What stops you from having fun with an interactive novel?


Oh yeah, I hate the judgemental omniscient narrator. Really takes me out of the story. It can be done well but only if it’s diegetic, like Portal.


Pair that kind of narrator with stats and how those play out in a game where said narrator scolds and mocks you for… making choices that are in line with the stats but are not the “true path” and you have a recipe for disaster


Yeah I much prefer narration that’s more neutral and descriptive rather than a narration with a personality. It can feel in some games that you’re wrestling with god a little bit. Just … take a step back and let me get immersed in the story.

There are obviously exceptions and it’s always down to context but mostly I want the narrator to be invisible.


I dont mind banter and a bit of snark from the narrator (heck, look at the dork the narrator in my game is) but there is a threshold.


I love this description so much that I’m tempted to try and write this game.


Hahaha, well if the temptation persists I’d say go for it! :smile:


Oh, hells, I’ve got more than enough work on my hands with the current WIP. I’ll keep it in mind for the future, though.


Anything heavily reliant on stats and management. I like being able to read and not constantly stress about if what I’m doing is going to end in a game over :frowning:


The said interactive novel reaching it’s ending.




Same here. I rather have 10 paths to explore with minor stats req. Than 3 paths with a lot of stats and management, learn how to program a satelite and build a rocket. Discover something that doesn’t exist.


I hate to play novels if I forced to play a bad guy. I mean i can understand why some people like it but I like it to play friendly people. (Grand academy for super villians is a exception because you are not reeally bad.)


Stat based novels give me stress and anxiety :sweat_smile:. I prefer novels that are more focused on the story and the characters, like wayhaven! :grinning: