What's your feelings regarding unwanted flirty characters?

As in, characters who flirt with everybody and everything, even your MC. Despite your MC not being into them that way, and making it clear. Or if you hadn’t experienced this. Would you mind it?

Say: You play a straight MC and another character of the same sex keeps hitting on you.
Someone who you know has bad intentions for you keeps pursuing you in order to manipulate you.

Basically anything you don’t see as ideal.

  • I would take no offense. Despite me not liking them in this scenario.
  • It wouldn’t bother me, but I’d rather NOT. Especially if I don’t like them back.
  • Personally, I would like to see this as a plot element. Even if I don’t like the character.
  • No, It WOULD bother me, and them not taking any hints would miff me as to why this is necessary.
  • It depends on how aggressive they are about it, otherwise I have no issues.
  • It depends on whether there’s a reason the author put that in-game, otherwise I DO have an issue.
  • You’re bad at making polls…(comment other opinion)

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I feel like this is the type of character you see around in fiction sometimes. It just depends how it is written (or acted if it’s a show or movie). Sometimes it can make the character skeevy and unpleasant, and sometimes it can make the character fun to read. This type of character can be intended to come across both ways and if done well can be effective in both formats. And if badly written it can unintentionally come across as the former.


I’d pick an option, if not most of them are relevant.
Hmm, maybe I should’ve checked the “You’re bad at making polls huehue”? :relieved:

I have my own share of experience on “unwanted people hitting me, romantic or other,” so I’m not bothered by it at all. But personally, I’d like to see it as a plot element. Not necessarily a central one, but I’d feel it’s a waste if the author didn’t explore such a relationship. It’s a mining site full of drama-ore-vein.

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@TrashyLollipops - Perhaps it is time you start consolidating your threads. All of these threads you have been making are concerned with relationships and firing one individual poll after another is just spamming the forum.


I would not be upset, that such a character exists, as long as I get options to deal with this.I would like to have an option to ask them to stop this(if the other character is a friend, I would not like them being not a friend anymore, because I do not want them, although this might be realistic in some ways), if they do it to manipulate me, I would like to call them on that bad try, and tell them to stop.

Otherwise I must say, that acting flirting while getting rejected, as long as the char does not do it to every char, or every char of the approved gender, which then would be a character trait, I would consider it as lazy writing(sorry). If I ask for gender prefenrences or had the ability to tell someone I do not want them, the game should remember this, otherwise it would feel like the choice was completely meaningless. Just my opinion of course.


It doesn’t really bother me as long as they’ve been implemented in a good way, if they’re implemented correctly they easily become one of the best characters in a story for me…

100% implementation. There are a lot of these “how would you feel about if the RO did this and that” threads you’ve posted. Are you humming and hawing about characterising the ROs in your own game? You’ll never make them memorable by committee. They have to come from you.



is different from this…

which is also different from this…

the 1st is something you can see in games . the character is flirty and harmless . Wink alot , has an easy going personality…charming and witty…and crack alot of jokes .

the 2nd would depand what a NO THANX would do to said character . Some of the hetero romances I saw in some games that shall remain unknown…they took it a bit too far . It wasnt a flirty character but a freaking make-you-unconfortable-predator kind of thing . and that kind of character will end up with broken bones .

the 3rd one…just chalk it to evil asshole alignement and look for the kill option :joy:

I don’t mind flirty character but that usually…I can be friend with them but no more . Unles they have more to them then hitting on me lol .


I picked ‘you’re bad at making polls’ for the following reason :

5 out of 7 poll options have some form of statement presupposing that the players wouldn’t like the character to varying degrees, and the most neutral option has the ONLY possible issue arising solely from how ‘aggressive’ the character is.

My actual answer would be somewhere between ‘my liking of them depends on whether there’s a reason the author put that in-game, but I also don’t really have an issue with them just existing regardless of how flirty they are’.

There seems to be a certain set of assumptions and answers you want out of your polls in general that your answers lead to, and that can kinda confound your results.


Depends if I can flirt back ;D


I mean I think it’s refreshing when done well.

It’s just usually a ‘flirtatious character’ in choice-based video game standards is usually the same archtype of ‘hard-drinking party girl’ or ‘sleazy dude that skirts by on looks.’

Where’s the soft-spoken flirts that wait for perfect chances to make the decisive flirt? The chivalrous perverts? The Space Dandy-esque goobers that seem to do nothing but flirt but have a bunch of eccentric quirks and moral standings?

Even worse, how come I can hardly ever be these people? How come I can sleep around willy-nilly all the time without it being viewed as a bad thing but also not be so inconsequential that it might as well have never happened?

And games these days try to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘sex-positive’ and all these buzzwords. Bufah. Can’t even let me have friends-with-benefits.


Pretty much what @NaomiL said. Also, I’m far more likely to enjoy it, and the character is far more likely to not come across skeevy, if the character backs off after the PC says they’re not into it.


Part of me kinda wants straight players to constantly be hit on by gay characters… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, no, I think that any well-meaning character should be able to take hints and accept the first rejection, whether it’s due to incompatible orientations or just lack of interest. And I’d be annoyed if a game’s only gay character was also the only jerk who didn’t take “no” for an answer. (Of course, if the story is clear that this character is actually a jerk, and not just some “persistent nice guy/gal”, then that’s fine.)

Also, can you make polls that I can see the results of without having to vote? :confused:


Imagining all the one star reviews the game would get… No, I don’t think any author would want to bring that upon themselfes.

Like others said it depends how it is done. If the character isn’t so forceful about it once the MC makes it clear they aren’t interested in them that’s okay but take it too far and I’ll find myself wishing for an option to punch them in the face.
I think Farah/Felix from Wayhaven Chronicles would be a good example for a well done flirty character.

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Flirty characters are, by far, my favorite archetype. They’re usually the more confident, fleshed out, funny, and interesting characters in the game/novel. They’re the person I wish I was, if I didn’t have such bad social anxiety.

Someone hitting on you relentlessly to the point of sexual harassment and fear is not the same as flirtiness. At all. I flirt with close friends all the time, regardless of attraction, for example. Flirty friends are just more easygoing and fun.

So…if you think your character is going to verge on sexual harassment, by being too pushy or too serious…Don’t write them.


Considering that the whole point of these games is to have interactivity, agency, affecting the world, etc etc - I think it would be a very strange decision to have a character that goes against that at continues to pursue the MC despite being asked to stop - for whatever reason, whether plot, orientation or something else. I don’t think many people play these games to get harassed by fictional characters!

The plot reason - they’re trying to manipulate you, or get close to you - I find that a really interesting dynamic, but I would much rather have that vibe without the romantic/sexual aspect to it. For instance, someone trying to position themselves as a much closer friend than you feel they are, or acting as your mentor, or following you around asking for help all the time.


You right. I usually disappear and pop em’ individually. But I can’t control myself anymore.

Not in particular… whistles

Well, the point I tried to make was that your MC doesn’t want to be flirted by said character. If y’all freaky like me, then almost nothing will turn you away so I tried to brainstorm some scenarios.

o, there’s an answer for that.

It depends on whether there's a reason the author put that in-game, otherwise I DO have an issue.

I will get good. I promise.

On the side note, I’m liking these replies a lot :open_mouth:

I picked the ‘depends on how aggressive they are about it’ option, but I’d probably also add on whether or not their flirtatiousness is it. If they have nothing else to define them, but being a flirt then I’d probably find it somewhere between enduring and annoying - especially if it was harmless flirting.

I mean, disrespectful flirt isn’t a completely uncommon trope, and usually it doesn’t bother me. My only issue is that I hate when my gay MC indicates that he’s not into women and yet female ROs continue to hit on him. To generalize that, it’s kind of annoying when your character isn’t into a certain gender and ROs of that gender hit on them anyway despite you previously indicating that you aren’t into their gender.


On the semi-contrary note, as much as I wouldn’t like it in character, I appreciate all tools, including this one, that propel illusion of a living world, one that is not specificaly tailored to suit mc. As in my story is only one of the stories going independently all around, interwining at certain points, hence ie. the unwanted attention (sincere or not).