What to write next?


I wander what to write after I finish my current WiP. I really want it to be on a popular topic so that more people would be inclined to enjoy it. Which of the following three sounds most appealing?

The MC is part of a team who participates in a virtual reality shooter (like Unreal Tournament for those of you old enough to remember it). Out of the tournament, there can be interactions inside the futuristic MMORPG world and the real one.

I think it might be a popular topic, and it hasn’t been explored so far.

-Mutant Flesh
This is a zombie apocalypse game. The story begins two weeks after your fellow citizens got infected and turned into superhuman zombie-like monsters. Many (tried to) escape(d). As for you, you couldn’t leave your significant other, who has a broken leg. Finally, you need to get out for weapons, food and medicines.

Hands down the most popular topic, but vastly overused.

-Dancing with demons

A supernatural romance in which you start with a girlfriend that can be an angel, succubus, vampire or a lupine changeling. Well, you can change your partner after that.

A very popular topic but there is a very strong (I would say Unnatural) gamebook under the Hosted Games label.


Dancing with demons sound kool and its a very catchy name.


I’ll agree with @vampierkid222

& being a former WoW / Runescape/ SW:ToR player I wouldn’t mind the MMO game either


I like the sound of the MMO game.


I do like the sound of Dancing with Demons, but I would like to see the MMO game put into action too


There’s room for more supernatural games but both sound interesting


I guess you are fed up with zombies :). Thanks for the feedback, guys.


I’d like to see any of them, especially the Unreal tournament one


@Mayday, I don’t think its that people are fed up with zombies but there is already at least 1 being written & we’re hoping for something new & different


I like the MMO as well


Can’t go wrong with zombies, but also really like the sound of the Dancing with Demons…
There’s an RPG version of your virtual shooter idea going on now called Sovereign Reality


I vote Dancing with Demons!


Dancing with demons lol but add men too. Also a cat woman men could be cool like the panter woman movie.


@Samuel_H_Young I would expect it from the author of the Trial of the Demon Hunter :slight_smile:

@poison_mara Yeah, I should start making the sex of the MCs selectable at a particular point.

@Doctor I should search for it.


Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you could always add that choice in an update to PoL when you feel comfortable with the code.