What Makes You Happy?


Writing to lo fi music, really keeps my mood happy.

Having the chicken in the room. Think she’s had a stroke or something, but seems happy with company in the warm, with plenty of food.

Christmas. Just love it :relaxed:


Getting 8 hours of sleep.


When a young kid gives you something they hold dear, just because they want you to have it.

My 9 year old sister knows I haven’t been super “up” recently, and today she handed me a Lego from her advent calendar and said, “Here, Valerie. I want you to have this,” and I about burst into tears. It was precious.

It’s one of those things that will continue to make me smiles for months/years to come, every time I look s
at it or think of the earnest way she looked at me while she said that :heart::heart:

The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread

Coffee and sunshine.

  • That sound that dogs make when they yawn
  • Purring and meowing cats in general
  • Birbs that jump and bob around
  • Getting a good amount of sleep in one night
  • When animals sleep on you
  • Animals in general
  • A nice pen that feels good in your hand
  • A warm nice long hug


Girlfriend called me yesterday a bit delirious after her 12 hour shift at the hospital. Just wanted to talk to me. That made me happy.