What should I write about?


Hay, I’m new to choice script, and never wrote a choose your own path story before.

But I’ve been writing since 14, and I was just wondering.

I have 2 big idea’s in my head, but I have no idea which one to write about. And that’s where I need help.

So the first one is called Killers Among Us and you play as a 16 year old who returns home after being away for over a year. But along with your arrival a spring of murders start to occur around you and your friends and family with you as a suspect. Theirs only a murder every 4th or 5th chapter (mostly because I didn’t want to kill every character off). So the stories a little slasher based, but more than that it will revolve around you and five of your closes friends, because of a deadly secret you all are keeping, and the killer knows this secrets. So basically its about your living through being stalked by a serial killer. But theirs lots of drama, romance and friendship which the story will strive on. And the choices you make decides who dies (literally, in the chapters that a character gets killed of at least 5 lives are put on the line by your choice), I’ll maybe even let you play as the character who could possible die, making it their choice collide with yours.
NOTE: this will be three books

OK this is my second franchise. Spare my soul, a supernatural/mystery/romance type novel, which was my first story every but I never published of posted it online. So in this one your also play the role of a 16 teen year old, and could maybe even be more darker than Killers Among Us based on drama alone.

So the idea. You a witch male/female who’s been on the run for your entire 16 years from your coven as you are some how the link to your pure blooded ancestors bloodline. So your coven wants to siphone your magic and your ancestors, but in doing so they have to kill you.
So coming to where the story begins, your parents final desire to stop running and you settle down in highly populated supernatural town. But one of your parents are killed In the first chapter (your choices deside which one) and you let out a blast of energy so fierce it could draw any supernatural being from 80 miles away. And that how it starts.
NOTE: this will probably be 6 or maybe more books


Hi, Cam, welcome to the community!

Wow, those are ambitious ideas! Have you played many choicescript games before? You mentioned that you are new to choicescript, but does that mean to coding in choicescript, or playing as well?

I recommend playing a lot of games, and then starting with something more bitesized. The first one in particular sounds like it would be incredibly complex to code and write, and I would suggest thinking about a smaller vignette, just to get your feet wet. You’ll find loads of people here happy to give you advice and suggestions!


If it’s your first time, I recommend you to choose the shorter one.


I would recommend going with a short story first.

Considering your new to Choice Script, you are going to have to juggle both scripting and writing, as well as other aspects like planning, etc. So if you go with a short one, this will give you a better idea of what the whole process will take and what a larger effort would entail.


I was going to make a dirty joke but… no.

But he/she/they has a point, starting with a Franchise can be a really ambitious idea, and you might want to experiment a little before. Also, I have the impression that you might be kind of attached personally to those stories and if that is the case I think that it’s better to start with a story that doesn’t mean so much, so you don’t have to worry too much if something goes wrong.

But hey if you feel confident to write now, go ahead, I would recommend Killers Among Us.


Umm check copyright of the first idea name a bit, I think I heard the name somewhere else before.


Write whatever you are passionate about. If you have one of the 2 listed ideas more fleshed out (for whatever reason), start with that one.

Me personally, of the 2 ideas you mentioned, both sound interesting but I think “Spare My Soul” sounds better.


Both sounds great. Prefer Fantasy though, so I like ‘Spare my Soul’ a little better than ‘Killers Among Us’.

The title ‘Killers Among Us’ is almost similar to a game’s I had played before, though there the characters were characters in childrens’ fairytales adapting to more mature roles in the city, far far away from the land they used to live.


Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it. So I’m going to take what you said really seriously and write something small and gain experience, before starting with any of these stories.


If you want to target a mature audience(17+),then try the first idea,or if you want to target a younger audience(13+),then try the second one.
Hope this helps.:grinning: