What's happened to the forums


I feel like the choice of games forum is starting to die…

I remember the days when we had loads of posters, and each hour there was a new thing to reply too, but now it feels like everyone’s only posting on the two top threads, and no ones really looking at everything else, or we have lost members, I don’t even remember the last time I have seen a mod, and I feel like some mods have LEFT the forums, I can’t remember the last time fierygodfeather posted, and it looks like almost all of the old members have left.

I mean, we have had more games, but I feel like when the forums die, the games here will die with it, and then this genre will be left to rot mostly…


Dying? I have barely noticed. If anything, I think the forum is doing pretty well right now, it’s just been a slow week.

Don’t forget, a lot of members could be working hard on their next project, business in meat space and stuff. CoG and HG will continue to release games because the community is bursting with creativity.


I don’t think it’s anything as extreme as that, though I have to admit it’s a shame to see that some of the older members of the forum have seemingly vanished. I did see a mod a few hours back though, so I can’t say anything about that.

As for the number of WiP’s, well, it’s not the busiest it’s ever been, but there are a few promising ones. (Not to mention that the addition of some @Nathan_Faxon tends to make those spiral out of control and get a record number of posts.)

It’s a familiar feeling though. There have been periods of time there wasn’t really anything going on at the forums that particularly appealed to me, which caused me to go into near lurker mode for a while. I don’t think this is because something as dramatic as the forum ‘dying’ or anything, but rather caused by a lack of topics that discus things that we are personally interested in.


Well, I see mods reply every day. And I don’t post comments in every wip or similar because means trouble. Many cog wip writers now doesn’t want real sincere feedback, they just want people praising them. And I don’t know I felt most of people don’t want me here anymore. So I only post where I am certain author wants my feedback or having me around. Sorry, if I sound too pessimistic, but I have two private messages trolling me hard this month. I am a clown that the guy loves read to laughing reading me and my messages. Yeah, forum in general is dying but main wips are great and people is supporting as always,


@Cecilia_Rosewood one time… Maybe twice… Seems I’ve gained a reputation, don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


For as far as I’m concerned the best feedback is sincere feedback, so feel free to reply to my WiP if you feel like it. I’m not sure it’s the kind of story you’d like though, since it lacks political intrigue, backstabbing and any kind of poison.


I guess I just feel like this cuss So many great wips are dead and I don’t understand why, and then I notice all of the comments on it are from old members, I don’t remember when I came to this forum, since first I lurked then made a account, then after awhile had to make another, but it’s been long enough to see the differences, in the old days it was rare for good wips to die, but now I could list ten easily, as I said, were getting more games, but we’re losing our community, or maybe I just feel this way…


Well, I feel like there are a lot of people from steam coming over at the moment, who are initially full of enthusiasm and start a project of their own only to abandon it when they realize that it takes a lot of effort. It’s a shame, but even before CoG went to steam there were already people like that, just in smaller numbers. It’s too bad choiceofbox doesn’t exist anymore, otherwise I’d be able to point out dozens of WiP’s from the old days that also ended up abandoned.


Probably the topics being posted are not that appealing therefore the users don’t really post. It would also be bad if users post on every topic without real interest in it, it will look strange or annoying to some who are really interested on the topic.

I see some mods around here and there; the mods here are actually more active than some other forums around. The users dwindling probably are about real life that gets in the way of them making or continuing their wips.

The others will probably come back, just not this minute lols :slightly_smiling: I did leave the forum for some years and came back so who knows right?


Sincere feedback is valuable. You’re welcome to my WiP anytime :blush: it’s mostly illegal stuff and chaos.

@NukeboomV2 understandable concern. It takes dedication and hard work to make a successful project. Some people have all these ideas they want to bring to life, some sound fantastic, but once they realise how much work you have to put into the project, it starts to dwindle and become abandoned.


I’m sorry you feel this way - honest, straight-forward feedback is something that most of the better devs and authors do value and for the past month, I’ve seen you give nothing but honest, heartfelt feedback.

@NukeboomV2 - I have only signed up on the forums, here, recently. With that being said, I’ve been involved with forums going back to the 1990’s (I’m an old lady now ;( ) and in my experience, forums go in cycles.

Many forums get busier on school and holiday breaks. In Europe, many countries are getting seriously back into work as well as school after a long winter break and in the Americas school is back in swing too. My Russian friends have been experiencing a tough winter in St. Pertersburg (gamingwise) and I see activity go fown, not only in places like this but in forums as diverse as you can imagine.

Choice of Games also went through a huge publishing year, expanding on Steam like never before and the next round of stories are just now starting to enter the pipeline. We see WiP from long established authors such as JimD and KG as well as newcomers. Heck, I’ve even starting to explore my own project, talking to people who can help me…

Long and short is: I see a cycle and I foresee traffic pick up in the near future.

Edit: [quote=“Nathan_Faxon, post:5, topic:14625”]
don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Both good and bad :slight_smile: … there will always be lovers and haters.


Well This post has given me two wips more to comment on. So Mara is happy! I will play your wips and comment. :wink:



I’ve been on here since 2011, and I’ve seen energy rise and fall (and the much missed Fairy G step on and off, along with many other members).

I don’t remember any golden age when WIPs got finished in any greater numbers than they are at the moment. I feel like there are still plenty fizzing away and new WiP threads getting started every week.

I do remember back when I was feeling good that my own WiP thread was keeping pace with Guns of Infinity and Guenevere. That was a very long time ago…

But I’d say don’t worry about the collapse of either the forum community or CoG. Both are doing well.


You only add something to your wip and people will run to post in it… We still loving you grandpa @Havenstone and Mara the noble rebel against blood magic and stupid smelling commoners she has to use until reaching power.


I think it’s because I’m not as active as I used to be :cry:


Be the change you want to see in the world, @NukeboomV2. I can’t speak to the other mods, and I grant that I’m primarily a staff member, not a volunteer mod, but the forums seem quite active to me! I’m here, pretty much every day now, reading and checking on various things.


If you want that then you need to find the time to work XOR and re-open your wip thread, still easier said than done I suppose.



Hmm, I like honest feedback too. The feedback I got in the early stages of my game was very useful and it helped shape the rest of my story.

That being said, I think you wouldn’t really like my WIP because it has a set protagonist and there isn’t even the slightest hint of poison in the story. I also got the impression that you only have an iphone, and my game doesn’t work on iOS at the moment, so there’s that problem too.


Isn’t this a slow part of the year for just about everybody.
School highschool college ect.
Weather. Nobody wants to do much in the cold. And consider seasonal effective disorder.
Money tends to be short too so working longer hours.
Shorter days without a cheery holiday to keep us powered up in the dark hours.

I figure it’ll be slow up until spring early summer. Once schools let out it’ll be nuts. Hands up if you’re a student.


You’re an ace in my book Mara <3 , when English is not your primary language people tend to forget it is sometimes hard to convey complex thoughts from one language to another. So if they can not take the time to read what you say and ask for extrapolation if there is any confusion it would go a long way to clarify the meaning you are trying to present.

I find it ironic that native English posters tend to have more of an issue with grammar and syntax than you my dear. So post away I like seeing your insights ^_^.

As for me, I tend to post infrequently and only if the WIP is omg this is brilliant (sometime I get too busy with real life) but time I get back to my post my musing would no longer be relevant.