the point. What more do we need then what we feel…

Lastly, we are back from where we began Time. That Author took 3 year’s to write that book, and that book will be remembered thousand’s of years after his time ran out and you know what I bet many of his reader enjoyed it just as well. Which being’s me to my conclusion, People die yes, but idea and dream’s never do die.

             P.S  Am sorry if I made this post last to long but any case I hope that at least one of you can understand my point . Another thing English is not my first language so excuse me an advance.


And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. - Luke 6:31 (English Standard Version)
I knew it sounded familiar.


“Shit happens” - probably everyone


Don’t put real effort to something if you are not determined to see to its end


That’s certainly the one I’d quote in private but if leaders from 143 religious can agree on something I tend to take notice.


It sure sounds interesting. Where can I find the source of that quote? (preferably a more specific answer than ‘on google’)




I tend to shy away from existentialist philosophy as I hold that life has no purpose of than that which we ascribe to it.

Now transhumanist philosophy on the other hand is a topic near and dear to my heart. To me, the history of humanity is in many ways the history of transhumanism. As we encountered the limits of our physical form, we found ways, through our intellect and creativity, to exceed these limits. Transhumanism is simply this most fundamental part of human nature taken to its logical conclusion, namely removing the limits of our forms.


Here’s a little unpopular opinion but I believe that the theory of “Death before dishonor” is plain dumb. Perhaps, if it was “Death for your loved ones” or something then I guess I can agree but choosing to die over dishonoring yourself is something I can never agree with. Imo, I feel like death is like game over, there’s nothing left for you to do but if you choose to live instead, you can change everything you’ve done wrong, I would rather have that chance. That’s why I have more respect for past leaders that begged for their life even though they are considered cowards. And yeah, I’m not a fan of Ned Stark if you’re wondering, probably my least favorite character in the book, I’m more of a Littlefinger kinda guy.