What's your opinion on a farming game?

Not sure how well a farming game would translate to Choicescript, but very interested to try it out. :blush:

very ambitious indeed . Just remember you’ll have to balance working a farm and story .

Ohhh pick the paper smack you in the face! why? cose it’s more fun :grin:

Harvest moon had those as well , mining…fishing , growing crop , cooking , selling your chicken/cow/sheep/eggs and stuff . so yeah , it was ALOT and it was a game made by a team .

remember to breath and good luck! :grinning:

I’d probably be terrible at managing the farm, so I’d appreciate it if the MC could give those tasks over to someone who knows better than I do (like the option to let Zvad run things in Choice of Rebels) - unless farming is really the center of the story. In that case, I would hope that it’s simply engaging enough to entertain someone like me with the attention span of a fruit fly.

The farming should be really easy and you won’t be able to go in to negative money. There will also be other ways to make money besides farming just in case you forget you need to buy seeds and end up spending too much of your money to buy any.

So, having some kind of farm work to do is a big part of wanting me to make this game, but I thought about it after some people expressed interest in a different profession besides just a farmer. I think I may be able to do that, but farming will always be a part of the story(it is suppose to be a text version of farming games after all). I, myself, have wished I could of done something a little different then be just a farmer.

So, which of these interests you most?

  • I Want A Big Ol’ Farm :corn:
  • Less Farm, More Inn :love_hotel:
  • Less Farm, More Restaurant :plate_with_cutlery:
  • Less Farm, More Ranch :cow2:
  • I Want All Of It!
  • I Want Something Else!

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Before I vote what is the difference between a farm and a Ranch? Is a farm only about growing crops and a Ranch only about animals? Maybe a mix, like Farm Story.

In this story, a farm would be mainly for growing crops with a smaller space for animals. Your main way to make money would be crops.

A ranch would have more space for animals and you could keep more of them and smaller space for crops. Your main way to make money would be from animals.

Oh god your bringing up some past anxiety :sweat_smile:. The farm I grew up on had the most God awful scarecrow I’ve ever seen. Completely terrifying. And the worst part? It would be in one place when I went to sleep and in another when I woke up. Swear to God. It was horrible. I still can’t explain it to this day. The closest neighbors were about seven miles away.


I mean you don’t have to worry about the Scarecrow coming to Life it was actually a corpse whose outfit was stuffed with straw and put up so no one would find the body.

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That just means I had a zombie walking around my property at night. Not much better I’m afraid. Arguably worse. Zombies have teeth.

It can’t bite you through that burlap sack over it’s rotting head. I mean it could always be a murderous spirit seeking revenge for it’s murder but you had no part in that… Did you?

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What a charming picture that is :sweat_smile:.

I’m afraid not. It was there before I was born. All I know is that I was terrified of that darn scarecrow for years. We eventually burned it in a bonfire and made a new scarecrow that didn’t walk around the dang property at night.

I’d make a farming pun, but I’m sure you herd them all.


That pun was very… Amoosing. :cow2:


I had a fielding farm jokes would crop up. I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself :sweat_smile:.


Well, it was only a matter of time for the puns to sprout up.


I just hope nobody pampers the cows too much… They might get spoiled milk. :grin:


Inn. Now (20 character)

Hmm… Just wondering, what kind of characters would you like to see in particular? Or what kind of character have you wanted to see in a farming game?

Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Basically someone who gets easily distracted and believes in the weirdest theories. Sometimes you’ll find her just staring off into space.

The farm should be your main source of income. The rest of the game is the rest of the game.