What speed drawing should I do next?


I have a YouTube channel where I do speed drawings like this one https://youtu.be/FoBf0B-8vmI among other things. I’ve mainly had it up for myself, but I want to interact more and so my question is what would you like me to do a speed drawing of next ? The topic most requested will be what I will draw.

Thanks for reading!


One of the dragons in draconic challenges?



Dragons would be awesome :slight_smile:


Would you be interested in doing free commissions? I still need someone to draw a character if mine. PM me if you need something to do. :wink:


It looks like most of you would like me to do a speed drawing of a dragon. Its still too early to tell, but I’ll announce what I will draw on Wednesday, and I’ll have the video done by Friday night.
In the mean time here is another speed drawing. If you like dragons you might enjoy this one

So, What type of dragon would you like to see?

I would also like to take the time to thank you all for responding to my topic, I plan to be interactive with all my followers of my content so lets make this YouTube channel grow!


It looks like it will be a dragon as to what type it will be is still up in the air. Your game sounds like something that I would be interested in playing. I will definitely check it out. :grinning:


Thanks for the input, it sure looks like it will be a dragon drawing. I posted in the reply to the thread a question as to what kind of dragon it should be. So put in your vote when you have a chance. There is also a video showing a speed drawing I made of a creature similar to a dragon, So give it a watch if you can. Thanks again for your interest ! :blush:


I am not opposed to helping out. :slight_smile: Right now though I am focused on this challenge, I’ll PM you when I’ve got some spare time for the drawing. In the mean time feel free to join in this topic of what you would like to see me speed draw. :wink:


I will sure watch it. A colorful dragon would be awesome!


Hey it’s a t-rex-ish inspired dragon :slight_smile: You’re very good, I end up using my eraser way too much to fix things.
I’m quite partial to the long, graceful “Anne Mccaffrey-ish” style winged, reptilian type dragons although any dragon is a good one.


Thanks, your support means a lot.:grin:


I agree those are pretty cool. Thank you for the compliment it helps keep me motivated :sunglasses:
Don’t worry about erasing, I do my fair share during the planning stages. If you enjoyed that drawing, I am sure you will like this upcoming speed sketch. It will have a more polished look.

Thanks again for the comment !


The poll ends today at 5pm, in the mean time, I did this speed drawing of a Velociraptor https://youtu.be/xWlPFmftdwo if you vote using the comments on YouTube they will reach me faster via notifications.



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