What Should I Write? [Closed]

Heyyyy, wazzup guys? I’ve been pondering on a few ideas for what I want to do for my first attempt at an interactive fiction and wanted to see what people on here would be most interested in playing. I don’t have all of the ideas planned out too thoroughly, more like concepts than actual plots yet. Well, without further ado, I guess here are the ideas listed:

High School RomCom/Mystery

So my basic premise for this is that you’re a transfer student to a new high school because (reasons TBD). In school, you’ll meet a cast of characters, almost all of which will have their own route in case y’all are interested in them :smirk:. As for the mystery component, I felt that this concept was a bit too bland and character-driven as I had it previously, and I am terrible at writing character-driven stories, so the basic plot will be about uncovering the secrets of the strange high school you’ve transferred to. This will include breaking and entering, theft, and most likely more crimes in the name of adventure! I still haven’t decided on what the secret will be though :stuck_out_tongue:. Also, onto the cast of characters, I plan on forming the central theme about character flaws that act as double swords, so for example, one of the guys I plan to write will be really empathetic and patient with others, but also has no close friends which is due to his very low self worth, so he believes that if anyone gives him attention, he should be super grateful to them, and doesn’t seek out friends since he just thinks he’s wasting their time. So part of the plot will be devoted to also “investigating” your classmates/friends/partner and help them cope with their flaw.

Futuristic Sci-Fi

This story takes place 2 million years in the future, after humans have abandoned Earth due to its inability to sustain life as a result of human destruction and pollution. Humans have been jumping across the galaxy, finding planets capable of supporting them and leeching of off them for a couple dozen thousand years or more until it too is also destroyed, and then moving on to find the next. After the most recent abandonment, a pilot discovers that Earth has been repopulated and is lively once again, so humanity sets its course for their original home planet from so many eons ago. When the humans arrive though, it is clear that they are no longer the only intelligent life there. A new race, similar to humans, called the “seraphim” (yes, I know, so original) have taken precedence, and it seems that they are about as advanced as humans were back in the medieval age. I’m planning on making a story for each perspective, seraph and human, both of which will be soldiers for the defense/invasion force. Also I’m planning on adding in-depth Seraphic politics and stuff to make it intriguing!

Fantasy/Medieval Adventure

You’re a peasant boy/girl in a village in the great kingdom of TBD and the story follows you as you take an apprenticeship of your choice, but during your time as an apprentice, a group of bandits ransacks your village and kill your mentor and kidnap you. After they knock you out, you wake up at their hideout and must escape and trek across the kingdom to find your way back to your home. This story will follow closely to the Hero’s Journey and I plan to add ROs who will be people joining you in your quest back home. This one is going to be more of a chill game and if any of you have read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’m going for that sorta vibe.

If you guys have any suggestions or comments on my ideas or would like to maybe even propose some, I’m all ears! Also, I’ll make a poll for voting which one you guys like the best, so make sure to share your opinion!

  • High School RomCom
  • Futuristic SciFi
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Other
  • A button for those who just like to press buttons

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Edit: GUYS! If you’re gonna choose “Other” it’d help if you told me what you’d prefer. If you really just like none of the above and have nothing to add, just press the button for those who like pressing buttons! :laughing:


why did you put a button just to click! Don’t you know how taunting to just keep on clicking it! Urgh! So evil! lol


Anyway , I’ve got a question . Save for the 3rd idea , are the 2 first gender locked in any way?

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The 3rd one was a typo, none of them are gender-locked :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the button, well I mean, are you saying you DON’T want to press it? I’d be impressed if after a few hours, that’s the most voted for!

I might have to change my answer if mystery includes like school murder mystery / horror. But I’d say take a life is strange broth mix in a spoonful of Corpse Party ( a powerful ingredient don’t over use) , a sprinkle of Azumanga Daioh, and some meat and noodles of your own creativity.

Oh I do! but you can only click it ONCE! Boo! Ripp off! :sweat_smile:

for High School Romcom (what’s that?) Mystery . I remind you that there are alot of ‘high school with a secret’ . I remember that movie that was like that . Scary stuff lol

So you gotta make it good!

For Futuristic Sci-Fi : Them humans don’t sound human anymore you know lol more like Leeches ! Oh you could bring in disease and mutation like ! Making the Seraphim as the good guy who have to kick these morons out of the planet …cose we all know…they gonna just screw thing up again !

Fantasy , Medieval Adventure : Kinda boring to be honest . I mean , first : why would they kidnap you and you alone ? and why wouldn’t they kill you at all ? and why would peoples join you just to walk you home ? are there dragon in this one ? A king and Queen maybe ? OHHH how about Pixies ?! Goblin maybe ? what…too much? lol

Pssst, if you want to hit it multiple times, just click another button and then click it again :D.

RomCom means romantic comedy, I think I might have misconstrued what kind of secret I’m going for. It’s probably going to be less horror and more like trying to solve an unsolved murder that occurred at the school (at least, that’s the most plausible right now). Although if people want a more horror type, I would drop the comedy aspect at that point.

By leeching, I mean using up resources at an unhealthy rate, just as humans had done with Earth. These humans will still be human, yes! :grin: And yeah, the Seraph perspective would focus on the theme of humans as aliens and how humans are almost an evil force now, flipping the paradigm of humanity being good. The human perspective would be more about birthright (AKA we were here first and so we have the right to this land) and superiority. Ultimately, both perspectives would interact and learn about the other race and either decide to defend their people or try to work diplomatically or possibly more, depending on how ambitious I am with coding.

The third one is the one I’ve worked on the least, but essentially the reason why you’re kidnapped is because when they go to loot your house, they kill your mentor, but one of the raiders will suggest they take the child as a work slave. That’s why they keep you alive, so that you work for them. Then to the next point about companions, one will be a fellow slave who escapes with you and has no home to go back to, so they follow you. Another one the PC will meet the first night after they escape (for now) and will either be a lone thief themselves or possibly be a magical creature like a goblin or pixie, I haven’t decided on it yet. As for the others, I’m not sure, but I’m open to ideas. Maybe instead of going back to the village, the goal is to go to the capital and then from there, join a caravan back to the village? That would at least make it so that the companions can have their own goals to achieve on the way.

I wasn’t planning on making it horror; if I do that, I’d probably have to ditch the comedy part. Also Corpse Party is the bomb, but I’ve never heard of Azumanga Daioh. What parts of that do you see in this?

Awwwwww…I personally would love comedy more! :grin:

Hum…but if the seraph fixed the land and such . Wouldn’t that entitle them to keep it ?

But why would anyone go back if you lost everything ? I mean , unless you have family still alive . Maybe . But often in Adventurer stories , once you are free and fought left and right…the last thing you wanna do is go back to a farm .

I like the highschool idea cause no one on hosted game has ever finished theres on here. i wanted to start a highschool hosted games cs game a while ago but i never could figure out where to go to write it in all those folders :grinning:

Well Azumanga Daioh is basically about a group of high school girls being friends and going to high school. No big monsters, no real drama just chill.

Exciting bits includethe Spacey Girl sleepwalking with a knife, a bug in the classroom freaking everyone out, an mean cat who bites people, college entrance exams, and miss Yukaris driving.

Basically the socialization aspect hanging out between solving the mystery going to karaoke or arcade etc. You can mix horror and comedy easily corpse party make black humor a thing. And don’t forget the cute girl who assumes men are perverts and is always eating potato chips and whose head opens up like a flower to reveal petals full of teeth that can bite a dude’s head off.

I don’t doubt horror and comedy can be mixed, I’m just not very confident in my ability to do so. I’m pretty mediocre at writing horror, so trying to also do comedy on top of perfecting the horror element might be a bit too much for even me! :sweat_smile:

You should try to maybe not for a game but just as a writing skills just imagine that devil challenges you to a story contest for your immortal soul. But he knows you don’t feel skilled in horror. Then you pen a tale that would terrified junji ito himself.

I’ll put a mandatory comment about someone who is on the Futuristic Sci-Fi camp on the list.

I think it’d be fun playing as a Seraph, and there’re rumors about the sucker Old Ones that screw the planet, once. This might be that once-in-a-lifetime story where I’m not rooting for humanity, if that’s the case :fist:t4:

Oh please, you know all serious CoG writers have no soul :slight_smile:

But seriously, I mean I guess I could try it but if I’m not feeling it, I’ll just choose to go with one over the other. That’s the perk of writing the story, you make the final decision!

Nah nah nah make the game whatever inspires you. Make the horror in a notepad and save it. Keep tinkering with it until you feel it’s a great story not a game maybe share it on a fiction site get feedback. Games take so much work you have to put your whole heart in it. But short stories those can be just to refine your skills. Hell maybe you’ll use your short story in a scene where the characters are sharing spooky stories . But let the horror be the writing equivalent of weight lifting.


Why you ask? You basically just asked me to choose between Mass Effect and Dragons Age. Like, I can’t. So I choose both 2 and 3!

Side note:


I believe in you. Just look at IT. That shit funnyz

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Okayyyyy, considering the percentages have been stagnant for a while and High School RomCom has a decisive lead, I guess that’ll be what we go with! I may update this thread every once in a while if I want opinions on something, but once I get the demo together, I’ll be sure to make a new thread for that. That’s all, folks! :grin:

Aw, I’m disappointed the future one didn’t get more attention :cry: it’s so different from anything else I’ve seen in choicescript… not just in being a genre that’s been a bit rarer for choicescript, but also a particularly creative premise within that, one that would really stand out :disappointed_relieved: and with a potential for some really heavy-duty worldbuilding.

I’m curious about these seraphim :thinking: if they’ve developed on Earth in the last couple million years, what did they evolve from? :smile:

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I am always a sucker for high school stories. Also the fact that it will be a comedy and a mystery makes me sooo happy. (For some reason Scooby Doo comes to mind? Freaking love Scooby Doo.) Comedic relief always, to me, makes mysteries just more fun. (It also makes it so you can have ridiculous mysteries tbh. ex. Scooby Doo. :joy:)

Also, romance… romance is good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t worry, man. I’m most likely going to revisit both of the other concepts eventually, I just couldn’t decide on which one I wanted to do first. As for the origin of seraphim, the lore of this world is that life had to start from scratch, right down to bacteria. For that reason, some things evolve differently from the Earth we know, like I may add migrating trees and some interesting beasts that may be reminiscent of Avatar. As for how seraphim evolved, they were the result of a primate-like species with 6 (or 8) arms developing feathers instead of a fur coat and that mutated into all but two arms becoming similar to avian style wings. Of course, since they’re so large, it would be a bit of a challenge for them to fly, but their bones are hollow just like a bird’s, so combined with that and the lowered gravity on Earth (due to a lot of its matter being taken with humans or thrown into space by humans), they are able to generate lift. :slight_smile: Hope that explanation helped!

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