What makes female protagonists special?


As someone who loves the world of comics I can say there are a ton of great female characters in Marvel and DC, and they’re all quite different from each other and have engaging qualities distinct to them and their gender, including the ones who happen to be female counterparts to often longer running male heroes. You even get ones like Carol Danvers who as the modern Captain Marvel has completely overshadowed the male Mar-Vell she originally was a supporting cast member of.


back then , I only had access to the ones I named .

Took years , before I found there was a female hulk!!! and she looked so AWESOME!!!


Oh yeah, She Hulk is a favourite heroine of mine, she’s a lawyer and Bruce’s cousin and definitely one of those ‘sexually confident’ comic types like Power Girl, Black Cat and Emma Frost. But I like her for her heroism and fun nature as much as her attractiveness.


and don’t forget them ABS!!! very very veryyyyyyyyyy important them ABS ! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Lol, I think if any female pulls off sexy muscles in fiction it’s She Hulk. :sunglasses::muscle:


In my youth I mostly played RPG´s and adventure games. In RPG´s you could choose female characters, but the Games were more dungeon crawlers so the gender really didn´t matter. The first adventure, I remember, featuring a female MC was a part of the King´s Quest series. Perils of Rosella. It was not common to have female characters, I guess because female players were not so common, at least the corporations thought so^^. I think the change that is going on is due to realizing that females are a market worth pleasing too. The change for me is best explained with the above mentioned Lara Croft. The first Lara games seemed to be just there that males could admire her butt and not really to represent a female protagonist. I personally know many male WoW Players that chose female characters just to watch them. As a proof take a look at female armour^^

The new Lara Croft is a lot different, but that might be related to games having generally more background in it, than most of the older games(not all though).

Another thing that may make female protagonists special is that today I think they are designed to please the female market, and the corporations seem to think that only female players like deeper stories( that may be a reason male whites like to chose female characters, if they do), so sometimes such stories seem to have more weight put on emotions and stories and the inside of characters, at least it seems to be this way. Just my opinion :grin:


I kinda wish there was a female hulk that was misshapen and monstrous like the actual Hulk. She-Hulk is just kind of a woman with green skin. She’s super strong but her design only makes her juuuuust muscley enough to stay within the bounds of traditional standards of beauty.

I think having Sexy Hulk is fine but what about just a regular old Hulk with female characteristics? Totally untapped potential there.


Jennifer on occasion has become more like her cousin, but it’s usually when she gets really angry (which makes sense given the mantra of all Hulks - the madder they get, the stronger they get).