What repels you from trying a game when reading a description?


No, that is actually the only counting that amounts to 10. (Jury x2, jenny, bm, lucky, pg, weaver, transfer, old mc, new mc)
Which, frankly, is false advertisement.


If a game’s unique gameplay concept isn’t captured in the description. It usually means that the game either doesn’t have one or it’s terribly implemented.


Yeah, I see a lot of descriptions in the Interest Check Thread in particular that do not have even a basic skeleton of a unique gameplay concept.

That’s like the first thing you need to start!


There may be a reason why those passages we used to read on the back covers of books were written by editors, not the authors.

I’m working on a CS game too, and if someone were to ask me what it was about in a couple paragraphs I don’t think my answer would be very helpful. I’d say something about it be about rejecting society’s expectations, learning to accept one’s self, and finding freedom on the fringes.

I’d be on to the second page of the description before I got to information about character, plot, and setting.


Admittedly, we get a lot of leeway here on the forums that we don’t when it comes to HG or published books! We have arguably unlimited space and tabs for our descriptions in the OP of the thread, with “sections” for characters, world stuff, lore, outside links, etc. That’s why it’s interesting to see what people say about things in descriptions they don’t like: here on the forums, there’s a lot of room before you can really ‘mess something up’, whereas with HG and published stories, you have only a paragraph to grab the reader, and a single error could be egregious in such a small space. That’s a lot of pressure, haha!


Yes! It is a lot of pressure. I hope that our releases look seamless and professional in terms of art and marketing copy, but believe me when I say a ton of work and debate goes into small details on these.


Looking at the HG submission form gave me a bit of anxiety. There’s several different types of descriptions you have to make of varying sizes, and honestly being able to describe the same game with multiple different lengths is a bit unnerving. I feel like it requires a lot of talent or practice.


It’s definitely the least fun part about the process for me. Even de-bugging is more enjoyable.



Especially if one doesn’t even know how to describe one’s game without making it sound boring/too complicated/absurd/etc.


I actually liked that part. I came up with all of them the night I submitted it because I didn’t know before then that I needed them, but looking back I am still fairly happy with how they came out (and the format is really specific about what is needed, which was helpful). This time I will probably involve my readership in making them a bit, though.


It definitely helps to do some of them beforehand. I wrote a small description and the bullet points for Voltaic when I made the topic. Barring some minor editing, I’m planning to pull them directly from the thread for submission when the game is done.

With that being said, I also feel like it’s easier to make them after the story is written. By then, you already know what the story is about. I don’t know, there’s a lot of ways to approach it.


With Witcher just read the book series it better and jump around point view.

I like

That is insult to anyone that try historical fiction on here. I love history and I really love social history. Depend what story they are trying to tell it could very much two different games that would need to be made. Trust me I would love historical game to have both genders because it would so rich and different for each point view depend on gender and social religion etc.

My biggest turn off here which is the majority of game you are choice one power fantasy. It funny a lot stuff people hate on here I love! I gender lock game for both genders I love management stuff.


That can be interpreted as an insult but it isn’t one. I didn’t say it is a lack of creativity, I said it reads as that to me (since the thread is about what repels us from games). and to clarify what I even meant by that, I’m not talking about “Why can’t I play as a female soldier during x era” type of historical justification for gender-locked player experiences, I’m talking about there being no attempt at writing roles for other genders within those games.

Ok, fair, you can’t play as a lady-whatever because they didn’t exist, so why can’t I play as a lady in a role that did exist for women at that time and around that plot? That can be met with the argument that it would dramatically change a game or lead to a game about something different but, again, that’s why it reads as a lack of creativity to me. It’s not as if there weren’t women doing important, interesting, stealthy work behind the scenes and even disguised as the opposite sex throughout history. So, y’know, don’t pursue that because people can make games the way they want to and/or feel comfortable to.

But yeah, reads as a lack of creativity to me at best (something that can’t be helped) and laziness at worst (something that can be helped). :woman_shrugging:t5:

Hm, although… i might wanna clarify that by ‘lack of creativity’ i don’t mean ‘no creativity at all.’ Plenty of great creative content out there that doesn’t go the extra mile, I personally prefer projects that do.


I stopped reading through these about halfway through.

Things in descriptions that turn me off are few and far between, honestly. The summary of CoG/HG are so flashy and embellished, they make any story sound interesting. The only thing that gives me any real pause is gender-locking, though I have still played genderlocked choice games (eg lords of aswick).

I also get iffy if the game implies that it is a management game. This can be done well, but I’ll tell you, all of the recent offerings in that genre, aside from XOR, have been meh for me, so I’ll likely avoid it.

The big thing, I think, is having your description written in an exciting manner but your story written blandly. This leaves me with a feeling akin to betrayal. I don’t want to play a game by an author who is unable to maintain an engaging style of writing.


I think the issue is that if someone is creating a spartan war campaign type scenario where your one of their warriors they cannot have a female character without writing a second completely different story.
(This being an example of “what can the writer actually do here”)
(Also disclaimer I know little about Spartans)

Like if all the men went and died so instead of it being a story about conquering shit it’s now one about defending, which would be a different plot, with different characters, settings and choices.

So yeah just a different story.

Which would be cool in theory but a lot of the writers on this site do this casually and barely find enough time to write one story, let alone two stories for one game like in this Spartan scenario.

So the only other option I can think of off the top of me head being to pick a completely different setting. Which a lot of writers wouldn’t wanna do, Japan ain’t got Spartans after all.

And this also dosnt account for if the author even would enjoy writing about the story from the women’s perspective, not because it’s a lady of course, but maybe they do not enjoy writing the scenario that this women character would be doing in actual history, defending in this case.

Maybe they really dosnt like writing about defensive sieges and instead prefers writing offensive ones.

Or in your stealthy scenario they may have no idea how to write a stealth story as an additional women only route, in their historical Japanese Samurai story.

Simple example I know but I am overworked at the moment and complicated thoughts are starting to make my head hurt.

Basically I’m arguing that calling these games lazy or uncreative is what that chapp above you most likely found offensive, and then I tried stating why it ain’t those things. And I’m making this point very obvious since I’m tired as hell and barely know what I’m writing.

If none of these points are relevant or what not, I apologise but once more, currently baked af fam.

Also if we continue this discussion we should also mention something about Summaries and what not in our comments or after them to not derail the thread.


There have been a massive influx of those management games haven’t there?

Things seem to be everywhere now a days. No offence to those who like em or make em. Just seems like there’s a lot of em.


Usually when there’s no romance options… I guess I’m kind of a romantic in these games, like, save the world? Sure, that’s cool but have you tried loving and caring for your significant other?


Genre and synoses


Thing is incredibly hard to write. The only place I’ve seen it done well on here anyway is divided we fall. Which is a game about the Spanish Civil War. look for example look at the American Civil War the women that cross-dresses men were a rare thing that was so small we think all together maybe six hundred out of the 2 million on the union side that union soldiers. For women that would be how are they struggling at home and the North or the South are they going to the front as nurses. I want to get more that controls for women in that same floor then I can use nights company Jones County as an example what I could do because he had women of color of fighting with him. Or covert spy work women did during war would be so cool to see. In those cases very different games. Would Iove to see it yes is it hard as hell just to write to different perspectives yes!! Also at least I’m here were so used to choose and so much for a character’s Persona something like a historical game would be better suited with predefined characters to play as.


Still exists.

Still lazy writing/excuse-making to say it wasn’t common enough or that it didn’t exist.

If you want to write a gender-locked game, own that fact. Don’t create bullshit excuses. Like, even if only 1 woman out of every 10,000 did something amazing…it’s not like 9,999 men out of 10,000 did??? Like we’re writing stories about people who get remembered. Legends. Not Joe Schmoe the Baker Who Did Nothing of Worth and Died Forgotten and Alone With Nary a Penny to His Name.

Women crossdressed. Women held positions of power. Women were assassins and spies.

I find it slightly more believable to say, “I won’t write a gay character, because nobody would have been openly gay” (though history has shown us that is a falsehood) or “well, it doesn’t make sense to have black people in China in 20 AD, so your character has to be Chinese”