What repels you from trying a game when reading a description?


Well, I’m actually writing a story about a Roman legionary and it isn’t gender locked, cause I chose to go all Mulan on this one and female/nonbinary MC is disguised as a man. This is just my take on this historical accuracy thing, I’m not shaming anyone who doesn’t do that. But, you know, it’s not that hard.


Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Not to mention, women who fought were frowned upon in Greece, but it’s not like they weren’t allowed to be strong and fight. Gladiatrices existed, even. They fought each other, wild animals, etc.

Women were often hunters, during hunter-gatherer periods.

The only excuse for writing a gender-locked game is that you want to write a gender-locked game. And that’s totally fine! Just be honest about it.


Bear with me as I have rather long list. Amnesiac protagonists, anything that implies a strictly romantic plot, a plot or theame that is clearly lifting from the top anime of the season, magical/adveturing acadmies any game that is gender locked, sports games(espcially American ones like American Football and Bas eball) and chosen protagonists. All the above tends to get an eyeroll from me but i’ve will give games a try if that initial discription really grabs me, thats how I ended getting into the Infinity series which is gender locked male. Somtimes I go right into a trail if I feel the games description does not offer enough info found some of my favorites that way


Dragoon Saga is one big exception I see for a lot people once they try it as far as gender lock male game goes. Great world build awesome characters and just well written. You existed as natural part of this world instead of this chosen one that exist above it.


Exclamation marks (but not always).

Main thing is genre, writing style and indicators of effort (word count, cover image, word count).

Related but not exactly what you were asking, but the cover image goes a long way. If the cover image looks low effort I get skeptical. If it looks custom and like a painting I’ll give it chance. Anime style front covers are no good for me.

Word count as well. Above 200000 words and I’m definitely trying the game. Below 200000 I’m skeptical. under 100000 words, even positive reviews might not be enough.


This is exactly what the issue is - because you don’t know the Spartans, you are assuming … Spartan women were a lot more independent than Athenian women and while you most likely are correct in your conclusion, you were accidentally correct.

If you had foolishly claimed the same for Vikings, Breton warriors fighting Romans, or medieval fighters in various parts of the world, you would have been wrong and still assuming.

With @dontcallmekoko such a story may come across as lazy and/or uncreative because she might actually know about Spartan, Breton, Viking or medieval women and understand that perhaps the author should take more time and exert more effort in telling their story or making their game.

Most people assume a lot from pop culture (ex. This is Sparta! So don’t come home if you are defeated except on your shield - which is based on faulty historical legend) and often, if they only did their research or learned the truth, their stories and games might be better, more creative and thus more worthwhile.

I agree.


There are a few things that will turn me away from a WIP:

  1. As previously stated, gender-locked. But for me, as a male, gender-locked female. There aren’t a ton of these, but I’ll nope right out, cause I have no interest in role-playing a female. It’s unfortunate because a few really interesting stories came up, like The Courting of Miss Bennett. I was disappointed I didn’t have a choice to be Darcy, even if my only options would have been to brood, brood, or brood.

  2. A messy summary. This comes in multiple parts. Certainly misspelled words, lack of capitalization, and missing punctuation is a turn off. But I also want, in a paragraph or two, to know the setting and time of the world you are in, and the MCs role within that world, and what the protagonists journey will entail.

Bullet points of what can be expected in the journey help well the story, but don’t go in to too much detail. Don’t over complicate the summary posting.

  1. Last, and perhaps most important to me, is what is the stories “gimmick”. I want to find what makes the story stand out. I suppose I’m not attracted to the story of the peasant farmer or displaced noble who finds the magic McGuffin that will make them all powerful.

Been there, read that story, no need to repeat it. Good writing and characters can save this, so introduction of side characters in the summary could help these types of stories.

Now, if you have a gimmick though, say…you’re a displaced noble, but from a clan of Kobolds, and your magic McGuffin only allows you to turn in to a duck, albeit a very impressive duck…well…I might think you’re crazy…but at least you got my attention. It IS different…


The biggest turn away for me, easily, is History. I stay far far away from games based in a historical context. Reminds me to much of being in school and being bored to death trying to memorize names. I play COG to escape school, not to be reminded of it.


There are a few things, most of which are fairly shallow and make me sound like an awful and demanding audience, that turn me completely off of a WIP:

  1. Gender-locked male. I grew up with no choice but to read books, watch movies, and play games about (a majority of) male protagonists. I’m over it.
  2. Young adult. I know, I’m terrible, but I’m old and bitter and I hate a lot of the tropes that I see crop up in YA-driven media.
  3. Management games. I guess there must be a huge draw for these, but honestly, I just want to play a fun story - I don’t want to worry about whether I killed everyone because I didn’t gather enough wood last week or whatever.
  4. tl;dr. I’m lazy - I want a concise summary that’s grammatically decent and broken into readable paragraphs. I dislike blocks of text.
  5. too vague - if you don’t give me any idea about the thrust of your plot, I’m going to move on to someone who does.
  6. Specifically for games with ROs - a lack of gender-preferred options. I know it can be a lot of work to write a romance that can be read from a number of different preferences, but I’m also very uninterested in f/f romance so I usually just skip it.


The point of the Spartans was ment to be a loose example of a greater point Eiwynn, since there may very well be scenarios women can do stuff in the Spartan example but in other settings this may be more difficult, unlikely, or even impossible, etcetera, so I would like to ask you not to get too caught up on that.

(Also I was assuming a lot but I have still read a bit on Spartan history and watched videos, defend scenario being how a guy claimed women were taught how to fight so while the legionaries were off fucking around they were the last line of Defense)

And on the point of cross dressing and what not, yeah that’s fine, since there is historical evidence and what not of women back in the day doing that from memory. At least in parts of Europe. Again, my Spartan knowledge is lacking.

And I don’t mind if people do these bizarre scenarios and what not, I tend to just mind when they act like it’s normal. Like I was playing a knight game once that was saying how it’s historically accurate, then a women knight happened and everyone didn’t even blink an eye. Which was ‘Wat’ incarnate.


Maybe I’m boring, but I enjoy being an “average” human. So I’m not interested any game that makes me be a vampire or werewolf and any kind of creature. I love games with super natural creatures and whatnot, as long as I’m a human with average human power or, which bring me to…

I’m okay with superpowers and magic, although I love it when they don’t make our characters Superman or Dumbledore or whatever- keep a limit on our power.

I also like games in which you belong to minor nobility, or are the bastard or youngest son of a king or whatever.

So pretty much games in which you aren’t the spotlight nor the best, but you can still hold your own and achieve great things.

Oh, I also dislike teen adventures and similar stuff. Being a grown up rocks!


If I see it’s a genderlocked game, I leave. I just don’t like not having the choice to play what I want. It feels too constrictive for me. I’m not saying that there isn’t any good reason for it, or that it’s a bad thing–it’s all a matter of preference. I don’t like it, and I most likely won’t read it.

And I do like playing characters of all genders. That’s not the reason why. I’m the type of person that gets peeved when I’m locked out of choices that could make for an interesting narrative.

I’m not mad at the writer for having a very specific idea about how their story would play out (for instance, playing as a male warrior from a clan with traditional gender rolls.) But I would’ve been interested in the story more if I could play Xyz, a female clansmember who has to constantly dodge around societal rules so she could learn to defend herself and her clan.


Oh, yes, very inaccurate.


RTS for me. I’ve always been awful at them. It hurts that I’ll never be able to enjoy Fire Emblem fully.


I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m just saying it wasn’t common. In the days where most men were not the most progressive of people, so in this combat scenario ,and it was just treated as a literally every day thing, that is why I was “Wat”.

And that list there doesn’t account for the mass amount of civilisations and kingdoms across the worlds history, so in those scenarios it would make sence to have a lady knight but in this game it did not, and apologies I do not remember what it was, all I can remember is confusion… I wonder if the game actually even existed… hmm… spoopy.

I’ll be having a research of those women orders and trying to find out more about their existence, since I have heard of honorific roles for women, so I’ll see if I can find out if they actively fought or what there duties were.

Also I’m trying to be polite and open minded here, so I request similar treatment since I’m beginning to notice rises in hostility.


Hmm, you know, I think I myself do tend to be grabbed by interesting setting hooks :thinking: But it’s certainly not the only thing that I’d notice, and ideally it’d come in conjunction with the sorts of things you mention, yeah :smile:

I’ve seen people say this, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen it borne out. It’s a lot of extra work for the author, sure (except when they reuse writing for multiple ROs, but I’ve seen that done even when there are only two ROs), but if the writer puts in the time and wordcount, it can make for more varied experiences, and allow for a great deal of characterization to shine through. But then, I tend to like ensemble casts in general anyway. I do think including friendship routes is important, though, and am happy to see an increasing trend toward more of these (and general platonic hangouts), as it should be possible to get deep, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships with characters both romantically and platonically.

This is why I think it’s nice when these customization options are offered but not mandatory, and there’s some sort of skippable option (except in cases where they do have plot significance, sure).

Yeah, and I’d further note that it’s really not good to sell one’s own writing short. This isn’t something I’d really see in published games, but generally, when sharing some writing, it’s not really useful to say “this is probably awful” or “I’m not that good at this” and so forth. That’ll just prejudice the reader into thinking poorly of the work, or turn off potential readers altogether. You can say “this is an area where I’d like suggestions for improvement” or the like, though, which would be productive without putting yourself down.

I’m partial to these sorts of things too, and would like to see more of them. I certainly don’t mind the alternative, but I tend to gravitate toward wondering just what the story is behind all those non-magical people who don’t get the fancy abilities, and I would like to see more of their stories.


If I notice the dissorder and a lack of ability to explain properly what the game is about then I am probably not playing it until someone prove me wrong with my decision. The other thing I take into account is that the topic interests me and by “interest” I mean really interesting, not just something you would be curious about. If the description doesn’t contains any key word I want, then the game itself is just useful for the boring’s sunday boring night and that means I download it just to cosider playing it. If it doesn’t convince in three minutes or gives me inmediate fun I unninstall the game.

I must add the fact that I am a review reaader, if there’s a ton of people insulting the game or giving the game a low rate I am not downloading it (no trash on my pc or phone).


Fire Emblem is more turn-based strategy. RTS is good 'ol Command and Conquer.
Oh, and FYI, Civs, Crusader Kings, and Endless Series are grand strategy.


Any thing that has the word “Cyberpunk” and “Gothicpunk”
Unless I am proven wrong


Definitely sorry if you feel like anyone was being hostile. I, for one, was not. Just providing you sources.

Anyway, to avoid straying further off-topic - aside from needless gender-locking (as I have proven for various reasons why I think there is no excuse aside from “i wanted to write a gender-locked game”), I also really am not a big fan of, like, super vague summaries. “Play as someone fighting in a war!”

okay, but, like, what is my character’s motivation?