What songs do you envision for various scenes you've played in CYOA games or scenes you've written?


After hearing Aurora’s murder song in The Flash and thinking about songs in movies and TV shows it makes me wonder what ones would be good for scenes in text games and stories.


OST of shows and movies seems to fit well when reading CoGs/HGs.


For the entire playthrough of Fallen Hero, Battlefield (Jordin Sparks) and Fade (Alan Walker) were the ones that resonated the most with me.


I wrote a song about 8 years ago now called “Downpour,” recorded in Garage Band, which I couldn’t get out of my head while writing endings for Choice of Magics because of its “upbeat apocalypse” theme. The song’s lyrics about a world that gets flooded don’t literally work for my game, which doesn’t take place in our world, but I ended up writing an ending that was as close to the song as I could make it.

I keep telling myself I shouldn’t try to rerecord it with new lyrics and better mixing just for one ending. But here’s the song:



For the Hero Rise series I imagine the song that they used in the scene of Superman flying with Lois in Superman 2 during the scene with Jenny.


I think of Samurai of Hyuga when I listen to this. It may or may not even be Japanese, but it’s still pretty Eastern.



Titles I played

Hero Unmasked!
Battle with Firebrand (after the kidnapping)

Battle with Bloodmist

Aetherfall and Heart of the House 'themes’


Fallen Hero

Stuff I'm writing

This to get me into the mood for flashback scenes for the MC:

Superhero stuff:



I have to add though: I tend to be distracted when I play music while playing though either I found the song not fitting for the situation or I get sleepy. :thinking:

But so far when I hear “Pray For Me” , I tend to remember Fallen Heroes. XD


I have ‘Peace Sign’ from Boku no Hero Acadamia’ on repeat, playing the ‘Herorise’ trilogy. Playing suave and stylish characters, its ‘Nobody does it better’ from ‘The Spy who loved me’. I got ‘Stately homes of England’ by Noel Coward stuck in my head during the England chapter of Eagle’s Heir, and Choice of Vampires had to be ‘Walking in Memphis’. In Choice of Romance, I played ‘Tomorrow belongs to me’, from Cabaret, at the end of the first book, and ‘Sunset Boulevard’ for the rest of the story.


FAR TOO MANY TO COUNT. :sweat_smile:

From songs like opening themes to ending themes, songs that act like a character’s theme, to MANY,MANY instrumental pieces that fit for emotional moods in the stories. I often find myself trying to piece together musics that seem to fit in some way (other times, a song just really reminds me of the story, and I just don’t know why). Watching both TV and movie animations and playing video games just seems to automatically make me imagine some type of music to go with each scene, character or story in some way.

the two ones that come up in my mind at the moment are:

@Oli_C’s Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods

(This song just really makes me think about the Mortal Hero MC and their connection with their potential Patron Gods and also the MC’s connection to the mythological things that will soon become a part of their everyday life)

(and Castle on the Hill makes me think of the Mortal Hero MC in general though I don’t know exactly why.)

@Rohie’s Children of the Gods:

(This song I imagine as a opening sung be the Bearer MC’s mysterious mother, the Great Prophet Priscilla).

(The Bearer’s Theme; it’s the remix version of the song I imagine about as the CotG’s opening song. It has this ethereal feel to it that really just reminds me of the Bearer MC and the nature of their existence).


for Samurai of Hyuga , I play something like this since the author is so good in his writing I can almsot smell the sweat and taste the saké : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nsKPursiPg

For heart of the house , I would use this for that eerie beginning : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMoCbXIDJ7k

for Guenever , when it’s done and released . If there is a scene a la Sissi where my Guen is forced to dance with Arthur and stuff like that…I would play this , since it fit in my mind how often in those kind of gathering is where everyone is plotting murder : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2fk4Ia1IZs

for that WIP The WIght King . I shall play this as you kill your way out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_ANZQGbkHM

and I shall play this , for every story I read…cose it’s always sad that they have to end : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcYJHojTsFg

for fallen hero: Rebirth , that story tug at so many strings (boo!)…anyway , only the most heartbreaking soundtrack would fit for me . So I choose this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t3TS1JX2zY

Ah! for choice of the cat , which btw was hilarious to read . I go for this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA8EYs2eRZI


For freak amidst the neon lights https://youtu.be/nzyNWyZhUS0.
For a fallen hero rebirth


For Samurai of Hyuga: Book 3’s finale fight scene: Nightcore- Hurricane


For Tin Star…especially when strolling towards the confrontation with Marshal Steele

For Slammed ! … during the entrance of my MC


As for Tin Star,for me it’s El Deguello :grin:


It is amazing what we can find from Youtube these days :-):grin:
Those protagonists from the Wild West movies are all cool looking… :-):laughing:


I don’t really have certain songs that I associate with other cog or hosted games stuff but for my thing (which i’m finally being able to write after wrestling with chrome for two weeks yaaay) is pretty much any jrpg ost that I was listening to at the time lmao

Though my default sound track that I tend to listen to when writing is basically any of the vocal soundtracks from the ar tonelico series haha


Should also mention ‘morning of the dragon’ from Miss Saigon, which rears its head for Choice of Kung Fu and in the prelude to any dramatic martial arts fight.


In Waywalker University 2 where we can choose between helping Semryu free Ilyan or try to reason with him to let that thing go, I choose the latter. And I think “What happened to perfect by Lucas Graham” is perfect song for that scene.


For Zombie Exodus Safe Haven… after the end of Book 1 where we start a journey on the highway to the start of Book 2 , driving my car with either Madison or Jilian sitting beside me, this is the music i listen along the chilling night