What's In Stock? A stock car racing game

Great concept! Definitely very front heavy with the info dump, might be a way to organically introduce it Ex. A mentor type npc.
Cant wait for more. Till then boogity boogity lets go racing!


The team choice does have a lot of text, and I could make some of it optional by moving it to a third option asking for advice, but not sure what else I could trim.

I have to admit that this was not a criticism I expected, as I was worried about the opposite.

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Hey Kevin!

First up, CONGRATS!! Awesome start, and I really like the idea of being able to follow a racer’s career from start to finish.

What I loved
As you know I’m a big fan of how much detail (and thought) you put into mechanics, and I’m absolutely pumped for this! I already have high-hopes for how the stats and choices will matter in the game, and though the demo was relatively short, I thought it gave a good preview of the scene of car racing in general, which I had no prior knowledge in.

I actually really enjoyed knowing how I did in various races - and was absurdly happy when I scored a Top 5 finish, and had also enjoyed toggling the possible ages / choice of the size of my team to see how that would affect things.

Just some quick feedback
As other folks have mentioned, I think the start could do with more action and/or character introduction, if only just to ease people into the game a bit more before going into the technicalities. For example, it would be awesome if the prologue could cut into an individual race, and describe it immersively, and then use it to ask a couple of questions about the player’s team, age, and so on. Of course, dialogue/encounters with some of the main characters would help to hook people in too.

All in all
I’m excited about what you’ve got here. I think converting the technical details into more of a “story/narrative” format, would help massively in bringing in more folks who might not be super interested in stock car racing/ making the game more accessible!

Best of luck!


Thanks! I’m really glad you played it!

Initially, the high risk pass scene and the bump or not scene were part of the prologue to just establish those sliders, which do affect some behind the scenes at first, and will trigger special events in the future. However, I ended up moving them to specific races for balance reasons because I found I was “overtesting” certain attributes (right now the distribution is almost perfect).

There have been some consistencies in the feedback so far, though, and I have an idea that might help address them. Here goes.

Instead of choosing a team, the player is put directly on the part time team.
Pro: Will cut two pages of text before the first race, allowing for a more balanced pace.
Will force the MC to interact with a specific NPC that is only briefly mentioned so far (the veteran driver you share a car with). This is a character I intend to come back to in the future anyways, so might not be a bad idea. The remaining scene for chapter one was going to feature him, so that would make some readers happy to have more character interaction, but that leads to…

Con: It wouldn’t hold up. Sure, in the short term, I can have a few interesting characters, but the vast amount of choices means either writing so many characters that they all blend together, or railroading certain chars to be where the MC is, which takes away some of the impact of making career choices. After all, this WILL be more career sim with story elements than story with sim elements. I just don’t write interactions well enough.

Thoughts? Not just for you, obviously, but definitely want to hear yours.


I think the more “zoomed out” perspective of a career sim can be balanced with short, immersive “zoomed in” scenes of individual races - and starting with a scene with direct action (verbs, dialogue) would definitely help to hook readers and set the scene and help people imagine what stock car racing looks/feels like.

I think the closest I can think of in terms of this approach would be The Parenting Sinulator, where years pass with the child growing up but it’s centred around a collection of moments /scenes - e.g. an early birthday party, the child getting obsessed with computer games, etc.

Lastly, I think this sort of game would definitely be more suited to several key characters - dont know enough about car racing but off the top of my head, a rival might work, the veteran fellow who could later serve as a mentor(?), a mechanic(?? I dont know) etc. Essentially, people the MC would have lots of interaction with throughout their careers?

Of course, take everything with a pinch of salt! Just some early ideas to help with brainstorming. All the best!! :slight_smile:


I can help with that part.

Rivals can and will absolutely work in this because every race car driver has a rival or two. Dale Earnhardt had Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace and Terry Labonte back in the 80s and 90s and it was all a great rivalry that fans still talks about to this day.

Mentor type character can help a reader learn about the racing world and the terms. Jeff Gordon who I mentioned was a 4 time champion ended up mentoring Jimmie Johnson in the ending of his championship winning ways who ended up winning more races and 7 championships than Jeff did.

Mechanic probably should be changed to crew chief since the crew chief is primarily the person that the driver talks to in order to get the car in top racing shape. And they’re also the ones who keeps the driver aware of who’s ahead or behind and if there’s a big wreck coming up ahead of you.

I would also suggest some interactions with the team owner since they’re the big boss and they often interact with all of their drivers. They’re also the ones who decides who gets to be hired on or fired from the team for any reason.


@bored92 @burninglights I think introducing a rival early isn’t a bad idea. I had been planning on holding off on that until season 2, so as not to throw too much at the player, but a quick introduction wouldn’t hurt.

I guess if we are comparing to other games, I really wanted a more in-depth version of the Super Star Soccer Striker but not quite as in-depth as Extreme Ball (still WIP), as that one is likely going to be a multi-game career, which I just didn’t want to do.

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A quick introduction could be something like a driver crashing into you and you get angry over that because it took you out of the race because of their stupidity and do a post race interview where you rip them apart for it. Another good rival moment that happens later in a career could be similar to what Dale Earnhardt did to Terry Labonte at Bristol where Earnhardt purposefully spun out Labonte to win the race and infamously said in the post race interview on why he did it “I just wanted to rattle his cage.”

Edited: you could say I’m quite knowledgeable about how old NASCAR worked but don’t ask me about the modern times or how economics works for the team though. I stopped watching NASCAR in the 2010s because of rules taking away the excitment.

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I also used to be interested in stock car racing but now I am not that much interest in stock car racing as I used to be.

That is going in the quote book, thanks!

I have a small collection of NASCAR quotes to introduce certain scenes.

Lol i remember when “rub’ns racing”.

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Okay…did a re-write of Chapter One, giving a small taste of racing before diving into char creation. The new word count is just 8,600…LESS than it used to be. This is because rather than choose the full time or part time, you are automatically put on the part time team. So despite the lower word count, the amount of playthrough content has not decreased at all, actually went up slightly. You now have a better idea how you finished the season and what kind of options you will have for your second year.

I need to add an interaction scene still, but let me know what you think!

ch1v2 line 141: Invalid expression at char 10, expected NUMBER, STRING, VAR or PARENTHETICAL, was: OPERATOR [%]
this shows up every time i select the option.

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Thanks for the catch. I had a modifier as -% instead of the other way around.

Also, just a heads-up, if your control isn’t 14 or higher, doing that is a bad idea.

Love the game so far, but I had a question about what generation/era of Nascar it is based on or is it a mixture of eras?

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Glad to hear!

It is a mixture. To give a bit more detail, in this “timeline” races are televised, there is a minor series, but “Talladega” hasn’t been built yet. I wanted to set this pre-Talladega since I wanted to unveil that in game. I also wanted the player to see at least some of the change in culture, even if I didn’t start all the way back in booze-running.

I suppose I could put a brief and optional word about that at the beginning of the game.

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Talladega Speedway opened up in 1969 which sounds just about… 10-20 years after the first official race. Bootlegging racing wasn’t really an official thing until they dropped the bootlegging part and start racing on the Daytona Beach.

But this honestly sounds like a perfect time to be Earnhardt before he was a thing :joy:

seems like that issue has been fixed. Another problem is that my game freezes everytime after i am asked to select whether i want to race full time, leave or the other third one. Plus i would really appreciate a save system.

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Oh, that’s just all I have so far. 8k words goes by pretty quickly.

A save system isn’t a bad idea really. I’m not sure how to do it, but will look into it.

Really just a bump to keep this from locking…but no real progress of note. The next update will have to be a massive one, because I have to write enough random events to last multiple seasons.