What the longest time you have been Awake?


What has been the longest time you have been awake?


About 24 hours during the first day of the school year.


Ha the longest time I have been awake for is around 65 hours .that was from having to be at work for 4 in the morning than having to stay till 8 .then going out that night staying out till 4 the following morning and going to work again but a little drunk. Then getting dragged out for another night out. Then getting home at 6 in the morning and staying awake till.going to a family meal for my mums birthday. Which carried on till 6 that night. I think i finally crashed at around 8 or 9 really can’t remember as I was that tired. I would not recommend trying it as it really hard and not good for u


Probably like 48-52 hours? This was a combination result of 1. not being able to sleep on planes, and 2. flying transpacific like 14+ hours, and 3. then being terribly jet-lagged x_x


About 20-21 hours, a couple of times on days when I’ve been to a late night movie/party/concert after school.

@Andy31 @enterprisi :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: that’s very impressive, how have you managed to not fall asleep?


Lots of caffeine, and willpower! (also, having a hard drive full of unwatched movies, tv shows, and books is a good motivation to stay awake XP)


Wow, bad memories. Heh, well I would have to say about 50 hours. This happened twice. Once reading a really good 8000 page book series (sadly, I had to re-read the last two books because I forgot a lot of details), and once (of all things😄) playing, or actually replaying, every CoG game I had a couple of times.


I errr… was gonna say mine is 28 hours but 50-60 hours awake? I can’t imagine being up that long.


I’m asleep right now.


Yeah, it’s not too fun, don’t try it :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I said, bad memories.


just under 80 hours awake in 2010 just after Christmas. I ended up sleeping for 28 hours afterwards, i guess i went full hibernation mode. do not try it at home kids


28 hours - twice. Once at university, pulling an all-nighter. The next day I fell asleep in a seminar while the lecturer was talking directly to me… Not good. The second time was on the way home from Germany (to the UK). I’d been there for a long weekend with friends yet our flight home on Sunday evening was cancelled. (9:55pm flight at an airport with a 10:00pm flight curfew…) We all had to work the next day so spent half the night travelling to Eindhoven, Netherlands where we could get a morning flight. The second half of the night was spent making new friends and complaining about the airline (RyanAir - I know). We finally made it back to the UK and I got to work just a little late. A couple of hours later I received a work phone call from another department and found myself falling asleep as I listened. It was then I called it a day and went home. The great thing is that I’m still in contact with a couple of the friends I made on that flight, 10 years ago now! (they’re actually two of the characters in The Race…)


My record is like 72 hours (I don’t remember exactly, but it was at least that long) from having two full time jobs and some schooling thrown in there. I constantly had a Monster in my hand. At one point my heartbeat was going really fast and wouldn’t slow down. Because of this I ended up quieting one of my jobs because they refused to reduce my hours. I slept for a full day.


The longest I’ve been awake has honestly probably not been much over 48 hours, but I have gone 10 days in which I only slept about 12-15 hours total…that was pretty awful haha I started hallucinating at one point it was kind of a trip


I’m an insomniac so I have at least one thirty hour day every couple of months. The longest I’ve been awake is three days plus a little extra; I want to say somewhere between three and six hours. It’s a foggy memory and I don’t remember the times exactly.

Like the other people here who were awake that long I too slept for a full day afterwards. That seems to be the standard response.


4 days and 3 nights during one hellish summer.


ok thats impressive to say the least


I’d say that’s incredible and amazing! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


You fell asleep while the lecturer was talking to you xDDD lmfao.